32 Comments on “RWW News: Bryan Fischer Says Shepard Smith Debunked Ebola Fears Because He’s A Gay Liberal”

  1. Fischer… go to a gay bar, find the guy with the biggest cock you can, get
    his dick… and suck it. Suck long. Suck hard. Then take him home, and
    every time you think of opening your mouth to say something stupid, take
    that opportunity to suck his dick (again).

  2. Is Shepard Smith actually gay? I couldn’t find any quotes from Smith saying
    that he’s gay.

  3. Shepherd Smith is Gay?I end that question with a BIG question mark because
    I don’t see the fact that he is Gay on his Wikipedia page entry nor any
    recordings of any rumors by any sources by Wikipedia and his love life was
    a Woman named Virginia Donald,and the two were married from 1987 to1993 and
    they had no kids.Can “Virgina” ever be a Man’s name Bryan?Shepherd Smith is
    also a Liberal,or is it that he just isn’t Conservative enough for

    Even is Shepherd Smith were,or actually is Gay..Who cares?

    Bryan is so desperate to end LGBT on Earth he will fire a gun at you
    without any bullets in it!

  4. He debunked Ebola because of simple facts..Fact 1, The flu and pneumonia is
    responsible for nearly 50,000 deaths yearly in the US alone. Ebola has
    killed around 6000 since the 1970s. Fact 2. Ebola is only contagious while
    someone is experiencing symptoms. Fact 3..although it has a 60% mortality
    rate..with proper medical care this is drastically reduced. Jesus Christ
    malaria, aids, meningitis, TB and other well diseases we don’t freak out
    about kill more people then Ebola. But noooo its all a gay Muslim jihadist
    liberal conspiracy.

  5. He isn’t as far right as you, therefore he is a Liberal………not
    everyone is teetering on the cliff of right-wing extremism Bryan, you
    fucking prick.

  6. No straight man obsesses over dicks and assholes this much. His Cock
    Craving will end up driving him Mad in the end.

  7. The gay agenda? Oh right, you mean when the gay community fights for their
    equal rights in this country while card carrying bigots and homophobes like
    you Bryan bash and dehumanize them at every opportunity.

    Now as far as an agenda goes I think that maybe you Jesus loving jihadists
    might be involved in one when you deny evolution and call it evil, call
    Obama a communist socialist secret Muslim, claim that having an abortion is
    murder, etc.

  8. Interesting, America has gone so far right that the term “Card-carrying
    Communist” popularised during the Red Scare is being used as propaganda
    against right wing republican’s who even dare to agree with the liberal
    political establishment.

  9. he’s mad coz Shep corrected the fear-mongering FOX correspondent who said
    there was widespread panic…. and shep said “come on, you know there isn’t
    widespread panic”

  10. Bryan do you have any proof that Smith supports Obama, voted for him or is
    a liberal or are you pulling crap out of your ass again? You do know there
    are gay Republicans and just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he’s wrong. 

  11. How is shepard smiths sexuality got ANYTHING at all to do with Ebola. He
    told the truth which fox new rarely does. Ebola is not an epidemic or
    pandemic and it will not be in first world countries. The epidemic is fear
    which this Conservative bigot is only helping to encourage. 

  12. I don’t know anything about this Bryan Fischer guy, but from his hair,
    glasses, and tie, I’d have to say he is gay.

  13. Ah yes, as we all know the gay agenda has long been advocating the spread
    of ebola, like straight AIDS or something. *rolls eyes*

  14. Seems nowadays everybody with a camera and Computer has a story. I’m
    Rollin’ wit Shep….and GOD’s will. Too many stories mean it is more a lie
    than the truth. 

  15. I think Smith just understand risk and hazard better than right wingers. He
    only skews to the left in the Fox universe.

  16. WORSE!!!! HORROR!!:Sam Shepard Smith Debunked Ebola Fears Because He’s A
    Well-Adjusted Moderate!!!

  17. How come I didn’t get a card?

    This man is obsessed with homosexuality. He really has a mental issue
    caused by him denying his inner gayness.

  18. Oh, come on Bryan, You know he’s a commie jihadist who’s trying to make fox
    look bad. Sheesh, get your shit straight for a change. 

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