35 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Says Gay Marriage Can’t Be Legal Because Government Is To Be ‘A Minister Of God’”

  1. I’ll shed a tear for Idaho native Fischer — while celebrating the arrival
    of marriage eqaulity in Idaho!

  2. The qualifying phrase here is “according to the scripture” which makes
    everything else Fischer says complete bullshit. Not the anything he says
    isn’t bullshit.

  3. So which is it, Fischer, the Constitution or the Bible? Because you can’t
    follow both on this …

  4. Fischer needs to read the constitution. I don’t think he understands the
    clause about the government not establishing a state religion.

  5. So wait, Fischer complains about Islam claiming that it’s a political
    ideology. Yet he constantly wants laws modeled after his religious views?

  6. Bryan Fischer has an unhealthy obsession with homosexuality. I don’t rant
    and rave about my dislike for broccoli – I just avoid it. Given how much he
    goes on about it you’d there are packs of homosexuals trying to hunt him
    down and force him to get gay married.

  7. So when Jesus Christ and his pappy was siting there with the founding
    fathers at the constitutional convention helping draw up the three branch’s
    of government, they said don’t worry about the slaves, they are just 2/3rds
    of a person, then someone waved the bible around and said its ok?

  8. Allow me to interpret what Bryan is saying.

    “Blah blah blah, baseless assertions, spewing opinions, parroting childhood
    indoctrination, presto changeo… God created it”.


  9. Hahah – thank “god” this generation will soon be dead. It’s getting harder
    and harder to find nut balls like this.

  10. Again Bryan doesn’t know his bible. The bible says in Romans that you must
    follow the authority of the leaders because they are appointed by god. Yes
    that means Obama Bryan. It says they are appointed for the good of the
    people and if you disagree you deserve damnation. See you in hell Bryan. Oh
    sorry hell doesn’t exist. 

  11. Ha, ha, ha! Scripture says government is supposed to support scriptural
    definitions of right and wrong. Son of a gun! What a surprise. The Bible
    has immense respect for its own words, even when they contradict each
    other. (Why does Fischer limit his citation of biblical standards for
    marriage to man-woman monogamy when the Bible is replete with examples of

  12. We’re not a theocracy, Fischer. We are a secular government that does not
    abide by the creeds of any religion and that guarantees equal treatment
    under the law via the Constitution. The government has no right legislating
    morality. They are to safeguard the rights of the citizens and defend the
    republic and its people. That’s it. You want to live in a theocracy, move
    to the Middle East.

  13. The bible says the bible takes precedence over secular government and it’s
    diktats override the rule of law. Making the founding fathers not just
    traitors but hell-bound blasphemers as well.

  14. If the government is supported to choose, which it really doesn’t as it’s
    the people that make up the government that choose. Government is just an
    entity into itself that is a representation of the people that fill it. And
    basically Bir-Bri, you shot your self in the foot on this one, as they
    chose something that you don’t like and being fair IS the RIGHT thing to do.

    Religitard Fischer = 0
    Rational people everywhere = 1

  15. “Government was not designed by god” Heck yeah, I’m going to quotemine the
    fuck outta that lol

    So brain fissure says our government should be a theocracy. Read the
    constitution, you twat.

    Well, tough titties, Bryan, cry, bry! Bawl those butthurt christian lil
    eyes out, cus what was it, 30 some states now allow Same Sex Marriage? So
    suck it CryBry!

  16. Hey BrainFissure.
    Turn around
    Now read the writing on the wall.
    The divinely anointed head of the established church got kicked out when
    his army came second in a dispute between him and a group of people who
    rejected the concept of a State religion.
    Therefore you get to keep your “god” out of other peoples private lives.

  17. Boy, this guy is a complete idiot. I wonder if his followers catch all the
    contradictions that come out of his mouth. The other day he said that the
    government actions where unconstitutional in the gay marriage arena and now
    he wants the government to go against our constitution. I’d like to talk
    to a follower and believer of Bryan, a serious one. I’d like to know how
    it is that they can still believe and follow him knowing he contradicts
    himself all the time.

  18. HORSE APPLES!! – as one great conservative orator recently said…. (okay,
    it was the Huckster who said it)

  19. And the scriptures are irrelevant to the Constitution. Sorry Bryan, we’re
    still not a theocracy.

  20. He whines over the “spectre of Sharia Law” in America and then says our
    government was “designed by God”.

  21. “According to the Bible, the Bible is right and must be obeyed…” Of
    course, silly, it would not say the other way around! It is like the movie
    “JFK” spending 3 hours just to say: “Oh, yeah, sorry, actually Lee Oswald
    did it…”

  22. The Constitution takes precedence over the Bible – it is the foundation of
    your countries laws.
    In other words, fuck the Bible. The first amendment clear states that
    government can’t establish a religion, and being a ‘Minister of God’ would
    be defying that law. So shut the fuck up you fascist stooge!

  23. Judge not Lest YE be judged! Government and the Church needs to stay out
    of our affairs. We are all children of God! I am so tired of hearing
    about gays rights or should I say non rights. Man is the problem with
    everything in the world today. Man acting as if he is God, well you are
    not God. I am a straight, 60 year old white woman and I could care less
    what gay people do, as long as it doesn’t effect me. No one has the right
    to keep another person from love. If there was more love in this world
    things would be alot different. Control, Judgement and Greed is all there
    is anymore, from the government and the Churches. You all write the laws
    as you go forward in your deceit. May God help you all.

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