38 Comments on “RWW News: AFA: Demonic Forces Oppose Anti-Gay Uganda Law”

  1. Uganda has gotten blowback because they’re persecuting homosexuals and
    violating their rights. The criticism is perfectly warranted.

  2. “contrary to public policy” means they can throw someone into prison or
    murder them. Bryan thinks that’s great because, as he’s sometimes said, he
    loves homosexuals.

  3. TO EVERYONE HERE: Watch the documentary “God Loves Uganda” – it exposes
    the American religious extremist missionaries for the scum they really are,
    and what they’ve done in poisoning an entire country with their hate.
    (It’s on netflix at the moment.)

  4. Of course it has to be demons. Sane people wouldn’t think to protest
    against blatant human rights violations and oppression.

  5. Ah yes, the ‘keep gays from being able to fight back by challenging our
    bullshit’ and the ‘kill/imprison the gays’ laws. Cowards like Fischer
    naturally looooove any abusive law that ties down a vulnerable target to
    more easily beat on. Of course it’s ‘demonic’ to oppose such a flagrant
    abuse of power to a demonic demagogue like Fischer.

    Also – we can laugh at Fischer invoking ‘demons’ here, but the scary
    reality is that superstition in places like Uganda is very high, and a lot
    of people there believe that demons are real. So what’s hilariously hokey
    here is very chilling when you consider that religious predators like
    Fischer take advantage of superstition in vulnerable countries like Uganda
    to exploit & manipulate people.

  6. Bryan’s Rent Boy makes a good point. You can’t be too careful around these
    demons that apparently really exist. I caught the Tooth Fairy in my bedroom
    last week preforming “analigus” on one of these demons. I knew they were
    gay! : )

  7. Fisser is a real humanitarian. I wonder what he would say if Uganda decided
    to outlaw, or condemn christians for their inhuman beliefs?
    Inhuman: lacking human qualities of compassion and mercy; cruel and

  8. “I’m talking about the forces of darkness of course using human agents

    Bryan and Tony, that could be you. How would you know that it’s not? It’s
    the perfect disguise, even from yourselves.

  9. Awesome… both imaginary candylands of heaven and hell know that
    homosexuality is evil. Fortunately, nature and reality disagree.

  10. There are many homophobes and people bigoted toward homosexuality so he’s
    not special or different in that sense. But what bothers me so much about
    this guy is that he he’s provided a platform from which he can talk about
    whatever he wants yet he chooses to focus on his disdain for homosexuals.
    There are real problems in the world, Bryan. Why don’t you use your voice
    to bring attention to them instead of ranting and raving about how much you
    despise homosexuality? Why is it always on your mind? Fucking clown.

  11. I have always thought that these snippets from the world of the ideological
    fringe would benefit from being introduced by the “Looney Tunes” theme song.

    At least he didn’t claim that Mr Obama is actually Satan in human form, he
    just implied that he was an *instrument* of the forces of darkness. This
    could be something to do with Mr Obama’s complexion…

  12. Yes, let’s follow the example of third-world countries. Bigots can always
    unite when it comes to fighting progress. 

  13. He conveniently left out the part about life in prison and how it was
    originally the death penalty.

  14. To use the exact phrase that conservatives always trot out: “If you like
    Uganda so much why don’t you move there?”

  15. Your all powerful deity gives a shit where adults put their genitals? Did
    your God eat a lot of paint chips as a kid?

  16. I can see why people fall for this stuff, it’s so much easier to look at
    the world in black and white, where you are an agent of God and everyone
    who disagrees with you in any way whatsoever is clearly an agent of
    evil…you never have to listen to anyone, think about anything or make any
    effort to empathize with anyone…doesn’t seem like much difference anymore
    between the religious right and flat-out sociopaths.

  17. Why isn’t Bryan concerned about people who work on Sundays???
    This is a sin far, far bigger than gay sex. Don’t work on Sundays is such a
    HUGE sin in the bible that it is one of the Ten Commandments!
    I guess Bryan just likes to think about gay sex.

  18. Current Status LGBG Rights in Uganda:Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
    transgender (LGBT) persons in Uganda have no legal protections.
    Both male and female homosexual activity is illegal. Under the Penal Code,
    “carnal knowledge against the order of nature” between two males carries a
    potential penalty of life imprisonment and executions/torture are allowed
    with no legal liabilities for the executioners.
    Torture and executions occur and police participate or turn a blind eye to

  19. Careful folks, these fuckers believe the devil is coming for us. I gotta
    say, their fucken god must be weak, a whole lot of bad shit going on &
    their god is not doing anything to help poor Bryan.

  20. Poor Troy here must not have had parents who took the time to explain that
    the monsters under his bed and in his closet were not real.

  21. Sounds more like demons are behind the enforcement of the anti-gay law so
    that they can condemn more souls to hell through artificial righteous
    indignation. The Devil is working on both sides to get the Christians and
    the gays at each other’s throats so that they can destroy each other.
    Instead of peaceful preaching of God’s love and salvation through His Son,
    we get a bunch of self-righteous people interfering with God’s work to
    promote a fake holiness that has nothing to do with the Spirit.

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