44 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Says Bergdahl Release Is Evidence Obama Is Secretly A Muslim”

  1. Obama, who risked reelection by hiring an openly gay person to white house
    staff his first term in office. Secret muslim?


  2. If Obama is a Muslim he’s an incredibly bad one, as 1) he eats bacon, 2)
    his foreign policy has been disastrous towards Muslims, 3) he never goes to
    a Mosque to pray, and 4) he openly claims to be a Christian.

    It’s actually far more likely that Obama is a Jew, as he 1) panders to
    Israel, 2) has visited the Western Wall, 3) has visited numerous
    synagogues, and 4) has defended Israeli war crimes against Palestine.

  3. SECRET?????? To who??????? Oh yea secret to himself since he always finds
    out EVERYTHING that makes him look bad. I bet he didn’t find out he was
    President until he watched the news. Sorry SOB

  4. Yes because in his years at office he implemented sharia law, you know, the
    governing law for all religious Muslims. You demented old piece of shit.

  5. “I’ve had Washington insiders tell me everyone in D.C. believes that
    secretly he is a Muslim.”
    Names please.

  6. obama the muslim-country-droning, pork eating, beer drinking, non mecca
    praying, publicly proclaimed christian, secret muslim…got it.

  7. Someone needs to get this guy mental help, and I’m serious. This is a hyper
    state of paranoia. Also, Fischer looks like a monster from a Jim Henson

  8. “Hey man, after all this time, did you finally run out of the crazy?”
    “Nope, plenty left. And I’m only gettin’ warmed up.”

  9. I think Obama is culturally Muslim and politically pro-Muslim, but is also
    an atheist, not a true believer.

  10. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m a Muslim and I’ve yet to
    meet a single fellow Muslim who thinks that Obama is a Muslim. Only
    Islamophobes like Fischer actually think he’s a Muslim.

  11. Regan gave Iran weapons in exchange for prisoners…was Regan a secret

    Who cares if he is a muslim. No religious tests. It’s not an illegal act to
    not be a Christian while in office.

  12. One would think this guy is one of the stupidest people on earth, but he’s
    talking to an audience! Holy Crap, how stupid can people be?

  13. Wrong Bryannie… It just gives you one more chance to look crazier and
    crazier. You are doing a good job there, Bud.

  14. Yes he helped the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt by allowing them to loose
    power, murdering 1,000+ members and by giving 1,000 of them death sentences
    including Morsi. Man if that’s Obama being a Muslim trying to help further
    Islam and the Muslim Bortherhood I would hate to see him trying to
    crackdown on them.

  15. Bryan the fly was flying by a barn one day, and saw a huge pile of shit. He
    thought that looked like a nice feast, so he buzzed on down and gorged
    himself. He ate so much, in fact, he couldn’t get airborne again. Well,
    having a bright idea, he climbed the handle of a nearby pitchfork, and
    nerving himself, threw himself off the handle in the hopes that he’ll get
    airborne again. Well, he plummeted to the ground in a tremendous splat.

    The moral of the story? Never fly off the handle when you know you’re full
    of shit!

  16. Let’s imagine for a moment Fischer is right, Ignore all of the real
    evidence and just for a second imagine that fischer is right just for once

    So what if Obama is a Muslim? I don’t remember any law preventing a muslim
    from becoming president, in fact I thought there was supposed to be NO
    religion test to serve in the oval office or any goverment branch whatsoever

    I don’t give a flying fuck if obama is a Raelian or a Satanist and it
    shouldn’t matter anyway you dumb motherfucker

  17. People think President Obama is “secretly a Muslim” because they’re either
    racist pricks, or they’re insane. Which is it?

    If Bergdahl had been freed during a Republican administration, you would be
    on your knees with their metaphorical dick in your mouth going on about how
    patriotic they were not to leave a soldier behind.

  18. If everybody in Washington “knows” he is a “secret” Muslim, it isn’t a
    secret. What a dumb ass. Oh, that’s right, its just Brian Fisher, a
    lifelong member of the holy order of the dumbass in good standing. 

  19. Gay, gay, gay, Muslim. Gay, gay, gay, Benghazi. Gay, gay, gay, Sharia. Gay,
    gay, gay, Bergdahl. Gay, gay, gay, Obama. Gay, gay, gay, Muslim…

  20. PS,Bergdahl dad isn’t the first time that has been said in the rose
    garden.. Bush’s
    has entertain many Muslims leaders who have started their interviews saying
    that.. So before you make a dumb ass statement fact check..

  21. That’s it,,Bryan.Give it to your “Obama is a Muslim” theory

  22. I think Bryan is secretly a self hating homosexual. All the “insiders” at
    Focal Point have told me they believe Bryan is as gay as you like.

  23. Yeah its not like he drones the fuck out of Muslims everyday, while this
    cunt just drones on about total shit everyday

  24. This is coming from a guy who firmly believes there are exactly two kinds
    of people in our world. If you are not a far right wing extremist Christian
    like Fischer then you can only be a liberal socialist gay atheist Muslim;
    there simply are no other choices.

  25. LOL.. Is this guy high? I wish Obama’s name was John Smith.. Then these
    crazies could just call him what they really wanna call him.. Hint begin’s
    with the letter “N” Another reason we won’t see a Republican president
    again anytime soon..

  26. Why do these rightards reject the truth and embrace lies with such
    unerrring accuracy? Sandy Hook, must be a hoax. Obama, must be a Muslim.
    Benghazi, who knows what the fuck they think happened but again it’s
    entirely imaginary. What is the secret formula, what’s in their chromosomes
    or water or food or whatever it is that makes them herp a derpers?

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