43 Comments on “Rep Awkwardly Attempts To Cut Mic Of Ranking Dem”

  1. Yep.. typical limousine liberal. The 57 hard drives just failed…lol Any
    liberal that listens to Cenk is not a real Liberal.

  2. Young Turks? Man what are you like 50 something fat and sweaty. Where are
    you recording this your mothers basement? Lerner is lying about refusing
    tax free status to republican fund raisers. So your ok with the IRS the
    most powerful agency in the US to act on behalf of a political party at the
    detriment of the opposition you are a fat commie POS.

  3. Cenk you really need to just cut the “im an impartial, fair, level-headed
    commentator” horse shit. There was a time when I thought maybe that was the
    case…but Cenk you are such a fucking shill. Just stop dude seriously.

  4. she has every right to plead the 5th, but she won’t answer any questions
    cause she knows its her ass if she does

  5. Black guy speaking truth…. Who is surprised by this disrespectful
    treatment? In a land of freedom of speech, a congressman just cuts off his
    mic. Hmph….you’ve said enough nigger. Is that what he was thinking? I
    could be wrong but this looks very childish, nonetheless. 

  6. Nothing to hide, huh? The head of the IRS immediately takes the 5th and
    refuses to answer any questions on the topic. Yeah! that sure sounds like
    there’s nothing to hide! You liberal drones never cease to amaze me. Get a
    brain and maybe you’ll get some ratings.

  7. Republicans believe in freedom of speech. As long as it’s a Republican
    telling lies and propagating myths about the Obama administration.
    Otherwise, cut the mic.

    Here’s an idea: instead of making up conspiracies to whine and cry about on
    Fox News, why don’t Republicans go after the Obama administration for the
    illegal things they are actually doing, like all the data collection the
    NSA does without a warrant and the drone strikes on innocent people? 

  8. Hey SCenk you are full of shit and completely up Obama’s ASS. I heard that
    the Lerner emails were lost in a hard drive crash. I don’t see any coverage
    from TYT. I hear the crickets. Where is the coverage? Hypocrite!

  9. 7:56 – “What does you read, what does you pray for” – what on earth has
    that to do with anything?

  10. Lerner said she would testify, so they hold the hearing and she decides not
    to testify, so Cummings wanted to make a point about how pointless the
    hearing was and Issa didn’t let him. It’s not Issa’s fault Lerner changed
    her mind. She’s the one wasting everyone’s time. 

  11. When Republicans don’t get their way, they get sad and cut of
    communication, therefore progress.

  12. Issa’s not the only one who can cut people off. Boehner has the power to
    censor anybody he wants on C-SPAN. INCUDING Obama.

  13. He cut off his mic! How disgusting ! The mentality of these congressmen,all
    he wanted to do was ask some questions from a different angle. 

  14. People, look very hard! This is the type of Fascism we are going to see
    with everything, if the Reich wingers take control of any part of our
    government! This Novermber lets vote all these Reich wingers/
    KKKonservatives out of office, permanantly !!!

  15. i find it funny, cenk criticises them for not giving each party equal time,
    but best i can make out neither does TYT give each party equal timing, so
    your criticising them for something you, well done 

  16. This is what happens when the republican party takes it’s marching orders
    from Tea-baggers and talk radio.

  17. why is it that most of republicans are so nasty and mean? they’re more like
    zionist Israelis … so disgusting 

  18. Darrell Issa – a coward and a bitch. Mr. Cummings would have been well
    within his right to slap that cunt down.

  19. You are stupid to believe this Negro wants the truth! This phony presi. is
    behind all of this at IRS! IMPEACH!!!

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