31 Comments on “RWW News: Huelskamp: Real Men Oppose Gay Rights”

  1. I didn’t hear anything against gays or same-sex marriage. He just said that
    a real man honors his marriage and his children and he’s not wrong.

  2. The family didn’t look very happy with dad. Why do I sense they are hiding
    some unpleasant secrets about their God deluded husband and dad?

  3. umm…I didn’t hear anything in this clip about gays or gay rights at all

    If we’re supposed to infer some subtext then what I heard is “Men,
    everything is about you and women desperately need you because they can’t
    survive without you.”

  4. I wish that this clip would have been clearer on its intent to deny
    marriage to single sex couples. Nothing in this tiny speech gives any
    indication that the speaker is anti-same sex couple marriage. All he does
    is tell others how “real men” love their wives, children. No mention of
    same sex couples is ever uttered by him. Although we all know that Tim
    Huelskamp is an avid anti-same-sex couple marriage proponent, in this
    speech he comes across as a person who actually advocates for same-sex
    couple marriages. Now let’s do this, let’s promulgate the fact that Tim is
    now a proponent of same-sex couple marriage. Let’s see how he feels about

  5. Huelskampf. I wonder if the token “Colored” people he has up there are the
    ones that think Homosexuality is a “White” invention?

  6. This is more anti-woman than anti-gay. I know the subtext is anti-gay from
    the other videos though. This video as is really comes off like…

    “A woman can’t do anything without a man. She’s desparate to find a man to
    take care of her, because who else could?”

    Pretty lame. Also, he comes off as uber gay to me. Can’t wait for that
    scandal to hit.

  7. Except for the little kid, I see only vile sinful gluttons.

    I’ll see you in hell, fat christian pigs.

  8. We’re in a terribly difficult situation despite what the ‘all-too-sure’ pro
    and/or con gay rights side want you to believe. Unequivocal certainty, for
    both pro&con, may be illusory with their foundations having been laid on
    inexactness and their ‘above ground’ structures formed through their
    personality filters. Having said that it does seem clear that our biology
    is based on the ‘hetero-blueprint.’ G-d help us all. 

  9. This is misleading title, he doesnt mention anything against LGBT ppl and
    Gay Marriage…I agree with him that a real man does honor his marriage and
    his children and family, whether the man is gay, straight, or bisexual or
    trans man, honoring his family, marriage, and children makes him a real

  10. If he believes children need husbands/fathers so desperately, why is he
    opposed to a kid having two fathers? That would be like, double good for
    the kids, right?

  11. Is that his family loyally gathered around him? I don’t want to spread
    rumors, but I suspect his wife has been sleeping with her basketball coach.

  12. How does Marriage equality affect a straight mans Marriage?? Please explain
    to me like Im a 5 years old…. This guy is a piece of trash. Whats a real
    man??? And what are you protecting your Kids and Wife from??? And what if
    your kid is gay. Do you hate him?
    I dislike bigots.

  13. I’m so fucking glad that I work 365 days a year and am in pain after every
    day to pay for this fat christian asswipe to take 279 days off to feed his
    FAT ASS on my tax dollar.

  14. Um, for one thing, we have too many people on this planet already. And
    another thing, I heard nothing about opposing gay rights, and rhetoric…

  15. So how does someone’s same-sex marriage affect you again?

    I could bet $10,000 you don’t have an answer.

  16. Basically what he’s saying that if him and his friends in congress are
    going to keep marriage “straights only” that the quality of marriage needs
    to be better.

  17. That’s right! Real men don’t marry other men, they only have sex with them.
    Get your facts straight, homosexuals!

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