31 Comments on “Reverend Phil Snider On Viral Gay Rights Speech (EXCLUSIVE)”

  1. +Shira Lazar does an interview with Phil Snider from the excellent marriage
    equality twist video. Nice follow-up. Go back and watch some of the oldest
    Open Mind series (http://video.pbs.org/program/open-mind/) and take a look
    at the way thinking has changed over time.
    As a non-religious person, it’s refreshing to hear from a religious
    perspective that doesn’t make me want to grow claws.

  2. My interview with Phil Snider – his recent speech at his city council
    supporting gay rights went viral and will give you goosebumps- so

    Reverend Phil Snider On Viral Gay Rights Speech (EXCLUSIVE)

  3. awesome guy here… I’m so glad that he was bold enough to deliver this
    speech. I hold the same view, but would find it extremely hard to stand in
    front of people and actually give the speech. Congratulations Phil.

  4. And Phil’s actual argument??? All he says is, “make sure you’re on the
    right side.” But he gives no valid reason why we should choose his side.
    Take out the drama and what argument is actually there? Exactly. He is
    saying nothing.

  5. Very good. Very, very good. God bless him, gays, blacks, whites, idiots,
    geniuses, etc., yada,yada. Very cool.

  6. I’m not religious at all, I support gay rights completely and this guy is
    my new hero-3

  7. With utmost respect to religious people, the largest group of perverts in
    this nations history have been leaders in the Catholic church. Religious
    people haven’t a leg to stand on when it comes to dictating, let alone
    legislating, the morality of others.

  8. He’s lifted the pro-segregation argument lines to erase the anti-pervert
    argument lines and it’s disingenuous from the very beginning. I hope
    everyone sees this for the manipulation that it is, and disregards it. What
    a divisive asshole!

  9. IF all the religious nuts were more like this guy, none of this would have
    ever been an issue.

  10. The point is your name, the fail is your “strive for freedom” isn’t for
    everyone including me since you can beg death on another. The win, you gave
    to me. I don’t know if I should thank you for that, since I don’t tend to
    hang around LOSERS

  11. naw dude, this Phil guy is pretty nuts, look at some of his other videos.
    You can be out of your mind and still not be a nuisance to society by
    spreading scripture like its some sort of law of the land.

  12. this is wonderful. just as woman rights, and racial rights have won over
    the people who oppress them, gay rights will too!

  13. The largest group of perverts in history come from porn: Hugh Hefner, Bob
    Guccione, Larry Flynt along with the models photographers and graphics
    people combined. These far outweigh in number and severity any blanket
    contradiction to history such as you just made.

  14. He’s noting that the arguments for racial segregation are the exact same
    arguments against gay rights, and how ridiculous do those arguments sound
    today? Either you didn’t listen to the first 5 minutes, or you are an
    idiot. I’m going for the latter.

  15. Brilliant, yes because consensual photography is far more of a perversion
    than systematic molestation of young boys. Your defense is laughable, go
    kill yourself.

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