35 Comments on “Russian athletes kiss in response to Isinbayeva anti-gay law – 4×400 Relay Moscow 2013”

  1. I’m a lesbian and this looks like a “lesbian kiss.” 100% lesbian. You’re
    welcome~ PS: Take a look at the girl on the far right–she just has the
    oh-so-scandalized expression on her face. =P

  2. I am pretty sure they are making a statement. This is about a sport, not
    activism and I don’t see why they have to shove it in peoples faces.

  3. My god! How ignorant are you people? I thought the video a joke at first. I
    can tell you for an absolute fact, it wasn’t any kind of protest but for
    them a mere “thank you/congratulations” greeting.

  4. These 2 girls have stated this has nothing to do with a gay protest. Of
    course the gay media will twist it any way they can to promote their agenda.

  5. “Yesterday I got calls from probably 20 different media outlets and instead
    of congratulating us for the gold medal, they decided to insult me and
    Julia and the entire federation,” Ryzhova said at a Moscow press

  6. ОМГ,в России так у женщин приветствие,или прощание.ВЫ ТАКУЮ ХУЙНЮ

  7. I prefer to see 2 people kissing than shooting with guns ,homosexuality is
    not understood in this planet, people must evolve and understand that love
    also occurs with people of the same sex, be happy with yoursel and know who
    you are learn to love instead of hate.

  8. /watch?v=ZUgW0_jKKxQ Author, you stupid ueban, fuck yourself in the ass)))

  9. It’s a tradition in Russia not a “protest” or some gay/lesbian bullshit.
    The two girls confirmed it, they are straight, married and din’t have
    anything against Putin. Western fags should be more concerned about all the
    pedophiles in their countries & governements & medias… often the same who
    support gay mariage and especially adoption.

  10. actually, if you will go find the video (I have seen it) all four girls
    give each other a very fast kiss. Ipemat is right. I think this is a
    trumped-up story. just deceitful media sensationalism. As wonderful as such
    a protest would be, I don’t think it ever actually happened.

  11. I also saw this “handshake” when i was in Lithuania, so i tend to think
    this was not a protest

  12. For sure they all gave each other that “handshake” and for sure it wasn’t
    any kind of protest.

  13. Well, the gays are not going to stop “pushing it in everyone’s face” until
    ppl like you stop saying it’s ‘not normal.’ They want to be treated
    equally, so they show off to show that “it’s okay to be gay.” If you REALLY
    want them to stop just say “alright fine, you’re normal and equal!” The
    more you push against them the more they push back!

  14. In Eastern European countries kissing between two men ou two women on the
    lips as a greeting is as normal as the western handshake. It was a fast
    kiss, like a greeting I don’t belive was a protest.

  15. /watch?v=ZUgW0_jKKxQ Foreigners you fucker! girl in the video is
    dissatisfied because you like her vystovili lizbiyanku.INOSTRANTsY YOU ARE
    STUPID … In the Russian women is a greeting or farewell.

  16. The idea that this is a lesbian kiss may come only to somebody that has
    never seen two lesbians kiss each other!

  17. This law is against gay propoganda among kids… Who`s against it?
    Logically those who want to advertise gay anal sex to kids… Which IS

  18. what planet are you from were it is understood? whatever, it is still not
    normal, and I’m tired of people trying to push it in every ones face.

  19. This is a friendly kiss you retards lol I kiss like that with my friends
    every single day hahaha))) The author of this video is so dumb lol

  20. That was absolutely a protest, in Russia’s current climate these to women
    would have known they could face questioning and possibly worse!! This is
    two very brave and amazing women.

  21. That’s right. Actually this is common. if you look at Russian Olympic
    athletes historically from russian gymnasts to weightlifters, they are
    congradulated by kisses from their teammates of the same sex. ’60s USSR
    premier Nikita kruisthchev would kiss his friends on the lips in the 60s in
    greeitngs. Its just being friendly in Russia. Like when in France greetings
    are done by air-kisses on either side of cheeks. the USA media is usinfg
    this to make Russia look bad ’cause of that ‘anti-gay’ law.

  22. Did they not get this on video? surely they did! I’m so pissed that this is
    not a video clip!

  23. Title of the video makes no sense at all. Isinbayeva has nothing to do with
    that law.

  24. Not in russia, the kiss with closed lips on the side of mouth is normal
    between men also, I ensure u that I’v been kissed like that hundreds of
    time by men that would kick anione telling them that they are gay. I’v
    quite a few lesbian friends and at least here in italy thay kiss much more
    strongly. As a matter of fact the two atlet told that was NOT a lesbian
    kiss! Ciao Sabrina! bob

  25. I’m from western Europe and I have seen many many many Eastern European
    people in my life and I have never seen men kissing another man on the
    lips. Never.

  26. They confirmed that it was not a kiss against the “anti-gay” law.

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