46 Comments on “Russia Will Not Enforce Anti-Gay Law at 2014 Olympics”

  1. If you have read the legislation you would know for a fact that the laws
    dont mention anything about gays. Please stop regurgitating stuff you read
    on tumblr and facebook.

    Putin is the only politician fighting decadent shit like parades where they
    are naked and perform disgusting acts on the street in full view of

  2. It’s so funny how ppl say that gay sex is wrong because it’s against nature
    even though homosxlty is found throughout nature have you ever thought that
    maybe it’s natures way of controlling the population? We’re not exactly
    struggling to survive our population is bursting at the seams with more
    children in foster homes then needed but that’s your explanation? I guess
    it’s better then the Bible says so! @wayneting

  3. d people who understand animals knows it means consent, zoosexuals are not
    stupid or dangerous. animals are not required to have the same
    psychological and social understanding of sex as humans, cause they are
    animals. learn to make a distinction. consent is fully applicable because
    the animals according to aluzky shows he wants sex. aluzky knows when his
    dog wants sex and to be pleasured. otherwise should we prosecute all pet
    owners for being molesters. how do u know a dog wants to be petted or
    touched or played with, just bec he wags his tail and rolls out his tongue
    2) not all children are mentally incapable of understanding consent.
    there have been 14 year old boys who raped girls, should we let them off
    bec they dont understand consent. no, it is not, look on any pedophile
    forum and u will find some kids say they dont mind sex with adults cause
    they wanted it. its natural. whats damaging is making a child feel guilty
    of something she enjoyed. no, it is liberalism bought on by gay rights
    that saw them set the pedophile free cause the two were inlove. love is
    love aren’t u liberals fond of saying that?
    3) how is it difficult to understand that consent for humans is not
    the same for dogs, and children can consent which is why they have sex in
    the first place at 11, 12 and 14. not everything is classified as rape just
    bec u put arbitrary restrictions. love is love. aluzky loves his dog,. the
    pedo loves his 11 year old. what’s difficult to understand?
    4) yes, a right that interfers with the rights of necrophiles, a dead
    body is the same as an objct bec it has no life and meaning, once upon a
    time, people denied marriage to gay bec it was an important right
    exclusively for heteros and normal families. dont worry, they will change
    it. as logic dictates that a the sexual abuse of a dead body has no effect
    on the dead person or his family.u can’t classify it as rape, bec consent
    can’t be taken. its impossible. and to force necrophiles to deny who they
    are just bec u want dead people to keep their rights is stupid and
    ignorant. laws will change bec according to gays, u can’t hurt people just
    because they were born a different way and force them to change just bec u
    want to keep some-so-called morals.
    5) sexual orientation is not depended on consent. gays and heteros
    rape but it doesn’t change who they are.
    6) aluzky claimed he knew he was a zoosexual since he was 13, and a
    necrophile said she was smitted with death as young as 14. so shouldn’t
    they deserve the same rights as gays if you going to play the pity card
    7) there is a father/daughter couple in Australia, incest, aluzky in
    love with his dog, polyamorous couples in Canada. pretty sure this is
    evidence that society is going to hell. no, it shows that the countries who
    support the gay laws become more perverted, the people sick and mental, and
    the children are sexual beings willing to seduce pedophiles, the crap u
    spewed is just propaganda touted by the gay media to justify their
    sickness. children shouldn’t have to stand up for their parents sexual
    choices, its wrong and perverse. have u heard of a child standing up for
    his incestual parents, cousin marriage, polygamous marriage even though all
    the people are happy? not always. it is pure brainwashing and shame. and
    many of these kids will marry a close relative bec the surrogates these
    gays use often sell themselves to other couples.
    8) to ignore the sexual orientation of zoosexuals and pedophiles and
    necrophiles because u want to remain a bigot is hateful, and wrong.

    There are, of course, problems with using statistics as evidence. Let me
    remind you of a famous saying: “There are three ways to not tell the
    truth: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

    9) well, people who hate the consensual relationship of two perverted
    gays also hate aluzky, necrophiles and the polygamous couples. so dont
    think that gays are only suffering. yeah, u will be one congratulating
    aluzky when he marries his dog and selling her body to a necrophile and
    make animated child porn freely available for pedophiles. but india doesn’t
    want ur type of open mindedness here. we like the status quo. ur being
    bigoted, love can occur between two or three or a group of people.
    polyamorous and polygamy relationships are flourishing in western countries
    too. try not to be a narrow minded bigot when u are making a point.


  5. Let’s stop all this gay pride shit and remember that the Olympics are for
    athletic competition……..

  6. More bold face lies coming from the American Brainwashing Corporation.
    Russia has a thriving gay society and community, it is not against the law
    to be gay in Russia and you CAN NOT be arrested for it.

  7. Could you explain how it’s a Biological necessity I see no need for
    homosexuality to exist, in evolutionary term it’s severe hindrance that
    inhibits the passing of genes it’s like impotence but effects the mind not
    the body. Homosexuality is a defect as it’s defeats the whole point of
    evolution, which is to adapt and change to survive key word SURVIVE
    homosexuality prevents survival and is a defect in nature.

  8. But don’t you know? It’s wrong to be straight these days – if you’re not
    taking something up the ass you’re bigoted and immoral!

  9. AMERICA should be ashamed to proclaim itself a so-called democratic
    country. A country where even though 75% of the citizens are against it, it
    is still being pushed down. North America is a cultural shit-hole. No
    filter in place. People force animalistic thoughts and actions on us in the
    name of liberalism.

  10. Lol just back from gay pride am as straight as they come and still i been
    there 5 years in a row now never been hit on my but and i walk around
    without t-shirt and am rather attractive even if i may say so my self lol
    So all one big street party sure you see some absurd things in straight
    opinions minds but doesn’t that make the world interesting. They don’t
    force you to be like them so let them be and have fun lol

  11. ABC get you facts right, that’s not the Kremlin. It’s Saint Basil’s
    Cathedral in Saint Petersburg.

  12. And WHY even care about them. They can’t get kids together so it’s only 1
    generation. I only dislike lesbians cos they take 2 ladies away that i can
    no longer date haha. But Bi are worst imo cos they hop gender and if you
    date one of them and they choice to change gender then you cannot do
    anything cos as man you can not compete with a woman we have different
    tools. So i’ll never date a Bi lady. But it’s their choice if they want to
    change gender Gays don’t have that choice nor we straight folks

  13. They can even have a gay pride flag at the Olympics.But right after its
    done the clubs are back out.

  14. @QueenGregJock01 look at your fucking YouTube name, clearly you were the
    one masturbating jackass

  15. America please send all of us black people to Russia. so we can live and be
    free and enjoy the very last days left here on this earth. thank you.

  16. Homosexuals and Homosexuality in evolutionary terms is a dead end as a race
    of Homosexuals could not breed as they are attracted to the same sex
    therefore unable to pass their genes technically Homosexuality may be a
    genetic disease like Huntingtons and cystic fibrosis except it’s more
    psychological than physiological


  18. (continued) Hunt them down, the ones who did this to me. The scientists who
    took my parts to study, slice for sandwiches. The ones who transplanted
    their oxidized models inside me. The problems didn’t start from inside me,
    never had any trouble with those old organs. They came from out there the
    moment I was exposed to this corrosive world.

  19. Johnny…. you’re a selfish little bitch. This isn’t about you nor the
    athletes. It’s about civil rights and the emerging policies of an
    intolerant and dangerous dictator… yes, he’s a dictator. The USSR hasn’t
    changed, it just got a new name. If this were happening to Jews or Blacks,
    the Olympics would be moved out of Russia without much discussion,
    regardless of whether Putin and his thugs suspended their draconian laws
    during the events or not.

  20. Aside from my personal views in this subject, I think Russia I dropped the
    ball on this one. The law should be enforced, it’s unfortunate Putin caved
    under political pressure. I am for equal rights, but when speaking on the
    subject of anything Russian, it is not geographical, but cultural. Who are
    we as westerners to force our views on other cultures? I’m all for the LGBT
    equality, but not for the BS bulling, I feel sorry for us.

  21. I Love Russia. What a fantastic country , What a fantastic peoples. The
    values of this Shithole : The UK are abhorrent and none of them are mine or
    the decent people I know. Hopefully the UK will ‘push it’ too much with
    Russia, and end up getting vapourized one day.

  22. Even assuming sexuality is psychosocial/developmental, why demonize it and
    restrict people’s rights because of it? Child abuse is a psychosocial
    phenomenon that can cause severe psychiatric problems, and no one suggests
    that child abuse victims not get married. No one that can give consent
    chooses to be abused, just as no one chooses to be gay or straight. I don’t
    think polyamory/polygamy should be illegal. Acting on urges of pedophilia
    or bestiality is only illegal because of a lack of consent.

  23. continued… competition for resources in the wild is the best and most
    effective form of birth control and resource management allowing only the
    fittest to survive homosexuality as a birth control pales in comparison
    further solidifying it’s near worthlessness, also don’t put words into my
    mouth I never said homosexuality was against nature. And to answer your
    question we should eliminate genetic diseases in humans as the video above
    should provide enough evidence hate surrounding gays

  24. If a societal standard is a more important given than the outcome of
    rational thinking, I still think you need to change the cultural mindset.
    Rationality should be dominant to “culture”, not the other way around.

  25. How coveniant that its legal for the games, So you can still make money and
    then reinstate it after. Fucking hypocrites!

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