26 Comments on “RWW News: DeSantis: GOP Will Always BeThe Anti-Gay Party”

  1. The GOP is like the strict old father carrying the bible and entering a
    house party and ruining it by telling everyone else they cant have fun

  2. “We will never be leaving the anti gay movement” .

    1967: We will never be for interracial marriage.
    1956: We will never be for the Civil Rights movement.
    1920: We will never be for women being allowed to vote.
    1863: We will never be anti slavery.

    And on and on it goes.

  3. It’s true. The GOP religious cult will always be the party of bullies,
    bigots and blowhards praying for a new Jim Crow.

  4. “Social value warriors like him” Well, no one wants his little crusade to
    keep two dude’s dicks from touching, so he can go get bent.

  5. It’s not just the anti-gays who’ll never quit the Republicans. Whether
    their pet peeve is color, creed, sexual orientation, national origin or
    religion all types of bigots seem to find a home in the GOP.

  6. Chicken Little: The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Yes the sky is
    falling, America is in the process of changing, culturally as well as
    politically. And to the Far Right, America is changing to the detriment of
    religion and its adherents.

    Well I have two words for them, and they aren’t Happy Birthday or Merry
    Christmas. The fact is America is joining the 21st Century and leaving the
    dust of the Dark Ages behind. We are moving forward without the grasping,
    thieving bastards of religion, who want “money” which they claim their
    invisible sky deity needs to finance the homes, cars, jets, and lifestyle.

  7. The only “religious freedom” that DeSantis and Hucksterbee are interested
    in is *their* freedom to impose their religious beliefs on anybody and
    And they don’t care that this directly contravenes the constitution of the

  8. Talk about driving yourself off the cliff.
    Gays aren’t just some mysterious shadow people, they are beloved
    celebrities, neighbors, friends, and family.
    This DOES matter.

  9. Enjoy oblivion then gents.

    Biggest threat to the Republican party is the likes of Huckabee and other
    Religious Right zealots. They should do everything possible to cut that
    cancer out of the party. 

  10. The quote , in the beginning, said to be “not mincing words” was in fact
    the definition of mincing words. I can’t stand these soft-ball
    faux-journalist/pundits. #fuckingupmycountry

  11. HA DeSantis admitted that there is a left wing of the democratic party and
    therefore is also saying there is a right wing too

  12. Leave? Where will they go? Not the democratic party. Libertarian? That will
    split the conservative vote and hurt conservatives. Please leave and maybe
    we can move to the 21st century an away from the 19th century of the GOP.

  13. They can be the Stupid Party, the Anti-Gay Party all they like. This is
    because they are fast becoming the Unelectable Christian In Name Only Party
    and the Ayn Rand Memorial Party. Yes a partt spilt and a split voter ballot
    and a politcal force with the profile of dinosaurs -once huge becoming a
    dim mamory..

  14. Gotta love the sign behind Huckabee. Yeah to the right wing “we the
    people”actually stands for we the people as long it’s the ones they believe
    are included but with them it’s never ever all the people. Bunch of
    bigoted, racist,homophobic, misogynistic, self righteous assholes.

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