46 Comments on “Robertson: Gay Rights Activists, Like Illuminati, Want to Destroy Family & God”

  1. The doddering old fool is at it again … Televangelist Pat Robertson
    thinks supporters of same-sex marriage are akin to followers of the


  2. Take your traditional family,your traditional marriage and your traditional
    G-d,shove ’em up your ass and go fucking kill yourself,Pat. No One Cares

  3. Are you implying that all religions come from the same piece of
    text?…There are many true and false variations out there.

  4. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”..That’s the
    real quote,Pat..Goddess,Pat Robertson is a fucking worthless Cunt..When
    will he die?

  5. How can anyone believe this ?! This is a Medieval speech . We’ve built a
    country without god in our constitution , and it is way better for every
    one. Who is this guy anyway ? This is progressive mind not satanism , you
    ignorant .

  6. “I hate families! I hate civilization!. I want to destroy them!” – gay guy

  7. As far as I’m concerned there never was a country “with” god. Just one full
    of retards who say he’s somewhere hanging around blowing us up for letting
    men sleep with other men.

  8. Destroy the traditional family. Hmmm? Wonder what the Bible said about
    traditional marriage: “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me
    is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is
    not worthy of me.”[Matthew 10:37] “If your brother…or your son or your
    daughter or the wife you embrace… entices you secretly, saying, ‘Let us go
    and serve other gods,’ … you shall kill him.” [Deuteronomy 13:6-9] Yeah,
    traditional family values my ass. Peace.

  9. We’ve already “destroyed” god, now we’re attempting to reestablish what has
    been historically referred to as “Family”, Mr. Robertson. This is just one,
    of many examples that illustrates your obsolescence. Soon you will die and
    your funding is redistributed back to the ‘State’, along with the other
    theocratic Public Figures of today, as well as reconstructing the
    Republican party into a more Libertarian ideology (the very core of
    Individualistic Ideology). It’s just a matter of time. [:

  10. “Building a country without god”? Surely not Pat, that’d take some kind of
    amendment to your constitution to ensure a separation of church and state.
    I mean that’s a revolutionary idea in itself!

  11. Pat Roberson has become so old and insane that even his own followers must
    thing he’s batshit crazy by now, right?

  12. Hong/Hung: Chinese (Yellow) Secret Service and SUPREME OCCULT MASONIC
    HYPER-LODGE (HL) of China, responsible to SIN of Eva for the programme of
    WW3 outbreak and SINa’s global dictatorship. Chief Western exec. arm is the
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  13. thanks for the links Pat! keep vigilant Joos are everywhere! Luckily we
    have genius out there like you looking out! lol

  14. Why are you even talking … I’m not on this mans side in anyway but you’re
    quite frankly a moron. You’re so quick to attack you lead with ignorance.
    He’s saying there’s something bigger going on and gay rights are being used
    to bring it to fruition. See those last 3 adjectives you used to describe
    him? Look up the word “Hypocrite”.

  15. 100% percent correct the faction that running the U.S. has this same agenda
    its almost as if they are encouraging people to be gay. The New World Order
    Cabal wants to destroy the United States people need to wake up and realize
    whats going on.

  16. I think his method of controlling people is to confuse the shit out of
    them, then state his opinion as a question. What a damn fool.

  17. God is still very much in the lives of any type of family that is based on
    Loving each other. God is LOVE.. Love is eternal. Love is not separation or
    condemnation. Love is not ignorance. LOVE does not destroy anything. If
    there is a devil, truly, Pat Robertson is his front man.

  18. This is not right every soul i mean every soul doesn’t have a gender. We
    are all spiritual beings of the all known creator “GOD”. So for you to down
    grade us.. that’s so not cool…

  19. Gotta love the Icke Reptilians. IMO, its even funnier bad scifi than
    Hubbard’s Thetans and other Scientology bullshit.

  20. I almost wish there were some sort of document – an old one from the
    1770’s, that outlined how to build such a nation. Hmm . . maybe with
    signatures at the bottom of those who drafted it or something. It could
    contain plans on who would control what powers, and list the rights of the
    nation’s people. Ah what am I saying? THAT’S JUST CRAZYTALK

  21. LOL! If I knew being gay terrified these bible-banging cretins so much, I’d
    take a dick up my own ass.

  22. Agreed, I can’t stand the way people who get all their “science” education
    from creationist propaganda argue against something they haven’t the
    slightest clue about what it really posits, only the strawman the
    creationists argue against. I suppose it always boils down to control and

  23. What about the scientific errors like the claim that salt and fresh water
    can’t mix because of an invisible partition? This is demonstrably false yet
    is still taught to Islamic children to this day. Science is a self
    correcting system that relies on evidence, prediction, and application and
    will revise its models when new information is found. Followers of he Bible
    and Qur’an are so invested in their demonstrably man made “sacred” texts it
    seems that they worship THEM and not a god at all.

  24. “Butt sex, God and the Illuminati” a new york times best seller by Pat

  25. Why just love? why not all the other emotions? because then you wouldn’t
    like that? absurd. As always, the belief in a deity is only supported by
    your emotions. Grow up, get an education and stop believing that you can
    telephatically communicate with a zombie in another dimension.

  26. There once was a time when all people believed in God and the church ruled.
    This time was called the Dark Ages.

  27. Islam is the reason why the Middle East is not the greatest mathematical
    and scientific region in the world. It was on the path to becoming so in
    the 1500s, then Islamic government dumbed down and oppressed everyone.

  28. Yep, he’s got us. I support gay marriage rights because I want to destroy
    America because I’m part of the Illuminati

  29. One attempts to educate the sheeple, but they just run their mouths. Sought
    is the jewel in the sand, a radical intellectual who can consider the
    evidence without prejudice. Hopefully then, the dopey Blacks and Whites can
    be saved from the devious, manipulative mind games of their Yellow and
    Yellow-White oppressors. Until then, unable to resist the lowly
    “Illuminati”, the New World (Order) 888 will eat them up (Rev. [21,]
    16:12-16, 9:16-17). G.H.Rees: hellenandchaos.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=888

  30. i believe patty about as much as i believe a maggot on a piece of dog shit
    they are about the same

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