44 Comments on “RWW News: Glenn Beck Is Not One To Doubt The Miracle Of The Jesus Pancake”

  1. no. it’s definitively Richard Stallman. It is indeed a miracle, and a
    he is sad because you’re not even using free software to make your
    pancakes.. …well, the GNU operates in mysterious ways.

  2. Why doesn’t God do some real miracles like feed the hungry in Africa or
    heal sick people, instead of doing these parlor tricks?

  3. I am jesus and I demand gay sex whilst on cristal meth with Glenn. I also
    need viagra and blindfolders, otherwise I wont be able to fuck his fat ass!

  4. I just experienced a miracle! Something fell out of my body — and, while
    it floated there, I glanced at it and realized it looks exactly, exactly,
    EXACTLY, like Glenn Beck. Everything ABOUT it says, “Hi, I’m Glenn.”
    Hallelujah! [Sound of flushing.]

    By the way. The image on the pancake looks like Charles Manson. Or wait:
    Tevye from “Fiddler on the Roof.” Or, now that I think about it, Joaquin
    Phoenix, during his insane year. Or could it be one of those San Francisco
    Giants with the weird beards? Or waitwaitwait — it’s Rorschach from
    “Watchmen.” And this Rorschach test is failed, with glib idiocy, as always,
    by the always floating Mr. Beck.

  5. Glenn… you’re comparing burnt pancakes to a suspected hoax to see if it
    looks like a man no one has seen in two thousand years, but we’re pretty
    sure didn’t look like every one thinks he does. If he even existed. So

  6. I think it looks like a dwarf. These are just dumb little kids in their
    tree house playing make pretend with reality.

  7. A “season of miracles” And what month does that happen? Spring? Winter?
    Where does that appear on the calendar? Mine shows pagan months. Which
    month has it Beckky boy? 

  8. The face on the pancake looks like a long haired bearded Caucasian. Every
    long haired bearded Caucasian looks like Jesus to people who base their
    visual image of Jesus on European artwork. IF Jesus even existed he never
    took the time to pose for a painter or a sculptor. You can’t say anything
    looks like Jesus, because we don’t know what Jesus looks like.
    Dammit Beck. Just when you were starting to look slightly sane for
    condemning Cliven Bundy and his merry militia thugs. 

  9. It’s an easy mistake to make but that looks like Rasputin more than
    “Jesus.” Clearly Russia is on the rise and Divinely ordained to do so!

  10. As the late, great Bill Hicks said, “Child birth is no more of a miracle
    than eating food and a turd coming out of your ass. It’s a chemical

    Bill wasn’t the most subtle person around.

  11. Which is it Beck? Are we heading into dark, apocalyptic times or are we
    entering into a season of miracles? He flip-flops so often on his
    predictions. DEAD @ one of the guys in there actually saying what most are
    thinking. “You’re looking for things you want to find.”

  12. Everyone now, lightly face-palm, just because they are being silly and
    ignorant at the same time.

  13. “You’re looking for things you want to find.” And all of modern day,
    rightwing, conservative Christianity is summed up in one sentence by one of
    their own.

  14. If I could tell Glenn Beck “you’re looking for things you want to find” I
    would be *sooooo happy*.

  15. Uh, hey assholes, the shroud of turin was proved to be a fake long ago, why
    are you comparing anything to a proven forgery? 

  16. “This is the age of miracles … and there’s nothing more horrifying than a
    miracle.” ~ Baron Von Strucker #HailHydra

  17. Hasn’t Jesus heard of the internet, cell phones? The sad thing is someone
    will pay good money for a stale pancake.

  18. *”You’re looking for things you want to find.”* Pretty much sums up Beck’s
    entire broadcasting career as a right-wing lunatic and pseudo-Christian

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