32 Comments on “RWW News: Klingenschmitt Says A Gay Couple Wanting To Marry Is ‘In A Hurry To Run Into Hell’”

  1. Where exactly does the Bible condemn lesbianism? I know God is all involved
    in what any penis gets up too, but I don’t think he cares very much about
    the girls. Accept to make sure that penis stays away from girls when they
    are in an unclean state.

  2. There’s a difference between being a biological parent and being a legal
    parent. Since the man who provided the sperm for this couple’s baby likely
    has no parental rights over the child, as far as the government is
    concerned, the two women are the parents. And again, the laws of the Bible
    are irrelevant as far this secular republic is concerned.

  3. “God’s government?” Not in this life Chaps.
    You recall that when you were elected to the CO State House, in an
    interview with David Pakman, you said you “will probably tone down the
    rhetoric” in your role as a state legislator an won’t try to legislate
    exorcisms of gay people.
    So okay, so far so good. However, I, and everyone else who knows about you,
    just couldn’t believe that you’d conduct yourself [off] the floor of the
    house with any such circumspection. And of course, we were right.
    However, Chaps, I’m going to make a prophesy of my own. Sometime during the
    course of your tenure in the CO House, it seems to me inevitable that
    you’ll say or write something so remarkably stupid and offensive, in a
    “legislative role”, that you’ll not leave office without at least being
    censored by the House, and it will be led by your fellow Republicans.

  4. I don’t think the issue was ever if it’s possible for both women to be the
    biological mothers, you moron. The issue is parental rights. Just another
    supremely stupid republican office holder. Amazingly this guy is far from
    the stupidest, which tell you all you need to know about the intellectual
    depths to which the GOP has lowered itself. It was bad enough when they
    were just immoral assholes. Now they’re brain dead immoral assholes. 

  5. God doesn’t run government, people do fuckstick. And that fact he’s an
    elected official is disgusting

  6. Lesbianism just falls somewhere on the scale of varied human sexuality
    with all the other different types that you are born with. God must be a
    real prankster when first he creates people this way and then claims they
    should be put to death. Good one, God.

  7. What an ugly man inside and out. I think much of the problem with these
    right wing assholes is they’re not getting fucked. Of course who in their
    right mind would fuck them? 

  8. Chaps has always got a weird, gleeful smile on his face when speaking of
    sending gays and lesbians off into hell. I do so hope I live long enough to
    see him caught up in a bondage scandal one day.

  9. Yes, it’s a tragedy that a parent can’t get parental rights over their kid
    because of your shitty religious and moral beliefs.

  10. I seriously want to wear out a couple of army boots kicking this piece of
    talking excrement in the balls, people like him bring out the worst in me.

  11. Why doesn’t she say it was a miracle conception? Happened all of the time
    in the ancient world. I would believe her as much as I would Mary.

  12. Klingenschmitt, who are you to stop them or anyone else that is in a rush
    to Hell. We try to stop you from committing sin, so what is your rush to
    stop us???????

  13. Oh, I’m adopted so I guess my parents that raised me arent really my mother
    and father after all.
    Fat neck can go fuck himself.

  14. This “man???” should remain abstinent for the rest of his life to set the
    example….. and spare us his genome ever spreading 

  15. Oh my fucking god! Klingenschmitt looks even creepier without his
    glasses…! I’d rather deal with the monsters at five nights at Freddy’s
    then watch him again…!

  16. Looks like Dr Chapps here has a lot of explaining to do when he gets home
    to his live in boyfriend of many years.

  17. What I want to know is this how he earns his living? I know he has been
    elected to something but does this “show” actually make money for him?

  18. Remain abstinent until death?
    Well what the hell is it, Chaps. Were gay people born demonic sinners or
    were they just choosing to be that way?
    If it isn’t bad enough that this man is incredibly stupid, he also has to
    go and be inconsistent. I normally would never even think of condemning
    voters, but after this idiot got elected to office I am thoroughly
    convinced that there is a way to vote wrong.

  19. I’m sick of people who think they have the right to impose their religious
    beliefs on everyone else. You don’t like same-sex marriage? Don’t engage
    in it. Your religion’s against it? It doesn’t have to perform same-sex
    wedding ceremonies. That’s the extent of the impact your opinion, and your
    religion, should have on the matter.

  20. Klingonshit is nuttier than a fruit cake. He’ll fit right is with his
    Christian holiday bullshit of giving fruitcake on Christmas.

  21. I’d offer my sympathies to the people of Colorado’s 15th. District, but
    they actually voted this psychotic wing-nut into office.
    Just how much weed did they have to smoke to think that was a good idea? If
    anyone needs to get high, it would be Gordon.

  22. Since when is raising a child considered “homosexual sin”? And, Mr.
    Klingenstein, what would you say to an adoptive parent (who is not a birth

  23. Well, I guess it’s time to rip some families apart by taking kids away from
    their adoptive mothers. According to Gordon Klingenschmitt, if your
    biological mother is dead, you aren’t allowed to have a mother figure at
    all. How Christ-like of him! 

  24. “Well Mr. Chaps, it looks like everyone thinks you’re a bigoted asshole
    extremist who tried to take down RWW on bogus charges and made yourself
    look like a fool.”

    “Yes, but what if I got contact lenses?”

  25. The last time I heard someone talk about a person being in a hurry to get
    to hell, it was Eddie Murphy in his routine about famous people getting
    shot. It went something like:

    “What’s your reasoning for shooting the pope? ‘Oh, I know I’m going to
    hell; I don’t wanna wait in line — I wanna take the hell express!'”

    The difference, of course, is that Murphy knew he was a comedian, and that
    no one would take him seriously. Klingenschmitt doesn’t share that clarity
    of self-awareness.

  26. Klingenschmitt’s preaching for Christianity must mean that he’s really in a
    hurry to go to the Hell of Islam (just as absurd a statement.)

  27. This moron, allegedly can exorcise the gay out of gays. Sadly he was
    recently elected into office. Now he is claiming a gay couple wanting to
    marry is in hurry to run to hell.

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