46 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Cites Mysterious Red River In China As Proof The Bible True”

  1. When I was a kid, the creek which ran under the textile mill near my home
    used to occasionally, mysteriously run red…and blue…and purple…and
    green. Obviously, it was a fucking miracle.

  2. If the God of the Bible was real. Certainly one of the worst plagues God
    could produce would be Brian Fischer. 

  3. It is not the first time a river in China has turned red, it happened
    Yangtze river turned red in 2012…….most people, who aren’t religiously
    motivated fools, mark it down as pollution. It that hard to believe
    considering China’s record for pollution.

  4. It seems to me that if there was a passage in the bible stating that
    drinking mercury will help you see god, people like Fischer would drink it.

  5. I think Chinese people dumped food coloring in the water just to troll
    right wing Christians in the US.

  6. Hmmm. It couldn’t possibly have a reasonable explanation. That’s so far
    fetched. Imagine how silly that would be in a country doesn’t do anything
    to protect their environment would change colors.

    HUh. Must be a miracle. I can’t think of any other explanation.

  7. It’s only “mysterious” because they don’t know what caused the river to
    turn red. When they find out, it won’t be so mysterious.

  8. Firstly, the rivers of Egypt ‘were as blood’. They were not ‘a blood red
    Secondly, they had chemical spills back in the days of Egypt too?

  9. It only proves that unregulated business and zero environmental protections
    is a horrible conservative idea. It’s pollution you dolt, not your man-made

  10. It’s called red tide, and is caused by a rapid overgrowth of a few species
    of dinoflagellates. The only “mystery” that needs to be investigated is
    what caused this outbreak. Until science finishes their investigation, the
    God of the gaps can take credit, and once science does figure out the
    cause, the right wing propaganda network will simply not report on it, and
    their idiot followers will point to this incident as a sign that their
    Bible is true.

  11. You dishonest fuckface
    China is (famously) plagued by pollution problems and the last chinese
    river that turned red was industry related.
    Might as well suddenly assume this latest incident was caused by

  12. Oh yea, you know this is a punishment from god against the homosexuals in
    China! There could be NO OTHER explanation. 

  13. Dali Lama: “Let my people (Tibetans) go!”

    Fischer might be on to something. I understand the people in China haven’t
    seen the sun for a while. I bet the darkness and red river are connected in
    some way. 

  14. More proof that these fucks don’t even read the bible they follow.

    The river in the bible turned to BLOOD. It didn’t just turn red.

  15. Hey!!! It rained at my house today. The Bible says it rains. This means the
    Bible must be true!!!!

    What a load of complete fucking bullshit!!!!!

  16. Yeah because it couldn’t possibly be from their terrible water system which
    doesn’t dilute its water, you dick.

  17. This reminds me of that episode of Curb your Enthusiasm were Larry
    accidentally pees on a picture of jesus and everything thinks it was a

  18. Bryan is a heretic, the river was turned to blood by his holiness the
    Flying Spaghetti Monster, hallowed be his name.

    Shame of Bryan for rejecting him. He boiled for your sins.

  19. In other breaking news I wiped my arse this morning and there was a bit of
    blood on the toilet paper and it smelt funny, like shit

  20. I was looking at some stories on rivers changing color and found this on
    the 2012 Yangtze. It was orange that time.

    Figure this might get some giggles. 🙂

    Niam Lis TshajLij, Fresno, United States,
    China has created BAD OMEN and SINS to others. There will be war in
    December 2012… The color of the yangtze river has shown that this is a
    sign and it’s only the beginning. Yangtze River will turn to it’s original
    color in March 2013 and there will only be one man who is able to cure all
    bad omens.

    Niam Lis TshajLij, Fresno, United States,
    This is a sign of SINS and BAD OMEN in China. They have done so much bad
    terms to others. There is one man who is able to cure the problems. There
    will be war in December 2012. This is only the beginning. War will end in
    March of 2013.

  21. Rivers run red regularly, you moron, Fischer! It’s called iron oxide, and
    is flushed from old mine workings regularly, often accompanied by a
    sulphurous smell.

  22. I wonder if he considered it’s a natural occurrence that the buybull author
    was aware of, so he made it one of the ten plagues? No one denies the book
    exists, but if the phenomena happened today without a god, why would it
    reinforce the belief it took a god back then? I fucking hate these people
    and their attempts to keep simple people stupid.

  23. I hear in a few places around the world rivers turn green on March 17th. I
    haven’t bothered to find out why but it must be a miracle.

  24. I’m sure when Fischer finds out it was some easily explained spill or
    whatever, he will come back and admit he was in error. Yeah, right. 

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  26. Well the bible said the plague turned the river turned to blood. Not just
    changed colors to blood red. Unless this river in China turned to blood,
    this isn’t the same as the biblical claim. 

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