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  1. I have to tell you, has a gay man, i was afraid to watch this video. I was
    raised a fundamentalist Christian and when I came out, my whole world
    turned against me. I thought I was never going to see God, again. Sir…you
    restoreth my soul and my faith. I may not meet you in life, but Ill sure be
    gad to shake your hand in heaven. Thank you.

  2. This great man of God was at a conference I attended and had about 15
    minutes to speak. And God pushed through him and fed our spirits as if we
    were sitting there for an hour. He has so much knowledge and wisdom and I
    thank God for his life. 

  3. Now that’s a real Christian! There are so many Pharisees masquerading as
    Christians out there especially from the Southern Baptists and the
    fundamentalist Evangelical fascists. This man is AWESOME!!

  4. accept? How many preachers stand up there and preach against divorce? How
    many people try to pass laws to forbid divorce? They don’t, so they accept
    it. That doesn’t mean that they think it is ideal, but that it is none of
    their business.

  5. First of all, If you are speaking about a “just and loving God”, then there
    is NO ONE on this earth is exempt from that love. If you believe in the
    words “love thy neighbor as thyself”, then live by that creed! There was a
    time when black people were exempt from living equally amongst their white
    brethren, we look at this today and recognize the ignorance in it… May we
    all come to realize the ignorance of exempting anyone from their human

  6. I would love to respond to and correct the deficiencies in your argument ,
    however, for some particular reason Trinity has suddenly decided to censor
    comments on this particular vid. For some bizaare reason they want to make
    poblic comments and pontifications without encouraging thoughtful,
    reflective responses- where ‘s the love in the that? I guess that points up
    the difference between real love and a subjective ‘love ethic’ But
    basically in my view, true love speaks the truth in the Bible

  7. he’s asking that we dont use the bible to persecute and infringe on the
    rights of others just as it was used against people of color. the last
    commandment jesus gave was love one another as i have loved you. he
    associated with criminals, prostitues, lepers, and other people. Jesus died
    for all of their sins regardless of their actions and way of life. Just
    keep the dialogue open brother.


  9. Love this!!! We are all equal in the sight of GOD ( the highest
    intelligence of the universe). GOD’s love is unconditional and it will
    always be. Jesus spoke about love, understanding, patience, compassion.
    Jesus didn’t bring religion (no labels) and Jesus was not about doctrine.
    Jesus’s love and actions spoke louder and more true than any book on this
    earth! Those words in the bible is just a half of story about his life. GOD
    is beyond a book and Jesus knew and taught this! Props Obama!

  10. I’m thrilled to hear someone who’s willing to walk the walk. One of my
    strongest objections to most Christians is their unwillingness to actual
    live the precepts they mouth.( Upton-O-Goode)

  11. Lev 18:22, Lev 20:13 Gen 19 – Old Testament, do you also live by the other
    610 Laws of the old Testament or do you only want these to apply? Do you
    cut your hair? Is your daughter for sale? Do you eat shellfish? How do you
    treat your slaves? Have you ever worked on Sunday? Do you make all three
    Tithes to the Temple? If you don’t follow all 613 laws you don’t get to
    cherry pick. As for Romans, this is Paul. Jesus himself never said a word
    about Homosexuals or Homosexuality being a sin.

  12. Thanks God for Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III for your words. I left the baptist
    church due to uncultivated, narrow-minded, and uneducated ministers and
    pastors. Church and State are separated. I like how we deciphered RIGHT and
    RITE. Again, I can tell that Rev. Dr. Moss III is highly educated,
    informed, and cultivated. Now, that I am Catholic when I attend church, the
    entire service is centered around Christ. We are celebrating his death and
    his resurrection. Peace be with you all !

  13. This “brother” is suggesting that people stop throwing stones. One of
    America’s underlying problems is that this country lags so far behind in
    terms of race relations. We always have and we probably always will and
    it’s pathetic. I’m a Christian and I could care less what color a person is
    or what their sexual orientation may be. We are ALL inherently immoral
    creatures and thus have no right to judge. Homophobia in the black church
    is so tired. It’s 2012, not 12 B.C.

  14. Sometimes you hear a word that brings tears of joy to your eyes. I am so
    empressed to know that there are some of us who are strong enough stand for
    what God has commissioned us to do…tell the truth. God bless you Pastor.
    Yours in Christ, Rev. Dr. Jordan Davis

  15. -Continued #2 How dare I or you, hold the right to subject our own
    interpretation of man-written scriptures to the love and commitment of two
    consenting adults. The beauty and ultimately difficulty of the bible is
    that there is soooo much to take from it, but it is like a masterful
    painting: You can take many interpretations from it. The only difference
    between the two, is that one uses its narrow position to hinder others in
    their daily lives. In conclusion, focus on your walk with God.

  16. Why do you single out homosexuality from all the other things that the
    Bible claims are sinful and should be punished with death? Things like
    wearing mixed fabrics, eating shellfish, shaving one’s beard… all in the
    Bible as acts punishable by death.

  17. But it’s NOT CLEAR, it is an interpretation, as a law student you should
    know this! Study your BIBLE, don’t just read it. You need to look at
    original translations (what words really mean, what JESUS really says, not
    just Paul who says, “yes” to slavery, and who wasn’t a original follower of
    Christ), make yourself a scholar not just a blind follower of the flock.

  18. Well said, AMEN…I used to attend this black Church in Atlanta,GA with my
    mom and big bro and they preached acceptance and lovin as well…this was
    nicely said, very intelligent man too. Akon Fenty (aka Young Akon)

  19. I still have yet to have one Christian provide irrefutable proof that same
    gender lovemaking is apposed by God, every time they throw there ignorant
    interpretations of some small fraction of the scriptures at me. The vast
    majority that have to do with heterosexuals that turned away from God
    having orgies and or prostituting themselves because they feel it will
    appease there false god’s. Those are not homosexuals.

  20. Thank you, Rev. Dr. Moss, for so clearly explaining the difference between
    the duties of the President of the United States to protect the rights of
    every individual and the attempts by some groups to legislate certain
    religous rites. This was beautifully and lovingly done. God bless you.

  21. Wow! It is so refreshing to hear a pastor who actually understands what he
    is talking about. So many pastors who consider themselves Christians show
    by their words and actions that they are not Christians (the word means,
    Followers of Christ) at all. Thanks for speaking the truth in love, pastor

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