34 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Says ‘Equality Is A Totally Bogus Word’”

  1. Gays and lesbians dont have a place in this world. They only belong in 1
    place. HELL. It is humanly WRONG and disgusting and filth. You cannot be a
    christian or muslim or any other faith and be Gay. Because it is in your
    holy books that homosexuality its wrong.

    People these days think being homosexual is fine. What is wrong with the


  2. “I’ve got to think about this a little bit more” *fullstop*
    “…but…” awww, you fischered it.

  3. Propaganda, propaganda. His method is clear for the world to see: he claims
    a superior position by claiming the other group is inferior. His attempts
    to get or to keep more rights than gays confirms this.

    Don’t get me wrong, i am not saying that Fischer is some kind of nazi, but
    he uses the same techniques as Goebbels. Dehumanizing the other group and
    keep repeating. 

  4. This dick-weed obsesses over gay sex more than gay people. Dude, just get
    fucked and get it over with already. The only way you can really vilify gay
    sex is to actually place yourself mentally in that situation and think
    about you and another get getting it on. Considering all you do is talk
    about gay sex, you must have been mind fucked more than the sun rises.

  5. Homosexuality and Heterosexuality are different, yes, but that doesn’t mean
    anything when it comes to equal treatment under the law. They are equal in
    their morality because both are morally neutral. As to all the other stuff,

  6. No one is equating homosexuality and heterosexuality, or saying they are
    equal, just like no one is equating men and women or saying that they are
    equal. In both cases, each one has unique traits that characterize it.
    However, under the law, we aspire to treat these things EQUALLY because we
    aspire to a society of justice and social equality.

  7. Yea not to mention the so-called “equality” between Whites and niggers,
    humans vs jews… Yea… Way to go Brian Von Fishertrop.

  8. The more I listen to Fischer, the less surprised I’ll be if he’s caught
    with a callboy.

  9. And these are the kind of people Nintendo have thrown their lot in with.
    Hope appeasement was worth it guys! 

  10. By his interpretation and belief. Well, my belief says that Christians are
    not equal because they believe in a fairy tale. WE DON’T BASE LAWS ON

  11. Miss Brian is a hot ass mess. She’s more interested in what two men do in
    bed than I am. And believe me–I’m really interested.

  12. I’m tired of this “sex is only for procreation” argument….people get
    married all the time with no intention of having children. My grandmother
    got remarried at age 78. Is her marriage “unnatural” as well, Brian???

  13. Let me if I get this straight, according to Fisher, love requires fucking a
    women. I guess the religious right and the republican party really love
    women, they’ve been fucking them for decades.

    As far as equality for homosexuals goes, they have the right to be equal
    (they’re human like heterosexuals), to live their own lives (like
    heterosexuals), to love whom they choose (like heterosexuals), to marry
    (like hetrosexuals). 

  14. All men are created equal. It’s the central founding principle of this
    country. If you hate equality, you hate America. 

  15. aside from the fact that his qualities he used to define the “inherent”
    inequality between homo and heterosexuals is fucking dumb on many levels,
    all people in AMERICA should have equal rights to each other. the only
    exception is criminal acts, and it would be a dark day if the law tries to
    govern sexuality. 

  16. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are equal the same way that Christianity
    and Judaism are equal. They are both different expressions of the same
    trait, though it should be pointed out that religion (unlike matters of
    sexual orientation) is entirely driven by one’s lifestyle choice.

  17. All this guy talks about is gay men. I think he must get a boner thinking
    and talking about gays. I would like to start some kind of betting pool on
    how long it will be before he is caught or accused of a homosexual act. Not
    long now i’ll bet. 

  18. Where does it say in the constitution that gay people cannot receive equal
    treatment under law? Your bible is not the law of the land,thank goodness!

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