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  1. Go back behind the iron curtain, get off of your WESTERN PC and internet
    connection and stay there. The world is better off without you. You
    fascist fucks point the finger everywhere else, when it’s CLEAR Russia is
    FULLY fascists. If you didn’t fear NATO you would have rolled Ukraine like
    you tried in Georgia. You know damn well you’ll get bitch-slapped like a
    red-headed stepchild. Here’s a clue for you to wrap your fat head
    around…98% of former Soviet SSR’s and Allies have told you to go fuck
    yourself.. How many NATO and/or Western countries have switched to your
    side? Name ’em… I’ll wait… There’s a reason all of your former
    Republics and Allies have turned on you, YOU SUCK DONKEY BALLS… BTW
    what’s the pool at on your man-boobs bra size? I’ll go with 38D.. am I

  2. Hey Yuri, that interview of Putin by the German guy is a classic, you
    should have posted the whole clip for those who havent seen it.

  3. I disagree to a large degree with smention of the issues you mention.The
    East and West should have fear of the other. I say this because fear on
    both sides brings respect for each other. In , WWIII could start.Only a
    fool would want that to happen. If WWIII does happen there would be only a
    world levt void of all human life. I totally agree that NATO has no
    business with troops or weapons of war materials near the Russian border.
    remember when Russia sent missles to Cuba and that almose led to WWIII.We
    here in the USA have seen so many false flag operations occur here that we
    no longer look to the news, Most US newspapers are government controlled
    and factual news is seldom printed, and the little bit that has some merit
    is usually slanted to fit either corporate or political agenda. I am just
    an old man but I have experienced a lot in my lifetime. Perhaps someday you
    and I can interview as friends in search for peace.

  4. Putin has done a lot of good for Russia, I agree from out west (this is a
    comment from a separate video you made asking people that). I think
    tensions are high because yeah maybe NATO tries to control Russia too much,
    ok, I can see that, I’ll respect your opinion. I saw a video about support
    for the annexing of Crimea here out west, and it was a nice video showing
    Putin’s reasons but not everyone out here feels like Crimea should have
    been annexed. One other factor is that it seems the world is divided in
    authoritarianism or democracy. We are a democracy, Russia was too not long
    ago. And the west sees Russia as a super power along with China, so I
    don’t think NATO is intentionally agitating Russia because they respect her
    power. I don’t think you have to worry about that, Putin has established
    that. oh… I can’t forget about the Malaysian plane, yeah that caused a
    reaction that is hard for me to describe, maybe that’s the biggest factor?
    I don’t know

  5. This pathetic Ukrainian fascist regime and its death squads need to be put
    to sleep permanently. There are already signs of internal collapse. It may
    be kept on life support for a while longer by Western cash infusions but it
    will die soon enough.

  6. NATO is moving it’s military assets to Russia? I never knew that. I heard
    about the sanctions though. As far as I heard NATO or the western forces
    aren’t stepping foot anywhere near there because they know and respect the
    defiance and the sovereignty. Some may have a problem with the Ukraine
    invasion though but as far as I know most respect Russia to have the right
    to be their own nation.

  7. Come on Russia ATTACK the NATO Bastards !!! Enough waiting take the gloves
    off and trash the vermin !!! They will do nothing as Western societies are
    very weak morally and emotionally… They cannot sustain a World conflict
    they will collapse from within in a matter of days… They are mostly here
    all on drugs, medication, alcohol and are ”feminized” Homos ha ha ha The
    We$t is all bark and absolutely no bite… ha ha ha

  8. LOL .. .Bear this country the USA is so screwed up … .if it wasn’t so
    serious it would be a laughing matter. Putin is the worlds hope…he’s the
    only leader out there will any sense.

    The zionazis and neocons have totally “F”ed us. The world has taken notice
    of Mr.Putin.He’s ready to do great things …. keep him safe. 

  9. russian people stand tall, proud and gay
    when nato conquers russia
    may 9 parade will be a gay parade!

  10. we are following some parts of ww1 and ww2 scripts
    both (controlled) sides are on the brink of WW3 which will results in more
    WHITE RACE DEATH !!!! dont you people get it !!!

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