31 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Says Feminists Are Insecure About Their Own Femininity”

  1. According to Brain Fissure, if a woman seeks financial and professional
    success and intellectual fulfillment, then clearly she has low self-esteem,
    but pursuing life as a dependent domestic drudge and sperm receptacle,
    whose every important life decision is made for her by a male, is the
    Olympian height of female self-esteem. Like many loquacious, theocratic
    blowhards, Brain hugely overrates the significance of his phallus. Well,
    what else could one expect of an asinine homunculus whose otherwise vacant
    head is filled with fantasies of an omnipotent, omnipresent,
    pan-dimensional super-being who inexplicably needs a penis?

  2. “Women who do try to do what men do”

    You’ve pretty much demonstrated what the feminists are fighting against in
    this sentence.

  3. Fischer: “We need women whose ambition in life is to be a woman.”

    Translation: “We need women who will be submissive to men (especially
    older white WASP patriarchs like me) and happily accept a secondary status
    in society.”

  4. Translation: “women aren’t good for anything except making babies, so they
    should shut up and know their place”.

  5. It’s like the pot calling the kettle gay. Besides, being insecure in
    something tends to mean a person would overcompensate in the other
    direction or being in denial. You know … like a certain someone.

  6. Such absolutist zealotry will never change. As long as they never get into
    power again, they will never again be able to wrap themselves in the flag
    and preach about freedom while imposing theocracy.

    As much as Mr. Fischer complains about the mainstream media indoctrinating
    him, he himself talks about his misogyny in euphemistic terms, while a
    generation ago his counter-parts were just plainly saying a woman’s role is
    barefoot, in the kitchen, looking after the kids. If homosexuals need
    encouragement and hope, they just need to look at the changing role of
    women, despite people like Fischer.

  7. Click “Yay!” if you’ll still be alive when this hideous old fucker *(and
    his obscene medieval values)* are long long long long *DEAD.* 

  8. Wow, Charlie Brown turns out to be a real asshole when he gets older.
    Seriously, who dresses this guy?

  9. Fischer Says Feminists Are Insecure About Their Own Femininity?

    Well,Israel says that Fischer is Insecure about his Heterosexuality..And
    he’s scurr’d of strong,independent women.
    Ooohhh,is Fischer gonna get the BooBoo face now?

  10. Women are not on this planet to be baby factories. Although, they aren’t
    the same as men either. Biologically women are not meant to do the hunting
    or gathering. A social species like ours has evolved with certain instincts
    that correspond with this. I don’t look at ant’s and say they hate men
    since the hive caters to a female. Nor do I hate lions, because lionesses
    cater to males.

    Humans have a greater learning capacity than all other species we know of,
    so I’m inclined to give a bit of leeway here. At the end of the day,
    nothing overides basic human instinct though.

    Call me “old fashioned” if you’d like, but the idea of women sharing the
    dominant traits of men is ludicrous. It’s not like women don’t have
    dominant traits anyway. At the end of the day, feminism is just like
    masculinism. I don’t encourage women to be more masculine, so I expect
    women not to encourage me how to be more feminine. I’m all for equality
    under the law and to let the dice fall where they will.

  11. men like Fischer are intimidated by strong minded women, that’s all this

    Fischer wants women to be fragile & to know their place, basically a woman
    to him is a insecure puppet in a sunday dress.. Fischer does not want a
    challenge, he just wants a slave.

  12. Sounds like a Santorumism. “Economists just don’t understand the economy.”
    “Scientists are just ignorant of science.”

    “Feminists just don’t understand what being feminine is.”

  13. Translation: Women need to get back in the kitchen and make him a sammich.
    But remember, Fischer is NOT a misogynist…

  14. So, I guess women can’t be women if they have an executive position. So
    says Fischer’s god.

  15. “Feminists want to be like men”. Talk about being behind the curve. He’d be
    laughed out of the hall if he said that in a serious academic debate, at
    any time in the last 40 years. If he weren’t such an asshole, I’d feel
    embarrassed for the guy.

  16. why are all the douchebags suddenly calling women incapable of leadership
    all at once? did we win a vote they’re all fucked off about or something?

  17. RWW News: Fischer Says Feminists Are Insecure About Their Own Femininity –
    YouTube #gender #hate #feminism

  18. It’s true, I’ve been a feminist all my life, and I’m wicked insecure about
    my femininity.

  19. someone please tell all the Republican right wing nut bag women on Fox News
    and in congress this applies to them ! (other women will be bright enough
    to ignore it) 

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