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  1. homo propaganda, half of them ppl getting their ass kicked aren’t even
    homos I bet

  2. i support gays but why do they have to be such wimps? if i was in their
    situation i would knock the homophobe out in one punch.

  3. If this is what passes for entertainment in Russia, then those people are
    seriously messed up in the head. From what I’m reading in the comment
    boards, Russia is further below even Texas in terms of decency. Beating up
    people who won’t or can’t fight back is as cowardly as you can go. 

  4. I don’t understand why these people don’t fight back!!! I would never never
    let somebody put their hands on me because I was gay. I get so mad when I
    watch the videos

  5. I have mixed feelings about this. I think that people who flaunt perversion
    in public are asking for a violent reaction. Especially when they have
    demonstrations. But anyone that goes around attacking people just because
    they perceive them as gay for any little reason wouldn’t exactly make me
    feel comfortable. People shouldn’t wander the streets in fear of simply
    being attacked because they don’t look straight enough(or whatever trait it
    is these gangs prey on) in the eyes of some violent jerkoff hooligan with a
    mohawk. In that sense it is no different than a gang of black thugs
    attacking white people. These gangs need some kind of authority but it
    seems they are much more like anarchists than “nazis” as they try to
    advertise them as in the western media. 

  6. I hate watching this kind of abuse, if they weren’t abusing LGBTs they
    would be abusing people for being ethnically different, or beating there
    women, basically anyone whose different & weaker than them. Also the guy
    with his shirt off at 0.55 is getting turned on by abusing his victim you
    can tell he is really excited.He should take a long look in the mirror &
    face up to some hard facts.

  7. I’m crying…I don’t want to come to the world that doesn’t welcome us at
    all…we can’t help it

  8. To all those people who are hating on Russia, just to let you know, not all
    Russians are like this. This does not represent the people of Russia. This
    represents the skin heads. So before you say “Fuck Russia” or “Kill the
    Russians” keep that in mind you liberal douches,

  9. If they’re KNOWINGLY living in a place where there’s anti-gay sentiment why
    in the fuck would they go around dressed like that?
    A shit load of these attacks could have been avoided if some of these
    homosexuals had some common fucking sense.

  10. To all you homophobes out there who still think being gay is a choice, do
    you really think these defenseless homosexual’s choose to be beaten and
    tortured this way?

  11. We still have a LOOOOONG way to go teaching those inbred that we are all
    people and if some dude wants to fuck some other dude, what’s it to you?
    Plus, who the FUCK are you, you pieces of primary school education shits to
    beat down another person? +xKenq +Kurtis Roach +Nidou +weczi … Look at
    all these sick fuckers who think they have the moral high-ground. Shut the
    fuck up and learn to tolerate other people’s shit like they tolerate yours.
    They were born that way, studies were done about it, they have an innate
    attraction to men, its like you like pussy, they like penis, they have no
    choice, so fuck all of you, really, FUCK you.

  12. Why the fuck would straight men have anything against gay men? I mean, less
    competition for women is something bad? But what can you expect from these

  13. dont be gays and lesbians or homos in russia. i think they are gross but
    not bullying them like that

  14. Now there is a good idea….lets beat up on men and women who are gay, for
    no reason other than they are gay. They have not hurt anyone, stole
    anything, or are doing one negative thing to society. Instead of going
    after criminals and pedophiles, lets beat up innocent folks instead. Stupid

  15. All these homophobes are faggots because they can’t even fight a gay
    person. They need a whole fucking mob LOL! Gay guys always get the girls
    first lol sorry but it’s true #sorrynotsorry 

  16. All people who support beating defenseless guys up are fucking
    nazis…hopefully nazi trash will be cleansed soon. 


  18. Fucking faggot queers got what they deserved, God will punish them even
    more strictly.

  19. they shud just shoot all de gay cunts. it is only croul to prolong an
    animals suffering

  20. Good. These homo’s have it coming. Some women should group up and attack
    lezbos. Gays deserve all the abuse they get.

  21. @388bobek Gay propaganda? The people getting attacked aren’t even gay? Tell
    me why homophobic straight people would help gain sympathy for gay people.
    Use your damn brain before you say stupid shit.

  22. Some scientists believe that existing of human race is act of randomness.
    I honestly believe that existence of russians is act of some mistake in

  23. I dont mind gay people, As long As they stay away From me. I dont suppord
    The whole homosexual happening, but i also wont work against it.

  24. I’m doing a report on gay rights in Russia, could I use some of the clips
    in this video for it? This just has a lot of emotion and is really well
    made, if you don’t want me to use your video could I still just have the
    original footage to include.

  25. Kill all gay!!!! I realy support people like this, i kinda want to join
    some group and catch those trash nabs

  26. I have mixed feelings about this video because 1) I don’t like gays 2) I
    don’t like Russia 3) I don’t like myself.

  27. Fuck you Russia!!! we should drop atomic bombs all over your stupid country
    and government!

  28. This is the underdevelopment !!!!
    Each person is free and responsible for his life and his actions..
    We are not God to punish each other,, i am so sorry for this situation in
    russia because i’m lebanese and i didn’t see such things in my country .. I
    cannot believe that we are in the twenty first century and the world has
    not yet found a solution to these topics!! OH MY GOD!! each person corrects
    himself first, because i am sure that he will be ashamed of himself very

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