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  1. GOD is just-thats why gays can marry now-thats why people are punished for

  2. Pat Robertson’s reliably homophobic God has given Patty the inside scoop on
    America’s future. Again.

  3. You are an imposter of my channel, you don’t speak for me, so how do you
    know I lie for the devil?

  4. God bless you Pat Robertson, I agree with him it’s all a sin against God.
    God said it’s a sin if a man wears a woman’s clothing or a woman wearing
    men’s clothing

  5. Homosexuality is NEVER mentioned at all. “Both of these verses refer to
    heterosexuals who took part in the Baal fertility rituals in order to
    guarantee good crops and healthy flocks. No hint at homosexuality is even
    implied. The word abomination in Leviticus was used for anything that was
    considered to be religiously unclean or associated with idol worship. The
    use of Leviticus to condemn and reject homosexuals is obviously a
    hypocritical selective use of the Bible against gays and lesbians.”

  6. Valerie, do some research into the bible’s history BEFORE you keep trusting
    that every single word in the new and old testaments are the same EXACT
    words as when they were revealed or written down. Its kind of funny how
    people will look through an old encyclopedia and be like “wow this is old
    and not quite accurate”, but will pick up a book that someone told you was
    God’s book and much OLDER than that encyclopedia, and you accept everything
    as is and on face value. That my friend, is irrational.

  7. Isn’t it appalling that Robertson would presume being gay is somehow

  8. Ok I didn’t say take things from the bible and disregard the rest.I am
    saying take verses from the bible to tell others what they are doing is
    wrong.NO the entire bible is Gods instruction book and we should read the
    whole thing.ALL OF IT!ANd second yes Satan has a hand in a lot of things on
    earth to.God wants us to learn how to say NO to Satan when he temps us to
    do wrong.Even animals know who to mate with.Do you see animals being
    Gay?They know that a female is the only way to have kids with.

  9. die.That verse is simply saying God doesn’t like us being gay or
    lesbian.That is why he destroyed sodom and gomorrah because of bad sins
    like this.Also your the one who keeps saying that I am picking my favorite
    verses but I am not I am just pointing out their sins.I love the whole
    bible cause of the great storys and the fact that God wants us to follow
    it.We’ll find out on judgement day when Jesus comes to earth and those who
    have sinned bad will be judged.I love Jesus and thank him for making

  10. Then who did Seth have sex with to continue the human race? It’s funny how
    you’ll pick and choose what to believe from the Bible, but won’t accept its
    obvious flaws. The book was written by man, not by God. I suppose you also
    believe that women should have their faces covered at all times, be stoned
    to death for speaking in church and that slavery is alright? You must be
    quite the winner. Love Christ, hate Christians. They are so unlike Christ.

  11. Christianity is NOT a minority and it is NOT persecuted. To say that is
    offensive to those who truly are.

  12. And that is why you are narrow-minded, just like those who believed that it
    was o.k. to burn alive or drown women and children because they were
    witches, to kill or imprison Protestants & Lutherans because of their
    heresy, who believed illnesses were the work of the devil, who believed
    that Africans and African Americans were the cursed descendants of Ham and
    therefore justifiably enslaved and later denied equal rights. I could go
    on, but you are gonna believe what you believe..just as they did.

  13. It don’t matter what you say I go by the word of God and if he says Gay is
    wrong then it must be wrong.You know I won’t say much more cause Jesus is
    coming soon and he tells us in his word to watch and pray.And we all must
    be ready cause he might come today and we don’t even know it.So God will
    judge all the sins we have done and he will decide who enters through his
    gate or not.So I just say to all who need something in life seek God and
    ask forgivness.God will hear and he will bless you.

  14. Wait, it’s ok not to believe in some things the bible says, but ok to
    believe in other things? That sounds hypocritical if you ask me…It sounds
    to me like you are judging what God said and taking the parts you like from
    it. Judging that way sends you to Hell, does it not? Also, no where in the
    Bible are any other kids mentioned, so you’re wrong there too.

  15. @Tyssilago welll why did you comment like you didn’t get it….. or were
    you just trying to be funny 😛 i thought it was funny btw hah

  16. Wanna know my FAVOURITE BIBLE VERSE!? “Do not judge lest you be judged
    yourselves… Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do
    not notice the log that is in your own eye? …You hypocrite!” (Matthew
    7:1-5) You’ve allowed yourself to be hoodwinked into thinking God hated
    gays. If God really hated Gays, why would he keep making them? You have no
    argument. Follow the path of Jesus, not the path of religion.

  17. God is real and he will punish the world for their sins and being gay is
    one of them.For those of you who talk bad about Pat should start thinking
    twice and watch his show more often because onday I was watching his show
    and I had a bad shoulder pain he prayed and I was healed.So I love God and
    hate all the sins on earth.Gays and lesians should NOT be married.Marriage
    is for a man and a woman.READ THE BIBLE!

  18. The 10 commandments are part of the old testament, which endorses slavery.
    Just throw the whole damn book away, already.

  19. For starters he is not my God he’s our God.And second Jesus will come back
    to earth when we least expect it.How can you say that when all the things
    in REV. is coming true right now?Don’t you want to go to heaven?Jesus don’t
    want to abandon no one but there is too much wickedness on the earth and he
    don’t like that.Those who have sinned and not ask forgiveness and don’t
    believe in God or Jesus will join satin in hell.There is too much
    wickedness and it is scarey to me,and if you want to go to

  20. I don’t know if you’re a male or a female, but let’s say you were raped by
    someone with the same gender as yourself, would you go to hell? Is that a

  21. told her about the bible and God then out of no where she started to pray
    and she was cured from those thoughts of being gay.So you see people can
    fight those thoughts if we would just believe in God and pray to him to get
    rid of those feelings of being gay then the world would be a better
    place.No one is born gay and God didn’t intend for us to be gay because he
    wanted MAN AND WOMAN to be together like he stated in the bible.

  22. You got that right! Fuck america, the real son of the devil. Sooner God
    will destroyed America. It’s just a matter of time! How great would be the
    world without this stupid and despicable country. Jesus Saves!

  23. Also, putting words in your typing? Sweetheart, you said this: “Also we
    shouldn’t read the old testiment that much cause the old testiment is the
    past and the new is the prestent and REV. is the future.” That’s not
    picking and choosing? Also, your gay verse was already explained to you,
    that you interpreted it wrong. But what do you have to say about
    Leviticus’s other verses, which are considered to be just as vile as taking
    part in baal rituals? Haircuts, beard trimming, etc?

  24. Same thing was said about interracial marriage, and nothing happened.
    Society is changing. Get over it.

  25. God loves us all,even gays and lesbians,he just doesn’t love sin.He wants
    us to live right and follow every word the bible says.Gays and lesbians are
    not doing that.If they would pray to God and ask him to help get rid of
    this evil thoughts of being Gay and lesbian then God will help.I have seen
    it done before,people can be cured from his wickedness they have inside
    them cause God is all powerful and you can’t beat him.He has answered my
    prayers and he will answer everyone’s if we just pray.

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