26 Comments on “Rick Santorum’s Response Regarding Gay Rights During the Republican New Hampshire Debate”

  1. he’s not evil. but i wouldn’t say he’s good. a good father would like to
    see his gay son happy & be able to wed the person he loves.

  2. How come not one of the many gay friends Santorum claims has made
    themselves known? Or is this another lie from santorum?

  3. what was the question? i think he stated all he needed. if he doesn’t want
    to pay attention to a basic question, how is he suppose to listen to the
    people. he’s a bunch of BS or how they say bunch of santorum

  4. @uncletreefrog Gay rights are the right of homosexuals to marry the people
    they love, adopt children, not be persecuted, etc. As for where they are in
    the constitution, take a look at the 9th and 14th amendments.

  5. Gays and homos can go to hell. Where they belong. I am a democrat and I
    vote Rick Santorum. Peace.

  6. That last question was a joke, he does not really feel that way. This “love
    the sinner but hate the sin” attitude is not love. It inflicts pain and
    suffering on our children and it must end. This whole “marrige is a
    religious sacarament” argument is a joke. I think 1040’s then should ask
    you “Did you receive Communion during the taxable year” and allow a check
    box to get a tax credit… Give me a break!

  7. he just proves he is brainwashed by religion and im sure he will go right
    along with the typical warmongering.

  8. I can see why gays hate Santorum so much and work so hard to smear him – he
    highlights their extreme hypocrisy and doesn’t take one ounce of their
    bullshit labelling anyone a bigot who doesn’t agree with their push for
    SSM. As he said, just because people don’t agree with your desire to change
    the law doesn’t mean they hate you. I despise Santorum for his foreign
    policy but do enjoy watching him stick it to the gay lobby who are so used
    to the media kowtowing their bullshit agendas.

  9. @uncletreefrog The consitution is for all of the people in america, and is
    not seperated my gender, sex, age, nor race

  10. Santorum is a liar. If a son of his told him he was gay Santorum would send
    that son straight to Marcus Bachman’s perverted clinic for aversion
    therapy. Santorum would not love his son the same as before. He’d start
    ranting to his son about three men & a dog or something just as insane!

  11. Hey boredom corner your lucky to even able to speak so freely in other
    parts of the world you would be a lamp post now shut the hell up. You want
    to be gay queer or straight no one give a rats ass all society asks from
    you assholes is keep it to your selfs you richard simmons. People in othe
    parts of the world don’t a have a crumb of bread to eat and you assholes
    put your sexuality before anything else is life all about being gays you
    scum bags pigs.

  12. Annnndddd there’s whats wrong with America. I like how you said, “Peace”
    after insulting Homosexuals, A word of advice, Hell and Heaven are not
    real, Same with God.

  13. Respect- 1. an act of giving particular attention : consideration 2. high
    or special regard : esteem 3. the quality or state of being esteemed I
    don’t think he knows what he saying when he says he treats gays with

  14. @mase5701 I don’t pay enough attention to that man to really say for sure
    he means it or not. But that attitude is quite wrongly portrayed by many
    Christians who get confused and caught up in anger. They forget that all
    sin is the same and treat it the same. I’ve seen signs counter this truth.
    I’m gay myself but I’ve been on that side before and the sheer ignorance
    just…I feel so sad more than anything. This comment box is too limiting
    to let me express at all how pitiful it is.

  15. This guy bashes gays on a regular basis, and he’s preaching about treating
    them with respect? Hey, Taliban Santorum, I’ve got news for you: YOU DON’T

  16. “as good a father” as possible, rick, would mean supporting your child in
    being able to marry the love of their life without judgment. yay for u for
    wanting all americans, gay & straight to be treated the same. thats a basic
    human right. but ya know what, its not enough when u have things like
    discrimination both on a person-to-person setting as well as an official
    setting like financial benefits, property rights, housing, etc. welcome to
    the real world, where a lot of people discriminate

  17. coming from the guy who spews a bunch of homophobic bs and goes around
    comparing it to polygamy & claims its a perverted choice. talk about
    corrupted politicians saying whats convient at the time when in reality has
    ass backwards views

  18. @Darkfalz79 You know, you would have an easier time convincing me you’re
    not a bigot, if you didn’t oppose gay rights, for no reason other than not
    liking gays. Especially because THE CONSTITUTION SPECIFICALLY PREVENTS THAT.

  19. “And I would do everything I can to be as good a father to him as
    possible.” Meaning… I would beat the gay out of him… Santroum is

  20. @MajorEasley Do you like to travel? Im just asking because if you would go
    anywere in Europe and say what you just said. You would either be killed or
    seriously injured. Regards. Pissed of LGBT male.

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