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  1. To the bigoted assholes who put this video together: up your. You are
    typical right wing Republicans who love to hate. I can’t stand Guliani, but
    I despise you and the assholes you represent.

  2. this video is so confusing and dramatic. dont you people have more serious
    things to worry about than gays wanting to feel equal???

  3. Ron Paul gets the most donations from the military! thespinfactor
    dotcom/thetruth/2007/07/16/military-support-for-the- republican-candidates

  4. All your premises sound great. Alas, Rudy is not the biggest advocate of
    freedom and less government if one analyzes his mayorship. He’s very much a
    typical shyster who will go to war with Iran come hell or high water,
    regardless of the logic which indicates that this could spell the end of
    the nation (look up Russia’s role in all this to figure out why). RON PAUL
    2008! (the pure conservative/libertarian)

  5. 1)Oh the horrors of gay people kissing and becoming partners. How shall you
    sleep at night knowing this could happen? Wait it has already begun… 2)
    It’s not Judean (of or from the city of Judea) it’s Judeo ( pertaining to
    Jewish customs and beliefs) 3) Finally, nice work choosing a gay music for
    your backdrop, does that mean you like to listen to opera music or just in
    when your fantasizing about packing fudge? FYI Homophobes blow.

  6. Rudy Giuliani is the worst kind of man. Maybe he wouldn’t be the worst
    president, but as a person he is simply at the bottom. He was responsible
    for sending Bernard Kerik to Iraq in order to train their police force.
    Guiliani treated Kerik as a close friend when he was in charge of the NYPD
    but now Kerik is under criminal investigation for ties to the mob.

  7. Hello fellow american Giuliani is out of control. All we hear from him is
    9/11, but do you remember Rudy before then? WE sure do. Check out what our
    fellow ferrets are saying about him: Just Search for nyferrets on youtube
    Yours truly, mike leader of the ny ferrets member of ferrets for freedom

  8. The nitwit wthat produced this piece of garbage is the typical, right wing
    shit-bag who spends more time worrying about whether his neighbor is
    sleeping with another guy than he does whether or not the kid down the
    street has enough to eat. Obviously, the creator of this video is just
    another, homophobic, thumb-dicked, constipated ass-hole in desperate need
    of a life!

  9. BTW- Your apparent terror of gay people (honestly- are two lesbians
    exchanging vows really a horror worthy of your silly Carmina Burana music?
    It’s right out of “The Omen”) is laughable and a little pathetic. It
    reminds me of the film Borat – what’s next, the “Running of the Jew?”

  10. Thanks for the video! I love watching same sex people kiss. I don’t get to
    see that on a regular basis, so thank you for allowing me to be exposed to
    that. I love it! THANK YOU!

  11. thanks for posting this! I was struggling on how to vote, but now that I
    know a conservative has my back as a gay man, I am voting for Guliani all
    the way!!!

  12. He’s saying gay “unions” should get the same privileges that straight
    marriages get. So what? If you have a problem, it should be with the
    benefits that straight marriages get. Having open gay people in our society
    changes nothing about our society except that it’s open. We all know it
    happens. By the way, lesbians kissing is hot.

  13. I hate Giuliani but for all other reasons. It is not important if G. is for
    or against boys kissing. It is not important if he is for gun control. What
    is important is that he is extremely corrupt, opinionated, rude, fascist
    with dictatorial tendencies. US will become a full blown POLICE STATE, if
    that prick will get elected.

  14. Ron Paul 2008…Giuliani is from a crime family. He is for continuing this
    endless war and a phantom/undefinable enemy. National Debt
    $8,809,365,023,597.80 . We can not afford this even if it was a just war.
    To continue the war is bad policy and bad strategy. Ron Paul 2008

  15. Pro-freedom? Rudy? No, dude. RON PAUL is the only candidate who is classic
    conservative/libertarian. Unlike Rudy, however, he knows that preemptive
    attack on Iran will trigger big wars (most likely with Russia, which is
    menaced by US-EU disruption of its sovereignty/oil exports or China, which
    would be cut off from huge energy deals w/ Iran). Rudy’s for open borders
    in an age of terror, but wants to stay in Iraq ad infinitum? huh? Dems and
    Reps unite, PLEASE! RON PAUL 2008!

  16. Seems there will always be some clown around who wants those who are
    different (not like him) to be shorn of any right to the priveleges and
    liberties that he claims for himself. Bigots unite.

  17. quick question: does the person who posted this think that this nation has
    been around for “hundreds AND hundreds of years”? American History 101:
    America’s only a little over 200 years old. Edjucation–a Republiken vallyu

  18. Beautiful music, ugly content, crappy editing. I feel truely sorry for you.
    Must be quite dark in that closet of yours, right? Not that I ever wish for
    a Giuliani administration, of course, but that’s another subject. Get a

  19. Barack (Hussein!) Obama and the massadra, John Kerry and the Swift Boat
    Veterans, CIA operative Valorie Plame… and those are only some _big_
    smear campaigns. Being a right-winger seems to be all about self-delusion
    and explaining away the unexplainable nowadays. Meh, why do I even waste my
    time on doing this…

  20. Remember that the funniest thing is that it is Giuliani himself who solely
    put Hillary Clinton thisclose to the White House, and Republicans hail him
    for that? He choked in the 2000 and 2006 senate battles against her b/c all
    polls showed NY was going to reject him. The people who he
    governed—NYC—rejected him by as much as 70% which is devastating.

  21. man thanks for letting me know about this!! i’m definatley not voting for
    guiliani now! even though i was never going to lol.

  22. (Shouldn’t his constituents be his biggest fans not his biggest haters?
    THIS is why people in the sticks love him: they only know the Media Myth
    about this crook.)And few GOPers can figure this out? No wonder they still
    think Bush won the Iraq War in 1993 when he wasted millions of taxdollars
    on his “MIssion Accomplished” PR scam.

  23. Giuliani’s position is more consistent than the average conservative. The
    rights to control one’s own reproductive decisions and to have romantic
    ties with the person one desires is part of being FREE. Conservatives want
    freedom for the boardroom but Fascism in the bedroom. Democrats want the
    opposite. Rudy is the long-awaited candidate who is consistently
    pre-freedom. Rudy 2008!

  24. Your video is ignorant and only focuses on one side of a person. If gays
    are not allowed to have rights then why not start lynching again? You’re a

  25. he was responsible for 9/11 and the london bombing! he was 5 blocks away,
    and he also tried to steal 50 million dollars that was rasied for widows
    from 9/11

  26. nonsense. barry goldwater was a federalist who supported allowing gays to
    openly serve and saw the pro-choice position as compatible with
    conservative governance provided that it was adopted by the individual
    states. this demented, ahistorical notion that christianity =
    conservativism is a perversion from the late 70’s. YOU are the corrupters
    of the cause. read ryan sager, “elephant in the room”.

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