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  1. Russia was one of the first countries to ban slavery and they are comparing
    anti gay law with slavery LOL! RIP IQ.

  2. the homosexual movement has used to manipulate the public in the western
    media wont work in Russia 

  3. Just don’t promote your pro-gay life style anywhere where CHILDREN can read
    it! that’s what the law says! Why does some kid in Russia need to know what
    you do in your bedroom? Why does anyone need to know? I don’t want to hear
    what you might like to do…..you might not want to hear what I like to do,
    and whom I do it with. KIDS do not need to hear about anything,
    sexual, ANTI or PRO gay in my opinion.

  4. These faggots aren’t procreating. The green trendy liberals are always
    talking about depopulation. We found our first group of indivuduals to get
    rid of. They are a waste of resources and spread their filth and nasty
    perversion. The disease of gay is spread by pedofilia. So lets get rid of
    all these gay pedofiles, and main stream gay media shows that depict men as
    bent wrist faggots. Lets get real men, real family shows, real family
    values, and stop this satanic perversion.

  5. How a minority, reaching majority, seizing authority, hates a minority! – I
    read this quote over 10 years ago and it can’t bee truer today than it was
    in 1968

  6. any one that compares sexual preference with slavery should just die of
    breast cancer yeah i said DIE OF BREAST CANCER your a fucking waste of

  7. jesus christ enough of the homosexual propaganda i am only interested in
    the Olympics i could not care less about those cocksuckers

  8. Look, its Russia’s rules, is it really that hard to not spout out about
    your homosexuality for 2 weeks? In the end being gay isn’t a choice, but
    having homosexual relationships or promoting it is, so if you just actually
    be quite about it, then there is nothing wrong. I mean having a homosexual
    relationships with another homosexual is like having a non homosexual
    relationship with a non homosexual person, so you can just not do it. For
    example I am Christian (and so is Russia mostly) so if there was a country
    that banded Christian propaganda, then I would jut be quite about it and
    not mention it, but I can still be Christian.

  9. Why don’t let that country deal with their business. Gay are mental disable
    people and they should be treated as humans with mental disability but
    respect. Other countries shouldn’t bother the Russian business.

  10. Russia is fucked up i mean what is even good about it it’s terrible, why
    should it matter if they’re gay

  11. Read the white pages on this so called law, you idiots at TYT. If you
    idiots had brains you would be dangerous.

  12. “so ignorant” yet you haven’t actually READ the law, have you TYT?

    There is no ban on “gay people”, putin said himself “they are welcome to
    Russia. ”
    The law is specific – do not promote pro-gay propaganda to children and
    there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just good, old common sense.

    Btw I have nothing against gay people. But I agree with putin – children
    should be allowed to enjoy their innocence while they are still children.
    When they are adult they can learn all about how some men stick their
    penises into other mens rectums, if they so wish to.

  13. Good for you Russia….I’m glad there are still countries that have
    traditional family morals, and are not weak and limp wristed that let
    everything be acceptable. Canada sings ” god keep our land ” and america ”
    god bless america ” but they allow their country to do what is contrary to
    god. Russia allows gays, as for their human rights…..but they have laws
    banning them advertising it. That makes children grow as they are suppose
    to, not what is forced into their heads.

  14. wow. I’m not gay but funny how upset men’s comments are about gays. Is that
    what you teach children? Was Jesse Owens just a nigger who beat Nazi
    Germany in the 1936 Olympics? I think the Olympics are dumb, but if you’re
    into it, it’s suppose to be about the best in humanity

  15. Russia is Russia. America is America. In Amsterdam recently a pedophile
    protect political party was estagblished. Should we establish it
    everywhere? NO. The world is a place of many religions and cultures, and
    they are all different. In China they eat dogs, in India cow is an holy
    animal. We can’t force our views on other countries and cultures. “Anti-Gay
    propagana law”(it’s full name rarely used) is a law banning PROPAGANDA of
    gay rights, not gays. The situation of gays in Russia is neither good or
    bad, rather ok. This is just a lame propaganda attack on Russia. Dont get
    back in the Cold War era of boycoting olympics. 

  16. you two host are morons. you are in a different country follow their laws
    or gtf out end of conversation. 

  17. Show me the language in the Russian law that says anything about
    homosexuals. There is no ‘anti-gay’ law.. It’s an anti-Hollywood law, if
    anything. Read it for yourself before you let some halfwit leftist trick
    you in to believing their lies.

    Why don’t you criticize the US government for remaining allies with so many
    countries that execute homosexuals, if their mistreatment bothers you so

  18. I’m pro choice and pro gay marriage simply because it’s none of my damn
    business what other people do. 

  19. When people don’t understand gay people. They get fear and that fear will
    trigger a defense mechanism. They will attack you. The same thing happening
    at animal kingdom.

  20. NIkki is right. know your history & have respect / compassion for others
    being oppressed, or be condemned as a hypocrite hater.

    1 LIFE

  21. I’m happy for what Russia did. I praise them for being anti-gay. This
    country is getting worse and being made fun-of for getting queer, being
    openly queer in our military and accepting gays. Pitiful.

  22. All countries who has respect for human rights should boycott the olympic
    games to be hosted in Russia … and no I am not American

  23. Most straight men don’t agree with the gay lifestyle Democrat or Republican
    everybody just trying to be politically correct

  24. You guys are ripping on somebody who cannot legally support gay marriage.
    This is ridiculous. Just because somebody disapproves of homosexuality,
    doesn’t make them hateful. Hate speech is when you direct hate on the
    person based on social and religious choices or their ethnicity. She is
    only disapproving of the behavior. Don’t forget, it’s illegals for a
    Russian to criticize the ban of gay marriage. This is idiotic.

  25. I hate ignorant and religious and ignorant people. Homosexuality isn’t
    something that you can seed and spread. You talking about values, God and
    morals and yet you fill your mouth with hate against gays Who most of the
    time are better humans beings than straight and God loving people.
    According to the statistics There are more religious or straight serial
    killers and pedophiles than gay pedophiles. Just saying!

  26. I call on Nelson Mandela’s spirit to influence Russians to protect gays
    from this terrible injustice.

    RIP Mandela

  27. People need to get over two things:
    ~russia is not the only place on earth thats doing ‘this’
    ~homosexuality is not a western culture, since homosexuals exist all around
    the world

  28. Actually read the law don’t listen to these dumb asses look at prison
    planet live video and see what the law actually says

  29. Awesome! Putin you are the MAN! Can you come over here to the USA and be
    our president. You don’t need to be a US citizen. Bring your Bear (
    military ) with you. They can destroy the liberals for us. Strange that
    most Americans trust you and the Russians more than the occupant in the
    Oval Office.

  30. What is wrong with this particular comments section!? People are so hateful
    and ignorant. I know YouTube comments are weird but generally there are
    more people who are accepting than people who are divisive. Seems to be the
    opposite here. Sad. 


  32. Yes Russia has a bad track record on human rights but its a bigger mistake
    to try and isolate the country. 

  33. Guys, stop being ignorant about these laws (obviously you haven’t read
    them, you just heard some stupid MSM report on it) and watch this video to
    know the truth behind this all:

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