26 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Says All Immigrants Should Be Required To Convert To Christianity”

  1. “We would have one god, we would have one law, we would have one culture
    and we would have one language.” Not sure how the culture and language
    thing comes into effect, but if it became the law of the land it would be
    less than a generation before the U.S. completely dissolved as a nation;
    the “Christians” would be slitting each others throats over doctrine and
    political power faster than you can say Allah Akbar.

  2. Rejects the first amendment, check. Echo’s all ISIS political
    policy views, check. Is an evil vile disgusting asshole, check

  3. The Hebrew Bible also says Israel may take slaves from surrounding nations.
    Does that mean we can raid into Canada and force Canucks into involuntary

  4. “B.F.Says All Immigrants Should Be Required To Convert To Christianity.”
    So, that means that the immigrant Jews should eat pork and worship

  5. Umm…aren’t most immigrants today coming from Latin America, and almost
    all of them are Catholic – and many devoutly so? Or does BF here have a
    problem with Catholicism as well?

  6. If we forced Christianity and English on people we wouldn’t have the
    cultural diversity that America was once famous for. We would be half as
    great add wet one we’re and half is a very generous estimate

  7. So much for that freedom of religion, patriotism, and abiding by the
    constitution the right always talks about. Fascists.

  8. He forgot that they need to choose to be conservative and choose to
    register to vote republican, choose to be apart of any pro-life group,
    choose what guns to own, choose not to pay tax’s, choose not to be Mormon
    or catholic because somehow they are not christian, choose to be
    heterosexual and choose to be white because African immigrants and other
    non white people can convert to Caucasianism

  9. What about all Christians adopting the religious practices and values of
    the First Nation Indians who originally inhabited the good old US of A?
    Didn’t thinks so….

  10. He clearly doesn’t care about the First Amendment and TRUE religious
    freedom. All he cares about is that his special brand of religion gets
    special treatment. Can we just ban Fischer and those like him from this
    country? They shouldn’t be allowed here if they’re not willing to abide by
    the Constitution.

  11. So then I guess this has to be forced on Jews to Brian? So that way Jews
    can’t complain about Kosher?

  12. I have a better idea. People like you (I’m talking about Brian Fischer
    specifically, the fundamental right-wing “all rights for us and none for
    you” fuckers) be forced to abandon christianity, and you will adopt secular
    values that our country was founded on, and you will not complain about
    letting people believe in other religions, and you will not complain about
    atheists voicing our opinions, you will not complain that evolution is
    being taught in schools, and you will not complain that gay people are
    getting married.

    See, Brain Fissure, it doesn’t sound so appealing when the roles are
    reversed, does it? (that idea certainly sounds appealing to *ME*, though!)

  13. This is one of the most xenophobic rants that Fischer ever spouted! What’s
    next? Only Christian marriages in America should be considered valid?
    “Under this act, our wives and mothers are now whores and every man here is
    a bastard.”
    – M. K. Gandhi, Attorney -at -Law, South Africa, explaining the provisions
    of a discriminatory new law to a gathering of Indian Hindu and Muslim men.

  14. Given how much Christians love to go to OTHER nations and indoctrinate the
    people into their sick way of life, I would like to say a vigorous STFU to
    you, Bryan.

  15. What universe do you live in? Sorry, I think I’ll stick to the world of a
    real democratic republic WITHOUT genocidal, racist, sexist, ableist
    imaginary friends with an attention-whore complex.

    A true Deity, if there be any, would not be so petty.

    ETA from my fiancée: For all the big shit you people talk, you don’t even
    know who the hell it is you’re talking to or about. And you want ME to
    listen? Stay out of our intellect, please.

  16. What about freedom of religion that he is always touting? Oh right, that
    only applies to Christianity in his mind. And Christians want their own
    version of sharia law anyway. 

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