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  1. Prior to enslavement in the West, Blacks already had organizational
    structure centered around their religious beliefs. Even though they were
    split up and separated to remove familiarity, individuals still carried
    with them their cultural and religious structure. Although, whitism’s goal
    was to destroy or at best, reshape that structure to benefit the
    institution of chattel slavery. During slavery, it was a matter of
    adjusting that organizational structure to the new reality.

  2. No one can suck you dry if you or I as individuals have our act together.
    The black church is not the blame for individuals who underperform or
    won’t perform constructively.

    Universities across America are in financial trouble, as they strike
    students with huge bills, not just HBCU. Often, when pale skinned people’s
    institutions get a cold, black institutions contract pnemonia. It is not
    nor should it be the primary responsibility of the black church to fund
    HBCU. There are members of those churches who contribute to HBCUs.

    Most who speak disparingly of the black church, generally, do not have the
    facts to backup what they are stating. The black church is about far more
    than the hereafter.

    In a huge majority of the cases, it’s not that little black boy and girl
    who attended educational classes at their church who are thugging and
    mugging in the streets. It’s, almost always, those boys and girls who had
    no such moral teachings. 

  3. There is no empirical evidence that “religion has negatively destroyed more
    than it has positively developed”. Consider this, if such was the case, we
    would most likely have more people dying as a result of religious dogma
    than are alive as a result of “thou shall not kill”, a principle steeped in
    religion. Also, the 4th law of Maat, “I have not slain men or women”. The
    latest is that some are looking for means to get rid of a few billion
    people on this planet. Religion isn’t putting a dent in that number.
    However, if we were to look at abortions, we would see the less religious
    people, in a greater number, promoting this. The same is true with covert
    biological warfare weapons.

  4. During slavery in the US, some of the strongest fighters against it were
    black men and women who were in the black church. Nat Turner was a
    preacher but he had no problem killing those who would enslave or kill him.

  5. Let’s take it a step further. This particular leader of West Angeles
    church has provided a large amount of money and support, not only in the
    South Central Los Angeles community but also in Africa. His church has an
    estimated 25,000 members and if people don’t feel they are benefiting, they
    eventually leave.

  6. Great Video, But I’m Sorry, It was Abraham (A Black Man) who taught the
    Egyptians the Laws As well as taught them Science, Astrology and
    Arithmatic. you can read this In the works of Joseph (A Black Hebrew
    Scholar) Antiquities of the Jews Book 8 verse 2.. who the White Romans
    Captured. This was long before the Hyksos which Means Shephard Kings, Who
    are 100% without a Doubt Joseph Jacob and the Hebrews who came into Egypt
    later Ruled Egypt.. So, the Dilema Is,, I have 2 different accounts.. 1 of
    the Black Hebrews,(My forefathers) or, that of the Egyptians.It was the
    Egyptians Historian Manetho teamed up with the White Greeks to distort the
    real History and timelines in Egyptian History to Erase the Hebrew’s
    Existence, and this also has been proven. The Hebrews and Egyptians once
    had a great relationship soo Great they lived as 1. Until the Egyptians
    developed great envy and hatred for the Hebrews And Like the saying Goes,
    “The enemy of my enemy is my Friend”, so who better to team up with to try
    to utterly destroy the Hebrews? The White Grecp-Romans.. Incidentally There
    was a Place in Egypt which was the Place to Go for Egyptian History Culture
    and Customs. Why is that Place Now called ALEXANDRIA? After the White Greek
    Alexander the “Great/Greek” and we all know about Cleopatra and Julius
    Ceasar (Khazar) And Mark Anthony and how they want to Merge the Greeks and
    Egyptians into 1 people.. So the Greeks and Egyptians for a Very very long
    time have been in bed together, Literally and figuratively.

  7. Religion by definition is really just the code ppl live by. Living by a
    code is not wrong. It’s the type of code you live by that is or isn’t
    destructive. Therefore, religion, in and of itself, is not bad or good;
    it’s the type if religion you have that is extremely helpful, not helpful
    or destructive to you and your community. Religion is not evil. 

  8. I agree that the Church was an integral part of the Black community prior
    to and before the Civil Rights Era. It was at that time the only
    independent structure we could have. It was thus a necessary evil. It kept
    us mentally enslaved by an alien doctrine, but it was the strongest
    unifying force we had. In the last two generations however, it has done
    absolutely nothing for us.

    I am utterly stunned that as rational and astute a thinker as you are your
    ability to think objectively completely shuts down in regards to
    Christianity. Instead of giving the young brother who questioned you about
    contemporary Afrikan people’s doubts about Jesus the type of sound answer
    you characteristically provide, you responded by being defensive, evasive
    and insulting. I make it a point not to be contentious with other conscious
    Black people but as a leader you must be held accountable when you do a
    disservice to people who trust your guidance.

    With everything you know, do you truly believe 1) that initially God only
    valued the lives of Jews and commissioned them to slaughter everyone in
    their path and possess their land; 2) after the Jews were chronically
    unfaithful God materialized on Earth (as a Jew) so that the Gentiles, or
    Goyim as the Jews called all the useless people of the world, could become
    honorary Jews? Where did this outlandish story originate? Why the Jews of
    course! and 3) one day a super Jew is going to materialize out of the sky
    and save the world with his amazing powers? You believe this–as rational a
    thinker as you are? How can you use the term “Zionist” when in your heart
    you believe they are justified?

    I am truly heartbroken that a world-wise, intelligent, otherwise conscious
    Afrikan won’t see the clear truth. You could help us overthrow the yoke of
    global White oppression but you defend their primary psychological weapon.
    White hegemony and Christianity go hand and hand. Christianity and Islam
    are the worse things to ever happen to Afrikan unity. I am almost in tears;
    I thought you were on the side of our people. Hip hoppers are truly a
    destructive force in Black America, but they have an excuse for their
    foolishness, they are unaware of the truth. You, however, just refuse to
    see it.

  9. AfriSnergy,,i have been missing out on ur teachings lately,but i just did a
    vid ,shouting u out brother, come by when u have time,, stay up

  10. T west I’m glad you had came up with this religion thing. But in Africa in
    some of the African countries, Like Nigeria they worship white blue eyes
    and they call them Jesus. So all this pastors are corrupt. But T west even
    though when the bible say ” thou shall not worship images” why do they bow
    down to images? I am not worried because many will call but few will
    chose. So why do they worship adultery idols and images. And the bible
    says ” thou shall not worship images” are they fooling themselves? or are
    they confused? Okay. But T west look at politicians they put their hands on
    the bible and they swear. To get to the office and then turn around
    invading people countries. So what are we in the planet for ? is it a joke?
    or what is it? What kind of behavior is this? have human beings lost their
    mind or what? 

  11. Brother you’re not African-American because Africa is a continent. You’re
    BLACK as I am BLACK!!!#SMFH

  12. +arronnov *’Lets remember Africans up the Nile preceded the Ancient
    Egyptians. The Nubians Ethiopians and further south Africans had their own
    cultural spiritual systems with laws and rules.’*

    *VERY* well said.

    The South Africans/Bantu preceded the Nubian Ethiopians. – Original Man
    should be sought using the San/BushMen as a precursor. (Plz note alot of
    the Blacks in South Africa TODAY migrated there many many moons ago. They
    are NOT indigenous to the land. EG The Zulus & Xhosas).

    +AfriSynergyNews I vote you focus on the origins of the Earth. (One land
    mass) And HOW it broke up into the separate pieces we now call continents.

    Then you need to focus on the names of these geographical places in
    relation to their history. (Names of Lands change. Countries expand and
    decrease. Lands are conquered etc.)

    Egypt today is not necessarily the landmass called Egypt referenced by The

    It is *always* wise to study African History from African Historians based
    in Africa.

    *Whispers* – The Zulu’s got the Laws BEFORE everyone that has been
    mentioned so far …..

  13. Hello Mister T-WEST, I have a request.

    Have you heard of a man named David Caroll? He is a man on YT who has
    thousands of followers and bashes black women and blacks daily, here is his


    here’s a video that he made but he eventually had to take it down:


    Will you look into it?

  14. Your presumption that I would resort to cabon dating for the age of the
    pyramids is what I found silly. PS: please don’t be ashame to admit that
    you’ve learned something new as regards carbon dating, that it is only done
    on organic matters. In actuality you’re the one trying to run a BS but I’m
    above that. You’re an interesting brother. Peace!

  15. Very Great message, thank you brother T West, you are increasingly becoming
    a very important voice, for the people of the Book, may u prosper with your

  16. A pastor leading in giving to the church is like a business owner leading
    in investing in his business compared to his employees. Pastors have a
    vested interest “economically” in the funding of the church. What a
    pastors gives will benefit him directly or indirectly. So I don’t buy in
    to the notion of pastors leading in giving demonstrates leadership. It
    only demonstrates the lack of ability of person to critically think in this
    area of thought.

  17. The Book Of Josephus is your source? Bro that’s laughable. Abraham was
    nothing more than an illiterate shepherd. By illiterate I mean he could
    neither read nor write. He is of no significance beyond what the bible
    presented him to be ‘a father of nations’. 

  18. 1st Kings Religion Has Not Helped The Black Community And YAH gave Soloman
    exceeding great wisdom and understanding and largeness of heart like the
    sand on the sea shore.
    And Soloman wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the men of the east and all
    the wisdom of Mitsrayim (Egypt).

  19. Once more, I would like to reiterate.

    Since World War II, a large number of African-Americans have embraced
    Islam. And many apparently do so, because they associate slavery with
    so-called White Christian Europe.

    Now, why are African-American (Blacks) so eager to embrace both the Arab
    names and the Islamic faith of the Arab slavers who wreaked such havoc
    throughout Africa for 14 centuries, and still even today are involved in
    both slavery and a genocide against Africans, such as in places like Darfur
    onto the darker skinned indigenous peoples in Sudan by the lighter skinned
    Black Sudanese Muslims selling their war captives to their pale-skinned
    Arab friends in the Middle East.

    As far as I can tell, many that do so, are TOTALLY UNAWARE of the true
    nature and dimensions of the Arab slave trade. It seems understandable that
    many African-Americans would want to shed their white Anglo-Saxon “slave”
    names. Yet, what most seem to be doing is to adopt Arab names rather than
    actual African names.

    In reality, they are in effect giving up one set of “SLAVE” names for
    another set of “SLAVE” names. Embracing African names and culture would be
    more understandable.

  20. Yessir! I love that intro! If I could cut that out and repost it I would! I
    too see a big issue in the so called black “Churches”. And I am a
    Christian. The biggest problem with our society today is that these
    “Churches” are preaching feelings, and NOT the bible they claim to follow.

    DEVELOPED… People Believe The Word Of “GOD” That They Read From
    COPYRIGHTED Books…. Smh via RE-LEGION the caucasian HAS EFFECTIVELY
    NEUTRALIZED The THINKING & Behaviors Of AB-Original Peoples World Wide. The
    GOAL Is Never KNOWING “GOD”Or Oneness WIth “GOD”.. But BELIEF FAITH & HOPE
    In “GOD” & It’s WORD…. A “GOD” That Looks Acts & Seems More Like The pink
    Murderous Conquerors That YOU… RE-LEGION is Not A Means Of SURVIVAL But A
    Means To Control & Regulate The Lively-hood Of OTHERS For YOUR SURVIVAL
    Without A Hitch… “HOPE” FAITH” & “BELIEVE” Are Like The ‘KEYS To The

  22. these 42 laws are perfect. they allow for reasons and circumstances behind
    anger and aggression.. which is extremely important so as to preserve good.

  23. I had a100 dollars In my wallet the other day in yes I gave him every thing
    I had.I was in Memphis in there was a 12 yr old boy asking someone to buy
    him something to eat I gave him my last 30 dollars.I don’t make a lot of
    money like these churches do but at least I try.The difference is the
    churches steal the money from the poor giving them a false belief structure
    in return the sheep are totally confused about what the bible truly
    means.Jesus was a giver not a taker.

  24. Again just look it up.Every word I say is the truth I also encourage your
    subscribers to look up Sunday is the worship of Satan. Do you want truth or
    lies I will take the truth every time. 

  25. All churches are the same you do know that churches know the holy day of
    the Lord is not Sunday so how are they not liars.Brother Sunday is the
    first day of the week look at your calendar. You must research these things
    to know truth.I also encourage all your people who listen to you and do
    there on research you will find out that I’m not lying. I really don’t
    believe and Islam or Muslims see those Arabs are the children of the
    Ottoman Empire some are mixed whith Ishmael and Esau. SHALOM.

  26. I can give you plenty of scriptures to back up everything I just said.Plus
    church and government are the same there is no separation between the two.
    All people in government worship on what day.You guessed it Sunday so how
    is this separation. The churches are actually ran by the Pope in the jews
    and government they are all in bed together whith there god Satan sitting
    on top of the pyramid. All churches are liars in thieves. 

  27. entertainment industry of USA is a powerful tool for probably the most
    powerful tool for social engineering. it is machine like with it’s
    predictability and function and efficiency, it relies on it’s humam
    maintenance crew, (a few elite) and relies on us not knowing its purpose of
    existence. BUT good news, like all machines, it is dumb, and can be
    outflanked and outmanoeuvred easily, just focus your thoughts. 

  28. Everybody look at the link bellow.

    How Washington and its Allies Use Social Media to Topple Governments &
    Manipulate Public Opinion

  29. Brother I am sorry I can NOT give you my opinion I can only give you what
    Yasa has spoken in his own words not mine.The scripture I gave you was
    about the disciples collecting money from the congregation in giving All
    the money to the poor not just half All.

  30. Luke 18 verse 22 clearly says Now when jesus heard these things he said
    unto him yet lackest thou one thing sell All that thou hast and distribute
    unto the poor and thou shalt have treasure in heaven now are the evil ass
    churches doing this they are stealing money from the poor and making
    themselves rich.

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