31 Comments on “RWW News: Barber: Satan Behind Gay Rights”

  1. Of course the church is going to fracture. It’s happened many times
    throughout history, whether the split was due to theological issues or
    social issues. Why do you think Christianity has so many different

    As for those that won’t “capitulate” to accepting gays as part of society,
    you’re perfectly entitled to hold on to your bigoted and outdated beliefs,
    but you’ll be pushed to the fringe eventually.

  2. Gays have been around as far back as we can reliably go historically, more
    than twice as long as Christianity has anyway … and they will be here
    when Christianity is a force in the world no more.

  3. Awwww, pray for a diet that works. You need that more than you need to
    pray against gay rights.

  4. ha! This delusional chunky stool sample thinks he’s a martyr for “bigotry”?
    Holy fuck!

  5. What the Bible says is that *you* *lots* will throw [gays] out of your
    Assemblies and kill them thinking you are doing God’s will. The last time I
    checked, you people do not welcome gays in your churches and encourage
    others to kill gays in the name of God; just as Scott Lively has done in
    I do believe my interpretation of the Bible is more revelatory than your
    rant about ‘church being fractured and remnant!’ 

  6. Talking about Satan.
    When you have absolutely nothing to talk about that lines up with reality.

  7. These statements are by crazy people who think there is a ghostly man in
    the sky who controls all the weather and human nature. 

  8. He says he’s a libertarian to a certain extent which means Govt only exists
    to protect white people from minorities and to promote Christian “values.”

  9. 0:45 – ‘i’m a Libertarian to some extent” …ya, to the extent that
    everyone does exactly what you want.

  10. Satan, if he truly exists, is using puppets like Barber to continue the war
    on his own religion. What a moron. 

  11. The irony is that some Christians, like these the gentlemen we just saw,
    “need” Satan. They need Satan in sense that they need something or someone
    to blame for gay rights. Satan is a scapegoat. Heaven forbid they come to
    only possible conclusion: attraction to the same sex (or to the opposite
    sex) cannot be developed, it cant be be bought, it cant be chosen, so the
    only possible source is God.

    What good is a religion if you can’t exclude others? It wouldn’t be any fun
    for these gentlemen. 

  12. Barber: “Satan is behind gay rights”.
    Barber: “Satan is behind Islam”.
    Islam is largely against gay rights.
    Jesus: “How can Satan cast out Satan? A house divided against itself cannot

  13. Someone should use this in a first year logic class to demonstrate the
    Scotsman fallacy.

  14. “Satan behind gay rights”

    Yeah… I am sure that expanding and enforcing human rights is Satanic

  15. The boycott needs to be enacted again. I’m not talking about going in front
    of companies with signs and chants, but simply not giving our money to
    those who promote sin. The church needs to present the case to Christians
    to simply stop giving their money to those who wish to destroy them. “Do
    you NEED to go to that movie? Do you NEED HBO? do you NEED Showtime? And if
    you do, are you prepared to explain to GOD on your day of judgment WHY you

  16. Matt knows that the only way that he will ever be listened to is if he
    always mentions two names….”God” and “Satan”and makes up a wild tale and
    accusation while constantly mentioning those two names.Outside of that,he
    has nothing at all to fight LGBT Marriage with,and he knows it!

  17. Considering how fat Barber is, that stake he will supposedly be burnt at
    would burn for a loooong time. He is a huge, obnoxious, tallow candle,
    after all 😉 . Although, truth be told, the only stake I can imagine him
    kissing in earnest is one spelled s-t-e-a-k 😉 .

  18. Gee, I guess God shouldn’t have created this Satan dude in the first place!
    Unless of course God has nefarious intentions.

  19. Nothing they say or do will ever change the direction of the country.They
    just complain and point fingers and pray for a revival that will never come
    to pass.What a complete waste of time and resources.

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