One Comment on “Remembering Stonewall”

  1. I cannot figure out how to contact you so I am trying here. I am a gay
    senior film maker volunteering to make a movie for Senior Service at the
    Los Angeles LGBT Center. It begins with gay women and men (seniors)
    recalling what it was like growing up (now 70-90 years old) and about
    Stonewall and really not knowing what Stonewall was at the time … but
    they definitely lived the hardships of the time. Then they talk about
    coming out, about their relationships and then close with talking about
    what having found senior services at the center means to them.

    I am looking for some moving images about STONEWALL for the beginning of
    the movie. At this time I only have stills. I am in need of moving images
    about the police brutality and coming into the bars, and anything having to
    do with the Stonewall riot. The ONE institute has nothing. Pond5 has
    nothing, and Internet Archive has nothing. You seem to have the market
    cornered. Can you point me to where you got your clips or help me with
    permission to use a few. This is a small movie and it is almost done. It
    is being made for the clients at senior services to see themselves and for
    history. And if I am lucky it could be shown in a film festival.

    Any help you can give will be appreciated.

    310) 888-1822

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