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  1. Post adoption agreements are between the Russian government and individual
    U.S. citizens. They cannot be enforced by the American government. Our
    government has no such authority. You are used to living in a dictatorship,
    so that explains why you don’t understand what I”m saying. OUR government
    has legal limits.

  2. And that, of course, is a big difference between you and I. You keep
    telling me what happens in America, and what happens in Russia. But unlike
    you, I have been to both countries and seen for myself. You speak in
    ignorance. I do not.

  3. You an call them “dual citizens” if you wish, but under American law they
    are AMERICANS. Period. We are not subject to Russian law. Go adopt some
    kids. Please. You act like you are SO concerned about them, yet you do
    nothing for them. I did. I spent every penny I had, and ruined my financial
    future, to help two Russian kids who were no relation to me. What is your

  4. They are not “Russian” anymore. They are Americans. Ask them. No one seems
    interested in the opinions of adults who were adopted from Russia as
    children. They are able to speak for themselves. My oldest daughter was 13
    when the adoption happened, so she had to go before the Russian judge and
    give her PERMISSION to be adopted by Americans. The judge asked her. She
    had every right to refuse. She said, “Yes.” Who are you to decide for her?

  5. Russians need to be responsible for their own children, especially in their
    birth more; especially in one’s reproductive activities. Children are the
    responsibility of mother and or father and if not, their extended families,
    the state should help if needed. but Russia should get out of the
    capitalist practice of making orphans a business and exploit them; the
    state needs to help in that too. God help us all in rearing the love that
    two make; the gift from God, the love born to us Amen.

  6. Denied access to Russian help do to political anti-Russian sentiments’.
    other wise why deny help to him from Russia that he is citizen with, and in
    need of.

  7. He is a Russian citizen too. and if USA will not respect a Russian citizen
    right to be protected by Russia when US is not safeguarding them , then
    Russia can not trust US with her children ;and so that is why for the
    Russian law of Dima Yakovlev. But you can meddle in that , right. vilifying
    Russian ban of sending Russian children to the USA for adoptions.. for
    after ranting about US law at its right to it.

  8. Are you aware that if a Russian marries an American, and they have a baby
    together in America, and the Russian takes the child to Russia, that
    Russian law would consider that child to be Russian ONLY? There are several
    cases of American children being held that way in Russia as we speak.
    Russia does not recognize “dual citizenship.” And in fact Russia is in
    violation of the provisions of the Hague Conventions, to which it is a

  9. You are an idiot. The Russians asked to see the child. His American legal
    guardians said “no.” That was the end of the discussion. American
    authorities could not force the guardians to comply. The State Department
    did exactly what they said they would do: They REQUESTED that the meeting
    take place. The answer was “no.” What do you want the American government
    to do? Tell me.

  10. When you demand that our government REQUIRE the visit then you are
    demanding that our government do something that is beyond its legal
    authority. So yes, you ARE requesting that we “amend our law.” You are
    asking our government to BREAK our law. It will not do so.

  11. Having been through this process I know what is required and what is not.
    Once American parents leave with their children the Russian government has
    no further legal rights. They know this. This whole issue is about
    politics. It has nothing to do with “Maxim” or “adoption.” The Russians
    ASKED if they could visit the child. They were informed that the American
    judge had no legal authority to order the visit, and that any visit would
    require the parents permission. That is what happened.

  12. And why would it have been in his best interests to say “Yes” to a Russian
    consular visit? The Russian consulate would have no authority to actually
    do anything. They could not take him back to Russia, for example. While he
    is in America he is subject to American law. If his parents lose custody
    then he will be adopted by another American family. Russia is not in the
    picture at all.

  13. He lost his Russian citizenship, in terms of Russia’s jurisdiction over him
    within the United States. Should he ever visit Russia I suppose you COULD
    exercise your imagined sovereignty over him….but even the Russian courts
    would disagree with you. I have my daughter’s birth certificate, in
    Russian, signed by a Russian court and endorsed by the Russian foreign
    ministry and a long list of other Russian authorities. MY name is on it, as
    the father. Adoption is REAL, not a game.

  14. I really don’t care if Putin was “humiliated.” His motorcade almost ran
    over me in the Kremlin. I had to jump out of the way. He is the Russian
    President. Even the AMERICAN President cannot force Maxim’s parents to
    allow a visit. Certainly the Russian President cannot. Your government
    knows all this. They knew it all along. Maxim is not the issue. You are
    being propagandized by Putin.

  15. why is it a bad thing to have Russia have access to children of Russian
    origin that may be in danger and are not geting help in the USA? That is
    the question’ not your adoption . no one is taking your children from you
    unless you are to abusing them. If Russia can not safe guard its children
    that are given in trust to someone in the US; then the US can not be
    trusted with them ; thats that! .

  16. The US State Department would not have agreed to the arrangement with
    Russia if it is as you think. Your are so absurd in your thinking. The
    Russian consulate can act with in the US law in the US to make sure that
    the Russian child or children get all the help that is available to them
    under US law by representing them if it is necessary to their best
    interests in court or wherever;

  17. Russians are free to adopt those children. They choose not to. The
    international adoption process is difficult and involves thousands of hours
    of work by a lot of people. Those people deserve to be paid. The process of
    adopting my daughters cost $40,000, but at no point did I feel “exploited.”
    The Russians who were involved were genuinely interested in helping the
    CHILDREN. Our adoption coordinator in Stavropol even adopted one herself.
    Have YOU? I didn’t think so.

  18. OUR government does not respond to this injustice by childishly harming
    Russian children in a foolish diplomatic spat. We protect the innocent. We
    do not punish them. That is why Maxim was removed from the home, and his
    parents are under investigation. If they are guilty they will be punished.
    Maxim will be cared for. We do not need your help. Thank you for the offer.

  19. Your horror story is both extremely unusual, and is also something that
    angers adoptive parents. I would gladly shoot those parents myself.
    Personally. So you are preaching to the choir. (An American saying, which
    means you are arguing with someone who only agrees with you.

  20. No one said that it wasn’t POSSIBLE to allow the Russians to visit. I said
    that it was the decision of the child’s parents or legal guardians. No one
    in the U.S. has the legal authority to force them to comply with the State
    Department’s “advice.” That is ALL I said. Please read what I say.

  21. Take care of your own problems first.And why beholdest thou the mote that
    is in thy brother’s eye, but perceives not the beam that is in thine own
    eye? Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the
    mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself see not the beam that is in
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    and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy
    brother’s eye . Luke6:41 mote the tiniest mote of dust.

  22. Russia CAN supervise Russian children. But when they become U.S. citizens,
    on U.S. soil, they have a constitutional protection from “supervision” by
    foreign governments. Until they are adults, their parents Constitutional
    guarantees cover their children. The United States can, and does, prosecute
    and severely punish parents who abuse their children. Where do you get the
    absurd idea that we don’t? They got to PRISON where they belong.

  23. If you CARE about the children. Angrychicenthatflys, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    Adopt them. At this point you are merely supporting those who would harm
    the children and deny them the only chance they have in life. Nothing would
    make me happier than to see all those Russian kids have Russian families.
    Why aren’t you doing it?

  24. We are equally concerned, but the world is a big place. No one can prevent
    bad things from happening in all cases. You cannot have access to U.S.
    citizens within the United States without their permission (if they are
    adults) or the permission of their parents or legal guardians (if they are
    children.) THAT is right and moral. We are a sovereign nation, not a colony
    of Moscow. There is NO WAY Russia would order American access to a Russian
    citizen. You know that as well as I do.

  25. American citizens are legally considered innocent until they are proven
    guilty and convicted by a jury. His parents are not “abusive” until a jury
    says so. Accusation does not equal guilt. Our government can, and often
    DOES, temporarily take children away from parents if there appears to be
    evidence of abuse….but only the Court can make that permanent. Maxim was
    place with foster parents. We have no children’s homes. Like children’s
    homes, sometimes foster parents are also abusive.

  26. When I adopted my Russian daughters, who were ages 13 and 9 at the time, we
    were told that they were both “mentally retarded.” They were not in a
    regular school in Russia. There were no expectations that they could ever
    accomplish anything. They had virtually no education. Here, they are both
    excellent students. They learned fluent English in mere months, and are
    VERY intelligent. That is YOUR LOSS. You never gave them a chance. We did.

  27. If a person can’t adopt a child in the USA then take the hint. They are
    screwy in the head. That is why they have been rejected in their own nation.

  28. Now, age 20, she is a flag-waving, gun-owning, Obama-hating AMERICAN who
    happens to have a Russian accent. She does not regret her decision. She is
    an adult who is entitled to her own opinions, even if you choose not to
    like them. She is also proud to be a Russian woman. Her nationality has not
    changed who she is.

  29. “Many” is a big word. There have been tens of thousands of American
    adoptions of Russian kids. Abuses are rare. Do you know what conditions are
    like in the children’s homes? Do you know the fate that awaits most of
    those kids when they turn 16? Did you know that THOUSANDS of Russian
    prostitutes were temporarily exported to Germany during the World Cup, and
    most of them were former “orphans”? I find that unacceptable, and I did
    what I could. I saved two of them. What is your score?

  30. It’s about the coverup of a massive child abduction / human trafficking /
    sexual enslavement of American (and possibly European and Russian) children
    and teens at the highest level of US government. The center of the story
    takes place in Omaha Nebraska. Basically, a LOT of US government officials
    willingly or unwittingly engaged with brutal sex acts with these young
    victims for power, or even under the circumstances of political BLACKMAIL
    to make those in Congress senate to do their bidding

  31. english.ruvr.ru/2012_12_23/US-failing-to-honour-adoption-agreements-exclusive-interview-with-Russian-diplomat/

  32. He is in the PHYSICAL custody of a foster family. The Court does not have
    legal custody. No such decision has been made. The case is still pending in
    the courts. If the decision HAD been made then he would be in the custody
    of the State of Florida, and the U.S. State Department would STILL have no
    authority to order the visit. We live by the rule of law here. Our
    government cannot act arbitrarily. His an an American child. He is only
    Russian in Russia.

  33. You have the chutzpah to call ME a hypocrite when you haven’t adopted ANY
    children? Again, I did not adopt them to pass judgement on Russia. I love
    Russia, and the Russian people. I hope I get to visit again someday. I
    adopted my daughters because when I saw them I know they were my daughters.
    It did not matter where they were. I do not pass judgment on the “value” of
    children based on where they are from.

  34. Why can’t we all agree on two basic points: 1. The CHILDREN are important.
    Politics is not. 2. The CHILDREN are better off being part of a family. 3.
    Russians always have the first choice to adopt them. If Russians will not,
    then it is preferable that SOMEONE adopt them than no one at all. It seems
    absurd to argue against these basic points.

  35. Ser, you simply do not understand the concept of “adoption”, nor do you
    understand American law. We are fiercely protective of our Constitutional
    freedoms. We are NOT LEGALLY SUBJECT TO FOREIGN POWERS. Our government
    CANNOT order us to be subject to foreign powers. When children legally
    adopted in a foreign country arrive in the United States they become U.S.
    citizens the moment they touch the ground, by law.

  36. American citizens are innocent until they are proven guilty. Maxim has been
    TEMPORARILY removed from the home during the investigation. If they are
    found guilty in a trial then it is POSSIBLE that they will permanently lose
    custody. (Perhaps even “likely.”) But until then they remain his parents.
    Stop trying to tell me how U.S. law works.

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