28 Comments on “Russia-US adoption law passed by Russian parliament”

  1. If a russian family adopt a child his chance to die is 30(THIRTY)! times
    higher then if he was adopted by foreigh family! To say do not let foreign
    ppl adopt your children is more like to say LET THEM DIE!

  2. Open up ur window and look on the street. u’l see young mothers walkin with
    their little kids. 3 from each 5 is drinking beer and smoking. ur example
    is funny. its like: my unkle have a big house and a mersedes benz, and in
    US i saw a hobo asking for money so we’r more rich then US

  3. Get the facts. you have unlomited access to social information to get clear
    with what are the Russians. Do not belive in myths about alcoholics, bears
    and ugly women.Haven’t you seen drunk british teenagers or illegal
    imigrants from china?

  4. I didn’t mean that. I do not believe that MOST of our men are alcoholics
    and pedophiles. I’m an ordinary man from Moscow. I do not have a big house
    or Mercedes. I just wanna say that this is ridiculous to imagine Russians
    like everdrunk idiots with balalaykas, fucking with bears. This video is
    offending more than informing about particular problems. It is supposed to
    offend us, not to help.

  5. Чмошники!!! Забыли пидары как Россия выделила 30 миллионов долларов на
    помощь пострадавшим от цунами?! Палец вверх, кто против пидаров!!!

  6. Russia’s problems is not adoptions to a foreign country like the
    U.S….Russia’s men and women, but especially men are in large numbers
    alcoholics, druggies, women abusers, pedophiles and list goes on and
    on…of course, alcohol is the number one problem…until they get
    themselves in order, which will likely not happen any time soon, their
    population will continue to dwindle

  7. I was so busy wtfing over the bear sex and the women popping out babies,
    that I didn’t pay attention to a word that was said

  8. Таким образом, вероятность погибнуть у детей, усыновленных в России
    составляет (1220/150560)*100=0.8103 % А у детей усыновленных иностранцами
    (5+16)/76708=0.0274 % Вероятность погибнуть у детей усыновленных
    российскими гражданами выше в 0.8103/0.0274=29,573 или почти в 30 раз!
    Сколько детей могло бы выжить, если бы их не оставили в России, а отдали на
    усыновление за рубеж?

  9. And, what of the fact that those adopting from Russia and China don’t look
    like those orphans? Let me guess, you’re a white supremacist, and you think
    orphans in the United States are black? Am I close?

  10. How to make brilliant children? Do it with Asians, and mix the genes. There
    you go. Formula for a prodigy. You’re welcome.

  11. That means they are unfit to be adopting. American laws in this matter are
    LAX. They let people who are on record as mentally ill, abusive, etc. adopt
    and foster. WTF does that say about people they actually say no to getting
    to adopt?

  12. You can keep beliving whatever you want, but the World Health Organization
    tells us the sad truth: 6% of man dies of alcohol reasons in the world and
    20% in Russian Federation. Of corse it is not the MOST. This is “ONLY” 2 of
    every 10 man in Russia. The funniest thing about this stupid video is that
    in 1999-2005 for every 100000 children under 5yo, the foreign people
    adopted in China 9500 and in RF 6000 children. So they better change Russia
    to China in this video.

  13. Americans who think they’re totally saving the world by adopting children
    from other countries do kind of need to get over themselves… though it’s
    a shame it’s not easier for American couples to adopt American babies.

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