45 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Says The Poor Should Be Throwing Parades For The Rich”

  1. They can go ahead and secede from the US, and have their utopia where
    “survival of the fittest” (social darwinism) prevails. I’m all for that.

  2. Can anyone explain how these freaks can be Ayn Rand Christians, it makes no
    sense, how do they reconcile the two?

  3. the top 1% dose not control 17% of the wealth, it controls 34% of the
    wealth and if you look at the top 5% they control 62% of the wealth, now
    lets compare that to the bottom 60%, they only control 20% of the wealth,
    the bottom 40% only control 0.2.
    I’m going to use some math to put that in prospective wealth controlled / %
    of people = wealth factor

    top 1% wealth factor 34
    top 5% wealth factor 12.4
    bottom 60% wealth factor 0.333
    bottom 40% wealth factor 0.005

    so someone in the top 5% on average has 37 times as much as what the
    average person in the bottom 60% does, The top 1% has 102 times what the
    bottom 60% has, now lets compare them to the bottom 40% they have on
    average 2480 times more then the bottom 40%. Now The top 1% on average has
    6800 times more then what the average person in the bottom 40% does. The 1%
    are 6800 times better off then the bottom 40%. Yeah the bottom 40% are
    going to throw a parade in the honor of the top 1%, but the top 1% are not
    going to like it, because the theme is going to be the new french

  4. has any one pointed out that this same idea can be pointed out with the
    south. That only Georgia and Texas pay more taxes than they get in federal
    aid. So Equally The Neo-confederate south should be thanking the Yankee
    North for supporting them.

  5. The wealthy pay a smaller PERCENTAGE in taxes on their unearned income than
    the working class pays as a PERCENTAGE on their earned income.
    That is what makes the tax rates for the wealthy unfair to the working
    class. Just because the wealthy make more money, that is no reason why
    they should be allowed to pay a smaller PERCENTAGE of their income in
    taxes. It’s like they are claiming poverty, which is not only ridiculous,
    but also insulting to everyone in the 99.9%

    Of course they pay a higher percentage of all taxes paid, but that does not
    make it unfair to them, especially since they have stolen all of the income
    from the productivity gains produced by the working class over the past 30

  6. The top 1% control more than 30% of the country’s income. They should be
    paying more than the 30% they already do.

  7. “Who pays for…”

    Not them, by your own admission. “They pay 30% of the tax revenue,” which
    means that everyone else makes up the vast majority of the tax revenue.

  8. Don’t the rich pay less taxes per dollar than the rest of us because of tax
    loopholes, tax shelters and otherwise keeping their money outside of the US
    so that it can’t be taxed in the first place?

    Yeah.. I thought so too.

  9. Let’s get this right.
    30% of the taxes is 100% of all benefits to others?
    They don’t pay all. 

  10. Bryan Fisher, not just a raging bigot, a racist, a homophobe, but also a
    complete and total fucking fool. I wonder who dresses him in the morning?

  11. I’m sure Feudal landowners said the same about the Serf’s, or plantation
    owners about slaves, it’s always an excuse from those at the top of the
    hierarchical system that were somehow doing us a favour forgetting that
    their only their because of the system they created and they need us in
    order to remain.

  12. So I guess he’s saying instead of thanking god, praise the rich. I guess we
    know what his god is, money and rich assholes.

  13. I’ve an idea; if we convince him and his listeners that the poor kissing
    the ground the rich walk on and holding parades in their honour are acts of
    homosexuality, then they’ll likely condemn it as sinful and campaign
    against it. 

  14. the top 1% pays 30% of the taxes. They control 43% of the nations wealth.

    Why are they not paying their fair share, they should be paying closer to

    We still need to factor in all the pork they get, sports stadiums,
    airports, bridges, subsidies for not farming, subsidies for not
    manufacturing, free land, and the list goes on.

  15. i would love to see this assholes numbers…

    20 bucks says their not per capita nor do they factor in sales tax

  16. The top 1% percent should be kissing the ground on which the other 99%
    percent walk, in celebration of the fact that they (the 1%) haven’t been as
    widely reviled as they deserve. They’ve gotten away with plundering our
    nation for a long time, and have gotten off scott free for too long. I say
    they should be celebrating the fact they’re still alive at all. We do
    outnumber them. lol. The idiot in this video? Put him in stocks in the
    public square and when he’s been thoroughly shamed, make him volunteer in
    soup kitchens and homeless shelters for as many years as it takes for him
    to begin to understand. He couldn’t be any more clueless…

  17. taxes from gambling on wall street should be the same as taxes from
    gambling in a casino. or higher since the people don’t bail out the
    gamblers in the casino when they lose.

  18. Like the ‘ticker tape parade’ probably not seen since the 1940’s, Brian
    Fisher is a relic of the past.

  19. Preach it, Brother Fischer! Just because it would be easier for a camel to
    fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven,
    doesn’t mean that rich dude doesn’t deserve a party in his honor thrown by
    the poor folks whose government he just bought!

  20. yeah, i read that in the bible i think …”blessed are the rich!” .. Jesus
    just loved rich those folks!
    “Large companies find ways to a zero tax rate” – USA Today
    “One out of four corporations pay no taxes” – politifact
    “Many big U.S. corporations pay very little in taxes: study” – Reuters

  21. Fischer must die NOW !! Why is this hateful lying POS still living? Why
    does he still draw breath? Why ? Fischer is pure unadulterated evil !!
    Christians are evil. They are the most selfish, hateful, judgmental,
    racist, biased, lying, ignorant, filthy, bastards that ever walked this

  22. Here is something to think about. The top 1% do pay a huge share of income
    tax, but you can’t suggest an alternative without raising taxes on people
    who live paycheck to paycheck. By making it “fair” in their world, means
    everyone pays the same percentage.

    Ok, well a flat tax does not account for the fact those at the top, can
    still sustain themselves, while the bottom cannot. If a flat tax of 70%
    were in place, the wealthy could still live comfortably, while the poor
    would literally die off. If you’re a billionaire because you wrote a few
    novels, fine. If you’re a billionaire because you managed to hire some
    people to do what you as a human being (yes, I’m saying that rich people
    shit and bleed red like everyone else) cannot, then you cannot attribute
    all the money you make to your own skill lol. It’s like if someone went
    around saying, “I made 50,000 brooms today.” No you didn’t asshole, other
    people made it for you!

  23. Fischer acts like the 1% are paying a dispropotionately large percentage of
    the taxes. Instead you could look at it through the amount of income
    (earned or otherwise) they make annually as a percentage of all Americans.
    I think people – excuse me – sane people agree that, that’s a more
    appropriate lens.

  24. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.

    Napoleon Bonaparte


    30% of tax revenue leaves the rest of us paying 70%. The rich create the
    need for social programs with low wages and few, if any, benefits. Yes the
    rich pay 30% of taxes and receive corporate subsidies (welfare) offsetting
    their contribution to the poor and needy. 70% of those subsidies are paid
    for by the rest of us.

    Jesus was so supportive of the rich, saying things like, it is easier for a
    camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into
    heaven. Atheists, agnostics, and some Christians openly oppose religious
    hypocrisy and the rich like Jesus did.

    Yes Brian Fisher, you are an idiot. 

  25. I thought it was tougher to get a camel through the eye of a needle than
    for a rich person to enter the kingdom of god?

  26. Let’s give a ticker tape parade for the top 1 percent. We’d love to get a
    look at where our money went.

  27. Remember kiddies, you must kiss the feet of the Oligarchy because they have
    taken most of the money off your weekly wage and then given a bit of it

  28. You guys are forgetting something…this guy doesn’t have a real job…his
    “job” is to con people out of their money for his tax-free cult to use.
    It’s much more useful to kiss rich people’s asses and get their money than
    to trick poor people out of a little bit of money at a time, so of course
    he loves rich people.

  29. Just where does this dumb ass get his facts it is not a reliable source the
    poor will throw parades for the rich like the French in the 1780s.

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