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  1. So Fischer believes that sexual orientation is a choice but bigotry is

    Stupid flows from this man like water over Niagara Falls.

  2. When I hear sodomy, I don’t recoil or have a natural revulsion to it. First
    thing that comes to mind is a blowjob, and I personally know no guys
    (straight or gay) who are disgusted by the thought of those. Also how does
    this argument apply to anyone who doesn’t speak a language that has such a

  3. If his god “created” humans but doesn’t want them to have anal sex, then
    why would that god make anal play and anal sex feel so good? Is this
    “creator” just incometent or cruel?

  4. Faith is an ugly word, it’s an unintelligent word, it describes the belief
    in something without a shred of evidence. The word faith makes
    intellectuals and free thinkers recoil in disgust. Its not the word faith,
    but what it describes that is sickening to rational/reasonable people.

    It makes some people not only believe in unverifiable deities, but also
    claim to know their will.

  5. Who has finally thought the lesson to Fisher?
    I remember him using the word “gays”, not even “homosexuals”. “Gays”! The
    term used by homosexual activists to make sodomy look nice. They used it in
    their propaganda war for acceptance of sodomy (not tolerance).
    But Fisher speaks like a fanatic: “If you use other side’s terminology, you
    already lost the debate”. Nope. If you use other side’s INCORRECT,
    PROPAGANDIST terminology, that’s wrong. You can’t rejects all terminology
    that’s simply not useful to you. Only the illogical and
    propagandist terms must be rejected.

    Those on the right, who use the word “gay”, have probably themselves
    homosexual inclinations.

  6. “Right Wing Watch”, of course, uses Goebbels/Molotov methods in their
    propaganda, when it comes to promoting homosexuality and other deviant
    The meaning of the word “bigot” is usually butchered by Yankee Doodles (one
    can always count on an Anglosax to butcher a foreign word, or even his own
    Original meaning of bigotry comes from French. *Bigoterie* is a misguided
    devotion to detail, to the letter, to formal practices. So it really means
    something like a Pharisee, or a person who is overly pious; outwardly, for
    a show.

  7. Another ridiculous assertion completely unsupported by any facts
    whatsoever. There’s nothing inherently “ugly” about that word, or any
    other, for that matter. It only takes on “ugly” connotations from being
    used as a byword for SIN and for the sex act(s) involved being regarded by
    religious lunatics like Fischer as repellent in nature. And as for that
    aspect of his assertion, there’s also no “natural instinct” to “recoil”
    from “that kind of behaviour” (even presuming that when he’s talking about
    sodomy he’s referring exclusively to anal sex and omitting the fact it also
    includes oral sex).

  8. Funny, I’d always been told by pricks like Fischer here that “I was born
    that way” isn’t a valid reason or excuse for anything.

  9. So, Bry-Bry, are you suggesting that YOU, pedophiles, racists, rapists,
    anti-semites, and all your other BFFs have no choice about your behaviors?
    Do you think that lets you off the hook?

  10. Well he’s not wrong. Why? Because it’s a well known fact that when human
    beings are developing in the womb, the asshole (or anus or rectum) is the
    first thing that develops. Anti-gay idiots never moved past that stage. 

  11. No Bryan, agreeing with the other sides definitions and terminology does
    not mean you lose a debate. You are SUPPOSED to agree on terminology and
    definitions BEFORE a debate. You don’t debate, you throw tantrums.

  12. Again your all powerful god gets displeased when his pet monkeys have anal

    Yeah makes sense to me. That’s number one on his list. Not hunger war rape
    genocide but anal sex.

    I think this so called god is a pervert and we should kill it. 

  13. Anti-gay bigots are also born stupid. Every minute spent listening to the
    sheer ignorance that is Bryan Fischer equates to smashing your head against
    the wall 100 times. Fuck Bryan Fischer. Fuck the AFA.

  14. I don’t think that means what you think it does, Bryan. Sodomy is any sex
    act other than penis in vagina. It’s not just anal. Oral sex is also
    sodomy. And gays don’t have the corner on sodomy. Nearly all sexually
    active heterosexual adults engage in oral sex with each other, and the
    majority of heterosexual couples have engaged in anal sex, with somewhere
    around 40% doing it on a fairly regular basis.

    And another thing, not all homosexuals engage in anal sex anymore than all
    heterosexuals do.

  15. *”God reacts the same way to homosexual behaviour and sodomy as we
    [humans?] do”* – well then, then God is cool with it.

  16. “Sodomite” is no more the correct term for a gay person than “Nigger” is
    the correct term for a black person. Both words are ugly and disgusting
    words and, contrary to what Fischer thinks, they more readily conjure in
    people’s minds the bigotry of those who say the words than they do the
    quality of the people that the words are directed against.

    The word “Sodomy” dehumanizes gay people, denying them their worth as real
    people and instead defining them and everything about them as nothing more
    than an action. Defining gay people as a thing, as a what instead of as a
    who, making it easier for people to sleep at night after watching or
    participating in a gay bashing.

  17. Only total morons can confuse sodomy with oral sex in general.
    Sodomy is a male homosexuality by default. So it mainly means *buggery
    (i.e. anal mock copulation)* and oral sex between two males. It never meant
    oral sex between man and a woman.
    Only in USA this got confused, because of the general yahoo stupidity and
    primitive legal system being interpreted by yahoo lawyers. Even the word
    “rape” got butchered by those morons.

  18. God makes some people gay so that there are bad people to be hated,
    otherwise there would be only Christians and the world would not know what
    bad is. To ensure there are always ‘bad people’ to define the ‘good people’
    as ‘good’ then God occasionally makes people that are gay and then God and
    the Christians have someone to hate. We’re all just born this way and for
    no particular reason God chooses some people to hate. Cool beans.

  19. Oh!So Anti-Gay people were created that way?So..it is possible for someone
    to be born a certain way,isnt it Mr. Bryan “Sexual Orientation Is Always A
    Matter Of Choice”Fischer?

    How can Homosexuality even exist on Earth if it wasn’t put in someone?

  20. Dear Bryan, stop the masquerade:

    Your anti gay feelings do not have the same value as LGBT folks who have to
    express their personality. For the LGBT it is about survival, for you it is
    about survival of prejudgments, bigotry, a misplaced feeling of superiority
    and “religious freedom”. One of the most misused words lately.

    Typical hard Christian right wing.. So egocentric.They don’t care about who
    they harm in the process of this religious freedom.
    it’s been a long time since Bryan came out of the bigotry closet. 

  21. The only thing that people are “born this way” as are sinners, and that
    includes you, Mr. Fischer.

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