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  1. WATCH: “The Republicans are about empowering everyone. We’ve got to make
    sure that the face of the Republican Party is one that reflects the
    diversity that we see across this country.” 

  2. She keeps evading the questions, and babbling! And spouting the Ron/Rand
    Paul bullshit about state issues — despite the 9th and 14th Amendment.
    Thanks, Nick for exposing another GOP fraud.

  3. Sanity test for ALL Republicans:

    1) Do you believe in evolution? Was Obama born in Kenya or Hawaii? Why did
    43 white presidents get a pass but the first black one has to deal with
    assholes like Steve King & Ted Cruz demanding a birth certificate? Remember
    “he’s an arab” from the Republican primary in 2008? Is “global warming” a
    devious conspiracy by 99% of the world’s scientists?
    2) So the Benghazi 4 is on Obama? Okay, 2,751 dead Americans on 9/11 &
    4,489 dead soldiers in Iraq is on Bush & the Republican House majorities.
    3) Bonus for Teabaggers: Will gay marriage cause tornadoes?

  4. The best way to empower individuals is to abolish government where ever
    possible at any given moment. How can people believe that conservatives
    want limited government when it continues to grow? Rodgers’ rhetoric
    doesn’t come off as genuine at all, and this is coming from a former

  5. No one gives a shit about gay marriage… Seriously, stop going in
    circles.. Whatever ANYONE has to say about the subject has already been
    said before. Just stop…

  6. Democrats are hostile to the 99 per cent safer alternative to burned
    tobacco cigarettes that is vaping, and Big Government (the nannies) is
    proving just as bad at stifling innovation and freedom of choice as the
    Republicans have been trying to warn us. I have been a lifelong
    Democrat…until I learned the Dems knew better than me what I should be
    choosing to do for my heath and my life….and trying to cut off our
    choices based on their vision of social engineering. The more I delved
    into this, the more Big Nannies turn my stomach, and the friendlier toward
    Reps I have become. So personal choice and innovation, and true small
    businesses, (not the Corporate States of America) are what I now support,
    and the Republicans in Washington State enjoyed my vote for the first time
    because of this. Adult Americans do not need nannies.

  7. This woman’s responses are typical democrat/republican drivel. Avoid
    questions, stay on talking point, spin, repeat… 

  8. “but keep the regulation that’s needed at the local level”

    no thanks. i’d prefer no regulations.

    srlsy reason, stop it w/ the statists and stop helping the republicans lie
    about being small government. we are not stupid enough to believe this



    yea, i take back being halfway nice to this cunt, she’s a cunt. “we’ll get
    the federal government off your back, but fuck it if the state wants to
    oppress you!” “oh, and the government is still going to keep regulating
    marriage, cuz MURICA & THE BIBLE”

    fucking conservatarded cunt.

    REASON dictates that aggression is immoral

    REASON dictates that government is a monopoly on aggression

    REASON then dictates that government is immoral

    time to change your name reason. you aint living up to your own fucking


  9. Easy way for Republicans to win over the internet age: say no to internet
    sales tax and taxing the internet. And restrict the NSA. 

  10. Why would she trust any branch of government with power it shouldn’t even
    Another Republican without principles. Blech!

  11. “Would you be comfortable then, recognizing that marriage is a religious
    institution, but then, should the federal government recognize civil unions
    between two men or two women.”

    “Wussussat’s a debate that’s going on right now within the party.”

    Way to not answer the question. She’s really adept at Slimy

  12. [1:45] Republicans: Promoting limited government!!!
    (Disclaimer: Um, what we really mean by this is that we promote limited
    government UNLESS we control the White House and Congress, in which event
    it’s business as usual in Washington. But if those damn Democrats are in
    charge – well now, just watch us dig in our heals and complain! Right up to
    the point when we capitulate.)

  13. Last question was off-topic, Nick. But good interview otherwise.

    Really bummed I missed this. I live in this city and work in the software
    industry, and attend professional events every week. The fact I didn’t
    hear about it shows how biased the industry is.

  14. She so dodged the abortion question. “It’s a debate within the Republican
    party” isn’t an answer to a direct question. Gillespie shouldn’t have let
    her slide.

  15. Republicans are about empowering a few at the expense of the many, and so
    are the Democrats – the only difference is who those “few” happen to be.

    This woman is delusional. I’m sick of these transperant GOP rebranding
    attempts. Political parties aren’t too big to fail either.

  16. Nick, was there nobody at Reboot 2014 willing to unburden him/herself of an
    opinion rather than a talking point? I would have had to take a shower
    after talking to this woman. Good job keeping a straight face, at least on
    camera ;)

  17. We need to change governments term limits cuts raise cuts welfare and food
    stamps corporate tax cuts their wages and pensions terminate IRS terminate
    career lifers out of office vote against Obama’s administration officials
    all congressman and senator’s plus the house. We must defeat hairy Reid and
    Nancy Pelosi Schumer derbin. Get control back to the people hoes voted for
    them. We need to vote conservatives republicans into office we are honest
    and truthful to the Americans people First stop Obama’s train wreck
    destroying America. Get jobs lower taxes get the economy growing open oil
    industry and refinery for jobs

  18. Republicans want to empower everyone? Surely they believe in equal rights.
    So they want me to have the power to tax and make arbitrary rules and
    enforce them with armed mercenaries? 

  19. +Deshia Coleman “I knew that Walter Williams piece was too good to be
    true. “Gay marriage” is a statist concept used to impose one groups values
    onto another in the name of “equality”. “LOVE ME love me ! Approve of me
    …OR ELSE!!!”…..
    —- WALTER WILLIAMS said something that stucking fupid? Where?

  20. There’s nothing here…blah blah blah…talking points and tired rhetoric. Ms.
    McMorris Rodgers spent 9:58 saying nothing at all.

  21. Nick Gillespie is usually so much more polished, eloquent and frankly more
    intelligent than the people he interviews. If he ever ran for political
    office I would definitely vote for him.

  22. the republican party hasn’t been “small government” in decades at least and
    they have made it abundantly clear they are opposed to equal rights.

    regardless of this woman, putting her party in a position of power would be
    completely irresponsible.

  23. I’m not convinced she stands for actual conservative values. The exp-imp
    bank is an easy “No”, and how conservative is it to prevent two individuals
    from entering into contract with one another because of their sexual

  24. OMG! I knew that Walter Williams piece was too good to be true. “Gay
    marriage” is a statist concept used to impose one groups values onto
    another in the name of “equality”. “LOVE ME love me ! Approve of me
    …OR ELSE!!!”….. Really??? The federal government has no place in
    marriage AT ALL. If it disturbs you SO much that someone SOMEWHERE does
    not approve of your chosen life style then I have some bad news for you. A
    law is never going to cure that for you and you need some sort of
    medication, heavy counseling and maybe a hug (from someone who actually
    wants to hug you not someone whom the government is forcing to like you and
    its part of their reeducation class or else they loose their business/ job)

  25. Republicans need to take to heart and put into action the concept of


  26. I have a hard time believing anyone could still be buying into this
    bullshit. Screw this old dead rag and her party. Waste of your time

  27. By empowering people, they really mean a divided states of America where
    states can not only succeed, but they can pass laws on a state level that
    restrict or remove rights of minorities. 

  28. Watch with the sound off. She keeps shaking her head “no” as if to deny
    what she’s saying.

  29. Embarrassing is the only word that describes our representative. She stands
    for unlimited spending on our military and a foreign policy that has left
    us in debt and brought death and destruction to millions across the world
    including our own country. She strongly believes in welfare for the wealthy
    while everyone else waits for some portion of the little trickle that is
    left. If you are poor, black, an immigrant, uneducated, smoke pot, or want
    to use birth control or have access to an abortion, Cathy has a special tax
    payer provided home ready for you called prison. Because she loves FREEDOM
    and LIBERTY.

  30. I have voted mostly Republican for my adult life, but I have become
    dissatisfied with the Republican party. This bird-brain is a primary
    example, they should of issued her a short skirt and pom-poms. Like all
    present day politicians she answers specific questions with gross
    generalities. Neither she, the Republican party or the Democrats have
    anything specific to offer, and we have serious problems.

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