44 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Says Jesus Is The Magic Force That Holds The Universe Together”

  1. Jesus IS the strong force. The strong force works in atoms. Atoms are
    inside my penis. Jesus is in my penis.

  2. “By the word of his power” Power generally doesn’t speak, Brain Fissure,
    and you are appealing to ignorance. Not surprising, you have more then
    enough ignorance to appeal to.

  3. *The Strong Nuclear Force* (also referred to as the strong force) is one of
    the four basic forces in nature (the others being gravity, the
    electromagnetic force, and the weak nuclear force). As its name implies, it
    is the strongest of the four. However, it also has the shortest range,
    meaning that particles must be extremely close before its effects are felt.
    Its main job is to hold together the subatomic particles of the nucleus
    (protons, which carry a positive charge, and neutrons, which carry no
    charge. These particles are collectively called nucleons). As most people
    learn in their science education, like charges repel (+ +, or – -), and
    unlike charges attract (+ -).

    If you consider that the nucleus of all atoms except hydrogen contain more
    than one proton, and each proton carries a positive charge, then why would
    the nuclei of these atoms stay together? The protons must feel a repulsive
    force from the other neighboring protons. This is where the strong nuclear
    force comes in. *The strong nuclear force is created between nucleons by
    the exchange of particles called mesons.* This exchange can be likened to
    constantly hitting a ping-pong ball or a tennis ball back and forth between
    two people. *As long as this meson exchange can happen, the strong force is
    able to hold the participating nucleons together.* The nucleons must be
    extremely close together in order for this exchange to happen. The distance
    required is about the diameter of a proton or a neutron. If a proton or
    neutron can get closer than this distance to another nucleon, the exchange
    of mesons can occur, and the particles will stick to each other. If they
    can’t get that close, the strong force is too weak to make them stick
    together, and other competing forces (usually the electromagnetic force)
    can influence the particles to move apart.

  4. The universe actually is flying apart and galaxies are expanding. Even
    accelerating. So it looks like Jesus got tired of holding it all together.

  5. Jesus keeps the toilet paper from breaking apart when I wipe my ass…Jesus
    can do anything except, come back quickly.

  6. Hilarious that you think you know more about the universe than hundreds of
    theoretical physicists when you know nothing about quantum mechanics or
    particle physics and have only the bible to fall back on…..hilarious
    little man.

  7. “Scientists don’t know what it is. We know what it is.”

    That’s called intellectual honesty. On the contrary, Fischer is simply
    asserting that he knows based on nothing except his presuppositions.

  8. Whats keeping Fischer from sucking dick because he is a closet homosexual
    ? Belief in Jesus Christ.

  9. This is just another example showing that fundamentalists are not
    interested into science. They are interested into pontificating about
    science and co-opting whatever piece of scientific knowledge they can find
    to prop up their ‘magic voodoo’ rhetoric.

  10. ICP: “Water, fire, air, & dirt, fucking magnets, how do they work?!?!??”
    And I
    don’t wanna talk to a scientist ya all muther fuckers lyin’ & getting me

  11. is jesus also the reason i have a ‘strong force’ between my face and my
    palm every time i listen to bryan fischer?

  12. Yes, your magical iron-age super hero holds the universe together with his
    mysterious magical magic. I swear these people live in a comic book.

  13. Even if you believe some supernatural ‘god’ or power does that, how do you
    know the so-called Jesus was that god? 

  14. Bwahahahaha, holy crap, I just messed my pants. I normally don’t bother
    with this idiot’s rantings anymore, they’re just moronic, but this one, has
    got to be the funniest pile of elephant dung I’ve ever heard. ROTFLMFAO!!!!
    Good one. I’m not even gonna bother with the grammar school science that
    shoots his “words” to worthless hell. I can’t, I suffocating from my own

  15. Bryan Fischer the only space that you don’t acknowledge is the one that is
    quickly growing inside that dim witted head of yours you old,malignant
    human tumor.

  16. Oh my fucking gawd… I can look past the bullshit and scientific
    illiteracy but to climb up to the tallest tree and shit all over the
    achievements of the best our species had to offer is disrespectful and
    makes me furious. People like this guy should be either in a straight
    jacket or 2 meters unders the dirt.

  17. The people who are dangerous are those who proclaim that their idea of God
    is the right idea (or belief, if that’s a better way of saying it). A more
    important word than magic is “mystery”. This country(USA) has a huge
    population of people who seem to have given up on reason, justice and the
    hard work that seeking a better world requires. This group seems to think
    signing up for the rally ( saying one believes in the cause) will
    automatically result in their God’s approval. They don’t get it- God is a
    mystery, not a magical being. We can’t touch this mystery or name the
    mystery, we can seek the qualities of the mystery. I believe that God’s
    mysteries include science and knowledge. When evangelical or fundamental
    believers say God creates disasters to punish the world, they claim a good
    point for their side. Pitiful, mean people.

  18. jesus = neutrons + strong force. Ok, now I get whats with all the nuclear
    bombs. They are worship idols. 

  19. Wow, props for actually identifying the correct force that holds the
    nucleus together (Well, the weak force too, but I’ll let that slide). But
    of course all credit is taken away for adding an unnecessary, unobservable,
    untestable “hypothesis” to an already adequate scientific theory. If Jesus
    is the strong force, then clearly Zeus must be the electromagnetic force.

  20. If there was anything that shouted “argument from ignorance”, this would be
    it. Of course Brian Fischer just excretes ignorance.

  21. An answer to everything. Problem is, it’s useless knowledge. What equations
    can be used, what predictions can be made? It’s useless now, it’s always
    been useless, and it always will be useless.

  22. Oh Bryan, you are so diceived by Cthulhu, Everyone one knows the universe
    is held together by the Flying Spaghetti Monster(sauce be upon him), please
    stop denying His noodliness. Mutany looks kinda strange in our volunteer
    pirate navy, there is no brig to put you in and The Flying Spaghetti
    Monster will allow you all the time you need to understand him, no threats,
    just endless patience and free beer. Ramen!

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