30 Comments on “Republicans Declare War On The Tea Party. Louie Gohmert Fights Back”

  1. I wonder why Cenk never goes after complete MORONS in the Democratic Party
    like Hank Johnson of Georgia and Bobby Rush of Illinois. Could it be
    because they are black LIBERALS?

  2. I like to think that the only reason Gohmert was elected was because the
    only other option in the election was a brain-damaged badger or something.

  3. war on religion, war on woman, war on conservaties, war on liberals,
    console wars, war on game industry, war on LGBT and the war on whovians
    and bronies/pegasisters there seems to be war for everything nowadays
    even though technically they aren’t wars at all

  4. Cenk, if you are in a war with a person as idiotic as Gohmert, you’ve
    actually already lost. Derek Bok, president of Harvard, once said “If you
    think education is expensive for society, try ignorance.” The US is now
    trying the latter. People like Gohmert having power are the outcome of this
    experiment with ignorance.

  5. A “war against conservatives”? Social conservatives? Can I sign up?
    BTW, Libertarians are OK. I don’t completely agree with them, but I
    personally don’t have any beef with them either. I just especially dislike
    social cons.

  6. i can’t tell who’s scarier: Gohmert or the people who elected him. 

  7. If only the United States HAD Conservatives instead of retarded Republicans
    using our stamp for their stupidity………. sigh such a personal

  8. Why are republicans so obsessed with war? They talk about war on christmas,
    they want to wage war with Iran, and now it’s war on conservatives. These
    people are so obsessed with war. Seems like conservatives are nothing more
    than warmongers.

  9. It’s funny how the USA has the highest proportion of freely elected idiots
    in the entire world. One thing you can say about Kim Jung Balls is that
    nobody freely elected that jackass. Gohmert Pyle? He probably won his seat
    by a double-digit margin.

    You know, I think I finally get the whole “death panels” thingamajiggy. the
    old conservative farts are terrified that they are dying out. OH NOES, no
    more dinosaurs! Whatever shall we do?

    EVOLVE! Look it up. It’s only been established science for over 100 years.
    Old things die. New things are born. And over time, those new things are
    better adapted to their environments than their ancestors.

    Adios, Old Idiots. I’m sure my children will not mourn your passing. And
    they won’t even remember your Name. 

  10. Louie, if you cannot stand being attacked you should not be in politics.

  11. These idiots are the front line for conservatives. They take the bullets
    while the others scheme around the edges and attack from the flanks. It’s
    basic strategy and I would have done the same thing.

    Why expose the real issues when you can have the media and public fiddle
    around with these clowns? 

  12. It is interesting that Republicans with absolutely no political ideology
    are supporting the Tea Party over the Republican establishment. It just
    shows how far the Tea Party have came.

    Obama certainly did strike it lucky with his enemies. Louis Gohmert and all
    those little boys and girls in Pakistan. Elbow from the top rope as Cenk
    would say. Or should that be drone from the sky.

  13. How do these buffoons keep finding their way into office. Why do we elect
    these fuctards????!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?

  14. I’m going to call bullshit on the “War against Conservatives” until such
    time comes as it being illegal to be religious at all worthy of the death
    penalty, you know, kill the Christians bills and all that jazz, only then,
    can they claim they’re under attack. Only when their actual freedoms are
    under attack, can they claim this. Until then, they can STFU and die off
    so that the rest of the world can progress with human rights.

  15. who the fuck in texas wakes up and says Louie Gohmert is my guy ?

    there must be a town full of these idiots cuz hes a elected official

  16. Be great if their civil war split up and we got three parties, Dems, Repubs
    and the teabaggers. Who knows as it could open it up for a Liberal and
    Independent too? Sighhhh, zzzz HEY wake up, its time to go to work,
    Nooo,just five more minutes, there’s no place like home, there’s no place
    like. ALRIGHT I’m up…

  17. Liberal Republicans run the Republican party at a high (think Senate)
    level, and as recent history has shown us the Senate is really the only
    part of Congress that matters anymore. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are
    both examples of sellout Republicans and neither have done anything for the
    conservatives among us. Let’s divorce conservatism from the fucking Tea
    Party and from neo-Republicans and stop having this same, stupid debate.

  18. Senator Gohmert Pile. If you know nothing else about this idiot, he came up
    with the dumbest conspiracy theory that I’ve ever heard! Gohmert claimed
    that foreign women were coming to the United States to give birth to Terror

  19. the tea party is just the republican equivalent of the democratic green
    party, both crazy…

  20. As a Texan, I can honestly say no one would miss Louie Gohmert if tomorrow
    he decided to retire and hide in obscurity.. We’d likely and
    intentionally forget he existed within five minutes of him doing so. I
    agree with Cenk, Louie Gohmert couldn’t win a war against a wet paper bag.

  21. Louie Gohmert, dumbest member of Congress. Conservatives have such
    paranoid persecution complexes, they see shadow threats everywhere. Only
    real threat you need to worry about from liberals is campaign finance
    reform ~ get your big money donors out of politics.

  22. hell yeah, i hope they do go to war, just as i predicted they’ll brawl
    fight each other on the right, while the democrats stands calmly and
    patiently addressing actual issues and actual facts then sleep their way to
    the house and senate

  23. Conservative are against taxes but in power they make new taxes. What’s the
    point of being conservative?

  24. “I don’t go crying about it”.
    That’s all you do, and your channel proves it.

  25. hilarious how the ad before the vid was a pro Keystone pipeline/natural gas

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