47 Comments on “Rush Limbaugh’s Bizarre Response to Gay Football Player”

  1. Oh shut up and don’t sing you no talent talk show host. Rush is right.
    What your saying is so stupid its not worth a logical response.

  2. You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an
    abomination. Leviticus 18:22 

  3. God, more brain-dead emotional tripe from a Left-Wing-Kook. Homosexuality
    is a deviance personified. One man bending another man over and assaulting
    that man’s alimentary canal is abnormal, unnatural and unhealthy. There was
    a time when EVERYONE knew this, including emotion-driven fools on the Left.

  4. There was a time when this was said about black sports players,they know
    they can not say that anymore,they needed a new target,now they have it.

  5. Here are my problems with the entire Michael Sam situation:
    1. He wants to be known as “Michael Sam, the football player” and not
    “Michael Sam, the Gay football player”, meaning he wants his play on the
    field to be the focus, yet he and Oprah produce a documentary television
    show on “The first openly gay man to be drafted by the NFL”.
    2. When he is cut(not if),it will not be because he is gay, it will be
    because he lacks the physical traits and athletic skills that are required
    to be competent at his prospective positions(DE, LB). He is too slow to be
    an effective LB, too small and not strong enough to be an effective DE. His
    ability to get off the edge is apparent, but due simply to him being on a
    team with a HIGHLY effective defense. Not to mention, they are simply far
    too deep, defensively, in St.Louis.
    3.While this is not entirely due to his own actions, he is being held up as
    groundbreaking or pioneering influence for his cause. His actions are not
    only not groundbreaking or pioneering, but effectively make it more
    difficult for the next guy to be taken seriously. He simply is not good
    enough to warrant the outside attention he comes with.

  6. Seder has the maturity of a 3rd grader. Rush brings up a good point.
    There is an attack on the game of football but now is football ok because a
    gay guy is playing it? It brings up a good point. And why does the media
    want a gay guy to succeed in football? I mean, I know the answer, for
    money and the story. Any intelligent person really doesn’t care if Michael
    Sam is gay. I work in an athletic department at an university and we
    discussed it briefly and moved on, it isn’t a big deal but the media will
    make it out the be for the ignorant.

  7. He brings up a good questions and you don’t address it. Why is it heroic to
    be gay and play football? It’s a very legitimate question.

  8. The NFL is going to put super sensitive mics on every helmet. When the gay
    guy plays they’re going to have 63 “wired” segments hoping they’ll hear
    “faggot” so they can fire the player and “send a message”.
    Why did he have to kiss his boyfriend when he was drafted? Did his agent
    just tell him to play up his gayness so he could draft higher and make more
    money when some lame team wants the “prestige” of having the first gay

  9. Hay Rush, your days are gone. Go back to your drugged life. you cannot
    fool people any longer. Your days of hatting people because they are
    deferent from your twisted mind are gone.

  10. Rush has more viewers than this stupid channel! If I disagree with
    homosexuality it’s my right. Don’t force us all into your immoral view of
    what YOU think society should be.

  11. I’m sure Limbaugh likes a dildo in his ass every now and then when he goes
    to costa rica and meets up with Marcus Bachman.

  12. You hear his views on drug laws then you find out he has a huge Oxy
    problem. Now he has the same uninformed opinion on homosexuality. What are
    we about to find out about Rush?

  13. When people are getting fired, thrown in jail, losing custody of their
    children, and even killed outright because they’re heterosexual, there will
    be a place for heterosexual activism.

  14. There is NO heterosexual agenda and NO heterosexual activists. There are,
    though, homophobic agendas and homophobic activists.

  15. is poor old sweet rush, a paragon of morality, getting dementia from his
    years of illicit drug use which wasn’t helped because of the lack of
    support he never got from his several wives?

  16. One of the things I most enjoy when listening to Majority.fm is hearing
    Matt (I think that’s Matt, perhaps it’s another staffer) laughing in the
    background all the time.

  17. Rush has really lost it over the years and it seems to be getting worse.
    Maybe old rush should just come up with the conclusion everybody is a slut.

  18. It’s the anti-gay agenda of loons like Limbaugh and Putin that’s causing
    discrimination and bigotry.
    Consenting adults are free to have sex with whoever they like, and it’s
    none of Limbaugh’s business…well it shouldn’t be, but Limbaugh makes a
    lot of profit and personal gains, just like Putin, by persecuting gays.
    We know profits and personal gains come first with nuts like Limbaugh and

  19. Rush’s comment about the media wanting a gay player to come out is the same
    comment (almost word for word) that got him canned from ESPN:

    “I think the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do

  20. Limbaugh: proof that a person can live without a brain stem.
    The Heterosexual agenda has been forced on me since I was a child; being
    forced to be straight by parents, other relatives, teachers and clergy IS
    the agenda.
    Thank goodness it didn’t work and I;m as queer as can be!

  21. understand that rush limbaugh loves sucking that golden microphone …. and
    shoving it into a ditto head’s ass ….

  22. Obviously the gay lobby wants there to be a successful gay football player
    so they can recruit more gays! Lol

  23. Homophobia is an irrational fear or aversion against homosexual. The
    word is “irrational”. Society thus is “stuck” in this irrational frame of
    mind. The
    power of gay people coming out and being accepted in various endeavor will
    change the world and change it for the better. The institutions of a
    society be
    they businesses or governments should have no role in fostering
    If there is a “slippery slope” it can only come from discrimination without
    rational basis for discrimination for this can only undermine a healthy

  24. Fuuuuuck Rush. How can any human think like this? This man is more obsessed
    with homosexuality than homosexuals.

  25. sounded a lot like his rant about the media being “desirous” for a black
    Qb.. You know the rant that got him kicked off ESPN after only a few weeks
    of being on their NFL show

  26. Linbaugh has something insane like 20 million listeners. He’s just simply
    pandering to his base here. He has to touch “hot button” issues and almost
    always take the opposing view point regardless of his personal feelings.
    Sure, he may very well be the homophobic, racist, bloated bigot he presents
    himself to be but there is absolutely no doubt that he has to preach to his
    choir. 20 million listeners? Guarantee you well over half of them are
    rednecks still in a dream state of mind living in 1920s United States.

  27. Rush is a morbidly disgusting parasite on the ass of conservatives
    and,anyone who takes this jackass seriously has some severe mental
    issues.he gives people one more reason to hate right wing extremists and
    the batshit that they are!.

  28. Rush is confused because he is gay.
    He bought a house in the same cul de sac for one of his wives to live in–*while
    they were married.*
    If that’s not a *beard*, I don’t know what is.
    The guy flew to to the Dominican Republic with a bottle of Viagara.
    Can you say “little boy prostitutes”?

  29. The LEFT will not be happy until we have government supported fertility
    clinics helping GAY men impregnate other GAY men. Anything short of
    elevating the GAY male backside to the same level as the female birth canal
    is simply unacceptable by all standards!

  30. Ps…and other point- nfls CONTACT SPORT where men end up in eachothers
    arms in pile on ground in somewhat “intimate”positions at end of every play
    for THAT reason AND cause team has to shower change dress naked together
    AND has to roommate on road in hotels etc are just 3 of the simple honest
    factual reasons why straight players don’t welcome aren’t “comfortable
    with” faggot nfl players.DEAL WITH IT. and would you put a child molester
    in a job where had to touch children and bathe children ? NO cause person
    attracted to them shouldn’t be that “intimate” with group ppl their
    attracted sexually to…same reason not ok with straight players for men
    ATTRACTED TO OTHER MEN tackling dog piling showeri.g changing and roomating
    in hotels. if gonna insist forcing faggotness on nfl then make it so
    there’s an all fag team instead of fags on straight teams it wouldn’t fux
    game contact but at LEAST the roomating sleeping inchez from showering
    changing in front of man whose ATTRACTED TO OTHER MEN. its bs. faggots have
    “their thing” (things plural)- nfl isn’t one of em its a straight man’s
    “thing” like boxing ufc hunting fishing rodeos nba mlb let mainstream
    majority normal people have “their thing” & faggots can have their own
    thing.stop forcing faggotness on majority mainstream who not want it 

  31. I’m SICK of faggot luciferian agendas allout assault on and opression of
    mainstream majority usa. they WANT to attack offend opress christian
    mainstream majority of usa if DIDN’T WANT TO ??- he’d simply stfu go bout
    his business keep fagdom private stay respectful to mainstream stay classy
    and SILENT you WOULD NOT be fagkissin in nfl freakin draft forcing fagness
    upon nfl fans which over 9 outta 10 are right leaning mainstream types who
    don’t support fagness CLEARLY that’s why it ain’t been in open BEFORE TODAY
    and your RETARDED if think this fame seeking pillow biting poofs first
    faggot footballer there’s been LOTS but they were CLASSY ENOUGH to keep
    fagness private and NOT force it where NOT WELCOMED 

  32. The gays have to fight back because the heterosexual “agenda” is gay
    oppression and or acceptance. usually oppression.

  33. Some fucktards at work had rush shit bag on yesterday and he was railing on
    about this gay football player for like an hour just saying whose
    politicizing it, who, what, who is politicizing it, who??? Fuck you you
    piece of shit rush, you and your moronic troglodyte fucktard audience are
    politicizing it. Fuck you. 

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