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  1. I’m sorry I have not heard more from you as you seem to be looking
    logically at things. I would put to you that its not gay rights that
    undermine marriage but women’s rights. No longer are women required to obey
    their husbands and in the ending of a marriage the women is generally
    looked after financially. So to me with these rights in place how can we
    make marriage work this day and age. If women dont need men to support
    them… as soon as there is a bump in the relationship their free to get
    divorced…. marriage certainly isn’t what it use to be..So how do we fix
    marriage to have a family units for child rearing…?

  2. I wonder where those public school classes in “how to be a homosexual” are
    being taught and why no else, specifically local school boards, have
    noticed them?

  3. I see good ole Dave is backing up his homophobia and ignorance with some
    good old fashion fear mongering. Old school style! Stating that
    homosexuality was the cause of the fall of the Greek and Roman empires is
    absurd, untrue, or should I say, a flat out lie, and a fundie claim that
    has been successfully propagated and used for decades to invoke fear and
    abhorrence toward gays. For those of you not familiar with this argument,
    it goes like this:

    “Every civilization that has accepted homosexuality into their societies
    has crumbled. Just look at the ancient Romans and the Greeks.”

    Implications as to how this equates to America are all that is needed to
    make their flocks panic!
    Vile propaganda and complete bullshit! Yet it works on the fearful vacuous
    listeners that Dave and his ilk pander to.

  4. *”The culture is moving in that direction.”*

    No, the culture has already BEEN in that direction. You’re just catching

  5. One of the most detrimental aspects of US society today is the absolute
    ignorance of the bat-shit-crazy right and their attempts to turn the US
    into a fundamentalist Christian theocracy.

  6. No, Dave, just because you had to teach yourself how to be straight in
    order to try and silence the screaming self loathing in your head, it
    doesn’t mean that schools teach how to be gay. You can’t teach that.

  7. I’d imagine that a lot of people in Latin America and the Middle East would
    be happy if the American Empire implodes itself by embracing gay rights!

  8. I suppose this is true as far as his ‘vision’ of America goes, won’t it be
    nice when that process is completed. It is strange but somehow these
    mythology malcontents seem to think that all civil rights, human rights,
    personal rights, equal rights, marriage rights, religious rights, sexual
    rights etc. must always conform to their own bigoted idea of rights without
    exception. Isn’t it amazing at what they seem to garner from ‘The Good

  9. I love how Fundies, who have never set foot inside a public school, believe
    that they’re actually teaching courses like “How to be a homosexual.”

  10. The downfall of marriage was never because of gays; the American family was
    always in trouble before gay marriage was ever an issue.

  11. projection: tolerance isn’t teaching, it’s accepting. They can’t, so they
    must “teach” to hate

  12. Look at the Roman Empire… ummm… it adopted Christianity and
    spectacularly collapsed.

  13. Oh no, gay couples might start visiting their loved ones in the hospitals
    and filing joint tax returns! GASP AND HORROR!

  14. What the heck is he implying about Denmark? Denmark is the top scoring
    country for the *happiest* people in the world. There is no reports of
    family breaking up or kids’ lives in danger because Denmark etc. secure the
    well-being of their gay citizens. If this man wants to know about family
    break-ups, he needs to read his Bible.

  15. I doubt that this guy even has an IQ above 65. He wants to protect America
    by dividing it. Right, just like George Wallace wanted to protect the south
    and the state of Alabama from integration.

  16. When did the ancient Greeks stop living in family units? When did the
    Romans ban marriage?
    The Roman Empire began to crumble when they scrapped their original policy
    of absorbing local religions and allowing religious freedom and tried to
    impose and enforce a strict state controlled monotheistic religion called

  17. Because it’s perfectly rational to believe an all powerful creator of an
    entire universe is brassed off about two jumped up monkeys having anal and
    oral sex.

  18. The only time that the Ancient Greeks had an empire was under Alexander of
    Macedonia, and it fell apart only because he left it to his generals. It
    had nothing to do with the collapse of the family.
    Likewise, the Western Roman Empire fell to barbarian invasions, while the
    Eastern Roman Empire fell to the Ottoman Empire. Again, nothing to do with
    the collapse of family units.
    But, that’s contemporary right wing politics for you. It requires an
    arrant falsification of history and facts in order to make its case.

  19. Do these morons not realize that gay couples are going to commit to one
    another whether or not gay marriage is legal? All the marriage thing does
    is clear away a lot of crappy legal problems that arise for a couple that
    is unwed. The gay couples are still going to have their relationship
    whether or not there’s a second-class-citizenship wall in front of their
    noses. Legalizing gay marriage just makes things easier for them, their
    employers, and for the state.

  20. Governing with republicans is like rooming with a meth addict.
    They govern based on fear of non-existent threats

  21. The Greek Empire (to which I am going to look at Alexander’s Empire) fell
    because it was never that well put together in the first place. Alexander
    gave his generals turkey or egypt or Mesopotamia or part of India and that
    was that. It was held together by one individual who did not have an heir.

    The Roman Empire fell for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one (IMO)
    had to do with the damage which was inflicted by the Barracks Emperors in
    the 3rd century constantly having civil wars for the Imperial Throne.
    Christianity did not do a damn thing to prevent the western roman empire’s

  22. The Netherlands and Denmark are doing pretty great! Everyone in Finland
    gets together for an annual orgy and yet they have the best education in
    the world. 

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