39 Comments on “Russian TV: Gay people should not be allowed to be organ donors, their hearts must be burnt”

  1. Taken out of content. As always… why you didn’t show the rest of the
    video where they discussed the ban on gay blood on USA and other countries
    with homophobic laws??? Russian gays arr allowed to donate blood

  2. come on comment section, not everyone in russia is such a disgrace to

    most of the population is missinformed, as are a lot of people like this in
    the USA and other countries.
    their hate is stupid and wrong.
    i recommend watching Stephen Fry – Out There
    to see and learn more about such homophobes and how one might approach them.

    personally i know a very kind and nice person, but her mind is really
    poluted by her church. her hate for gay people comes only from being brain
    washed and we constantly discuss it.
    it is similar to the cold war and how the russians and the americans used
    to hate each other based on insane fantasies.

    it is a big battle, but i think we need to face them with logic and reason.

  3. Would people please not downvote this, or report it. This is about raising
    awareness, not agreeing with the message.

  4. Too bad Russia is slowly becoming something really embarrassing to even
    think of, socially speaking. They have such beautiful places and culture
    and language also. This is what ignorance produces.

  5. There are nutters all over the place, and if they get their say, fair
    enough. I don’t think they can say a whole lot I haven’t heard before. It
    was the applause at the end that got to me. Serious action has to be taken
    against the Olympics and the World Cup.

  6. I country can’t survive alone. Most countries Russia depends on will not
    approve this. Their economy will perish.

  7. Пошел в жопу пидар, заебал уже здесь всех. Приезжай еще раз к нам в Россию,
    здесь тебя выебут и высушат,щенок

  8. I’m Russian and I’m ashamed right now… those people are fucking horrible.
    This hate filled bullshit shouldn’t even be taken seriously yet a majority
    of Russians completely agree with him. HOW INSANE IS THAT?!

  9. yes, my dear stinking slav, are you even mixed with any central asia scum?
    Look that pic, you look like a chubby sissy child, no beard, ugly feminine
    fat face….you’re not a man, you’re only a ugly and dirty effeminate
    russian who try to demonstrate to be heterosexual insulting gays, you’re a
    shame for human race, or better you are not humans, you’re only envious,
    poor, disgusting alchoolic subhumans who have a life expectancy comparable
    to the one of african countries.

  10. un mot…simplement un mot……MUR…ne laissez pas sortir ces pachydermes
    pré-historique……..HONTEUX …JAMAIS je ne mettrais un pied dans ce pays

  11. This makes me sick to the core of my being. Russia is truly taking every
    step it can, to turn back time & isolate itself from the entire world. NO
    ONE in the LGTB Community will EVER be safe in that HATE FILLED COUNTRY
    AGAIN!! I hope the rest of the world takes notice & BOYCOTTS ever stepping
    foot on their soil & Bankrupts their country!! SHAME ON RUSSIA!!!

  12. Cara, vi que voce é brasileiro, desde quando o Globalismo Ocidental esta do
    lado do cristianismo ? Ta loco da cabeça cara, veja os videos do Soral e do
    Dugin, todo mundo sabe que os EUA e a Europa querem destruir o
    cristianismo, a cultura e identidade de seus povos para então fazer um
    bloco unico. E sobre um mundo Multipolar, não importa isto é guerra de
    serpentes, o que interessa é os ditos valores cristãos não desaparecerem,
    pois ai sim, estaria tudo acabado para a humanidade.

  13. You did not fagot case? Defend yourself? Come again to us, I’ll even write
    your address.))))

  14. I hope he finds himself needing a donor organ and the only one for him was
    from a gay person, wonder if he would change his mind

  15. This is the prove that communism is the same of fascism. Years and years of
    communism have created a cold disumane population, not interested to civil
    rights. Liberalism is the only way in politic. Disgusting video, watched in
    2013… it seems to be 1400…..

  16. It makes me wonder if Russia are educated as a people? They have a blinding
    ignorance of LGBT people. They sound like people in Uganda and Nigeria.
    Ignorant and their reasoning not science based

  17. what a cave man,,but listen to how many people applaud him, Russia is
    backward in many ways, and human rights is one them, he is probably a
    latent homosexual struggling with his inner demons lol ..not bright, big,
    educated, clever or worth listen to..but we are ! !

  18. Easy. If anyone in this studio gets into an accident and needs a new heart,
    they don’t get it. Those lifes are really not worth preserving!

  19. Fine Russia, you are officially DEAD to me, I’m not gay but people who are
    able to say such shit AND get applause… I don’t know. This country sucks.

  20. This clearly proves Russia is still a century behind the modern thinking
    world. Probably one of the last places i would ever visit.

  21. Im Irish bur my best friend is Russian so I understood that all without
    looking at the subtitles

  22. I’m not really shocked for the homophobic speech of one man, but for the
    applause at the end of it. Are russians really like this? I thought it was
    just politicians and priests, but maybe I was wrong.

  23. The amount of hate needed to suggest it’s better to let patients die over
    the sexuality of organ donors is unfathomable and has no place in
    governance or TV…

  24. russian men are a bunch of disgusting sissy bitches….i’ve been in your
    ridiculous country of 3rd world and all men look like females….you have
    small dicks and you claim to be men. LOL. You’re all repressed faggots, a
    real hetero man doesn’t care a fuck of gays, his only interest are girls.

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