7 Comments on “Russian Anti-Gay Law: Jerusalem joins world protests against Kremlin policies towards gays”

  1. Didn’t Moses destroy the gays and the other sinful people(according to
    judaism) when he cursed them by saying: Those who do not live by the law of
    God shall die by the law of god?

    No wonder Jesus christ said you people are the children of Satan. If you
    don’t follow Moses 10 commendment then give the land back you illegal

  2. After capitalism left USA in 1933, reason is hard to find. Tyranny of
    majority (democracy) had replaced individual rights with fake “group
    rights” and “human rights.” Russia does not ban gays or violate their
    individual rights. Western socialist-progressives simply do not understand
    that minors and public property are always regulated.

  3. Where’s the protests against pedophile rabbis who fondle, mutilate, and
    suck on the genitals of infants ? What do these pedophiles think of gay
    propaganda in their ultra conservative society ?

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