21 Comments on “Report: US Helped Saddam Hussein Use Chemical Weapons”

  1. sanctions of mass destruction are A-OK too watch?v=2irN1G5HiRo

  2. The US is trying to make Syria out as the bad guy in order to start a war
    with them, and due to treaties Syria has with Iraq, Iraq will be forced to
    get involved, which is what the US wants. Of course, both Russia and China
    have said they will not tolerate an attack on Syria, nor Iraq, and the
    United State’s involvement in this conflict could be the beginning of a
    third World War.

  3. chemical weapons= terrible war crime (and depleted uranium rounds don’t
    count) raining hell from flying robots = just fine hmmm something’s fucked
    up here

  4. Iraq used chemical weapons against Iranian military oodles Not civilians.
    If you were know the geography of that area you will not go to such false

  5. Agreed. We don’t know whether Assad, who is a scumbag of that there is no
    doubt, is responsible. In fact it’s more credible that the rebels, who are
    also now scumbags, are behind it. Why would Assad invite weapons inspectors
    in only to launch a nerve gas attack right under their noses. He’d have to
    be phenomenally ill advised given how controversial chemical weapons are.

  6. Actually, it was the rebels that had used chemical weapons. Many documents
    and videos released by the Syrian government has confirmed this, and the
    Syrian rebels have said that they will use chemicals weapons against the
    Syrian government. The UN has also performed investigations into the
    chemicals used in the attacks, and have concluded the rebels were the ones
    who them. But that isn’t the half of it.

  7. Of course we did.. I would expect nothing less from our obviously corrupt

  8. Ever heard the term “All is fair in war and oil drilling”? No? well I just
    made it up, but the USA has the most hipocritical, vile and cynical foreign
    policy that would have made Maciavelli, Ginghis Khan and Stalin proud…

  9. Everything Rumsfeld touches, turns to shit. Deport him to Mars, let him get
    the biosphere going.

  10. The UN inspectors have not released their report yet. It’s sad to see the
    TYT network spreading MSM propaganda.

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