21 Comments on “Russian immigrants are denied checking accounts: Racist discrimination alleged”

  1. This is what you can expect with mass Immigration. People will retaliate,
    Greeks Hungarians and Russians are but the first. Altho the Retaliation
    from Germanians against it when the time is there will be far worse.
    Honestly I could say sorry or whatever…But we all know what has always
    happened with mass Immigration. People such as Hitler rise to power in
    these times and well this is simply retaliation, Noone ever asked me if I
    wanted Mass Immigration.

  2. who the fuck cares?in Russia the government doesn’t even give a fuck that
    they have 50,000 neo nazis who behead innocent immigrants.Fuck off

  3. This Mongrel is No Russian. Flooding All and Only White countries with
    Non-Whites is Genocide. Anti-Racism is a codeword for Anti-White

  4. Question for the anti-Whites: If race is so insignificant to you, why do
    you demand non-White immigration for every White country and only for White
    countries? You say you don’t care about race but insist every White country
    must have non-White immigration. Do you think it makes non-Whites look
    “Racist” because they are not forcing their children to become minorities
    in their own countries, like you demand for white children? or are you just
    an anti-White?

  5. Wait what? I’m russian and I opened a chase account just like that. They
    were even begging me to open it, lol.

  6. Europe and Russia are for White people. The world will soon see this
    clearly. Just Like Japan and China are for Japanese/Chinese

  7. Illegal aliens suffer with lack of recognition on part of racist American
    public that denies them amnesty and equal treatment. BA is no exception to
    this rule. You are wrong about BA policy.

  8. Bank of America only allows illegal aliens to open accounts without an ID.
    Listen to Micheal Saveges on the radio when he talks about those things on
    air. .

  9. AMNESTY…for what??? You declared Refugee Status to gain entry into US.
    Disgraceful Senator Chuck Schumer created legislation for you to collect
    Social Security, without ever contributing into it. That’s a nice
    $2,000/month. I bet your apartment is subsidized too. Who has it better
    than you? Your Bank of America account was probably seized by the
    government for insurance fraud or being a welfare cheat. Remember, If you
    don’t like it here in USA, you can always leave.

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