4 Comments on “Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hints at Marriage Decision: 9/22 MNW”

  1. So if the 6th circuit rules in our favor and the supreme court doesn’t take
    up a case, will it indicate to the lower courts that all the stays should
    be lifted?

  2. The sound guy/editor is still doing an awful job mixing the sound. Why are
    you always using the left channel?

  3. We have five Circuit Courts of Appeals to hear from. These are updates
    from them.

    We are waiting for rulings from the 11th,6th,9th Circuit Courts of
    Appeals who have all had their hearings.

    The 5th Circuit Court of appeals has given Texas’s Attorney General Greg
    Abbott a deadline of September 26th (tomorrow)
    to answer the latest brief from the side for Marriage Equality After that,
    the 5th has said they may announce a court date to hear arguments Or they
    may just decide a ruling on their own behind closed doors. as of this week
    the 5th circuit has 2 states who’s marriage bans have been overturned & 1
    states with a marriage ban.

    The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals hasn’t done a thing they have 2 States
    were same sex marriage is legal ,1 state were the marriage ban has been
    overturned & 4 states that have marriage bans that haven’t been Overturned.

  4. There are just 11 States in the USA who’s marriage bans haven’t been
    Overturned they are in- Alaska, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Nevada,
    Nebraska, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota.

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