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  1. Oh yeah, the gay people should relocate, leaving their family and friends
    behind, because you pompous and arrogant assholes feel justified in your
    discrimination. I support laws that give my gay friends the same status
    with the people they love that straight people receive, under law (as it
    should be), since the law is meant to protect minority groups.

    Meanwhile, I suspect your stance on gay marriage is inspired by *TEH BIBLE*,
    so why don’t you follow your precious “holy book’s” advice, shut the fuck
    up, and serve the men (sorry women, just making a point)

    1 Timothy 2:12 “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority
    over a man, she must be quiet.”

  2. Judges interpret law and if they decide that a law violates the Federal
    Constitution, they can and will strike it down. And her ridiculous logic
    that people are moving out of Massachusetts (which is ONE state) because of
    gay marriage (which she has no proof of), so that means people don’t want
    it is just more proof that the anti-gay side is out of arguments.

  3. The greatest part of this video is the reaction of the black cunt agreeing
    to the denial of my civil rights. Fuck you, cunt. As a gay man, I will
    never support your rights again as long as I live.

  4. Behold, the fundamentalist Christian republican. Or as I call it: a dying
    species. They are losing ground because they can’t seem to get with the
    21st century.

  5. Texas, you may be like a whole other country, but you’re not. Like it or
    not, federal law still applies in Texas.

  6. I do not accept the *Christian* *Agenda* of Hate and Bigotry: these people
    will LIE to make the most ridiculous point; people are moving away from
    their state because of gay marriage? *Such* *laughs!*
    Canada has in place gay marriage for over a decade now and Canada is one of
    the most sought after country to live in by foreigners; also Canada is
    rated *one* *of* *the* *Top* *Ten* *Happiest* *countries* *in* *the*
    I hope those homophobes are moving to Iraq.

  7. Jesus Christ, I used to be proud of being Texan but this is downright
    embarrassing. I anxiously await the day when this ignorant bullshit dies

  8. I would prefer to move in Canada rather then live in gay-directed and
    gay-adoring US. WTF? I thought gays are minority. Why should majority ran
    away from minority?

  9. maybe for some homosexuality is genetic or innate, irreversible and normal.
    Personally I hope out country will have some states without gay marriage so
    I could move there. Tired of faggots

  10. maybe US should create one big state for gays? let gays take the Texas so
    they stop to scream about their rights and live in peace there. 

  11. Six sorry, sad people speaking shite.
    Today was brought to you by the letter ‘S’ and the number ‘6’.

  12. What she doesn’t mention is that those “people” are shrieking reactionary
    theocratic cretins desperately fleeing the oncoming and inevitable tide of
    civilisation and common decency so they can instead hide among the ignorant
    cretins elsewhere.

  13. Texas is growing, but it’s not because of white homophobes. It’s a booming
    Hispanic population.

    I wonder what she’ll say when Texas finally turns blue.

  14. The United States Constitution makes it very clear: All citizens must be
    treated equally under the law. Rights may never be predicated on gender.
    The supreme court of the United States is THE body that ultimately
    interprets the constitution. They have time and again ruled marriage to be
    a fundamental right between two citizens. The US constitution is very clear
    that it trumps ALL state constitutions and laws.

    SO….marriage is a fundamental right between any two consenting adults,
    regardless of gender. This does not open the door to marrying a minor or
    your horse since neither can give legal consent, nor does it allow polygamy
    since EVERYONE is treated equally when the law limits marriage to TWO
    consenting adults. This is not rocket science.

  15. How dare she how about she and all her homophobic fuckheads go to uganda
    were she will be welcomed. 

  16. Why is this even an issue? Oh it’s the homosexual agenda. LOL

    They can move. What an idiotic statement. 

  17. I’m shocked that the platform didn’t collapse from the fat christian pigs
    on it – celebrating Bristol Palin type underaged christian FUCKING.

  18. It’s just amazing that bigots come up with these un-factual scenarios.
    Humans move constantly, for any number of reasons. Why do these bigots
    always sound so stupid, trying to make something out of nothing? “facts”
    are not part of their “values”.

  19. Lets face it – you have to be a complete prat to move States just because
    some people marry the same sex. I don’t believe this woman whatsoever.

  20. Yes, teen christian pregnancy in Texas i.e. underaged fucking in the name
    of Jeebus resulting in the explosion of bastards.

    Gotcha, illiterate christian cunt.

  21. What a bunch of idiots you are. In the same way you could say “gay marriage
    is the reason for anything bad in the world”. Only stupid people agree to

  22. Nope.
    According to the US Census Bureau, the overall population of Massachusetts
    is still growing, only declining in Cape Cod and The Berkshires. It was
    probably all those digits and big numbers that confused poor Cathie. That’s
    what a Texas education will do for you.

  23. I don’t know my neighbors-I come from an area that the population has
    declined significantly over the years. I always thought it had more to do
    with jobs and income. Ya learn something new every day I guess- Thank the
    lord for them smart people like Cathie Adams to set us straight on our

  24. Interesting how the black gent and lady are nodding their heads at all this
    when I’ve just read that Interracial Marriages were Illegal at one time.

  25. I just checked the latest verifiable population figures and Mass has
    actually increased in population approximately % 3.2 since 2010. These
    fucktards must be living in an alternate multiverse. Sadly they’ll never
    acknowledge reality because of their fantastical invisible deity.

  26. That woman is a liar! According to the latest data from the US Census MA
    gained a little less the 1% in population gains between 2012 and 2013.

  27. “We do not accept the homosexual agenda” I don’t accept your bigoted
    agenda. And this woman is bearing false witness (a commandment) when she
    claims that MA is losing population. 

  28. They could always move to Uganda or Nigeria… I heard they love the whole
    “traditional marriage” thing in there. And they do not only disapprove of
    the “gay agenda” they torture those gays and make their lives a living
    hell… A real dream for every good God fearing Christian!

  29. So Massachusetts is losing population because of gay marriage? Here are
    data from the US Census Bureau:

    People QuickFacts Massachusetts USA
    Population, 2013 estimate 6,692,824 316,128,839
    Population, 2010 (April 1) estimates 6,547,629 308,747,716

    Between 2010 and 2013, the population of the country increased by 2.4% and
    that of Massachusetts increased by 2.2%, basically the same as the country
    as a whole. Anybody can take just a minute and find this information
    on-line. Anybody that is except gay-hating Christian liars like Cathie
    Adams of Texas Eagle Forum. 

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