48 Comments on “RWW News: Klingenschmitt Says ‘It’s A Tragedy Every Time Somebody Comes Out Of The Closet’”

  1. It’s a tragedy every time a LGBT youth commits suicide due to bigotry.
    It’s a tragedy when wars happen because of dogma.
    It’s a tragedy that theocrats are fighting tooth and nail to control
    It’s a tragedy that people have to be afraid of your “religion of love”.
    It’s a tragedy that human rights and dignity are stripped because of an old

    It’s truly a tragedy that people like Klingenschmitt are taken seriously.

  2. Oh NO! You mean sports players are people with their own goals and lives
    and not merely your personal entertainment toys?

  3. So, it’s a “tragedy” when some one decides to quit hiding from ass wipes
    like this Klingerball creep. Wow, I’m insensitive, I guess. I just can’t
    see the tragedy of someone deciding to be themselves, to live their own
    real life. I’m just a brute who just can’t feel the tragedy in that.

    This kind of hatred is genuinely sick and it pleases me greatly that so
    many young people are leaving these fundy churches and their religious
    garbage because they can’t stomach the insane hatreds of their nutball
    elders. One of the best decisions of their lives will be walking away from
    the madness.

  4. Another day, another batch of ignorant asshats losing their minds over
    something that is none of their business.

  5. Why is it that conservatives think they can live in the past? It must be
    reluctance to leave the mother’s breast and fend for themselves, although
    they’d be the first to start ranting about self-reliance.

    “Coming out” is an issue of honesty, it’s about declaring openly who you
    are, not about self-serving bullshit like these idiots spew.

  6. Everyone knows it is much better to live your life as a lie, and dedicate
    yourself to a loveless marriage, ruining the your and your wifes lives.

    We all get one life for such a brief time, it is a shame to spend that
    short time in a lie.

  7. Confused point, after confused point, after confused point:

    1. “…first *so called* openly gay athlete…” HUh? What’s the *so called*for?
    2. “…is he [coming out] for the football league or himself…” Uh,
    himself? Duh!
    3. “…some teams don’t want the media circus…” More like some teams
    don’t want gay players on their team.
    4. “…this was ultimately about self…” Lol. Yes, if your gay, think of
    your team and stay in the closet. lol Reminds of 1940s whites in the south
    who thought black activists were disturbing the peace, being selfish, and
    not thinking of the stability of the whole community by wanting equal
    rights. Don’t rock the boat huh?
    5. “…we are now celebrating that a man says I am now attracted to other
    men…” Uh, no. We are celebrating the courage it takes to enter groups as
    an openly gay man that have been and still are extremely prejudiced towards
    gay people. Very similar to Jackie Robinson in fact. Society didn’t
    celebrate Jackie Robinson because he was Black… It was the courage of the
    6. “…He doesn’t want to be thought of as a gay NFL player. It’s too late.
    He made that bed…” So what if Jackie Robinson said I don’t want to be
    thought of as a black baseball player, just a baseball player? Tell him
    it’s too late, he made that bed by wanting to play in integrated sports
    with white players? lol I think Michael Sam meant that he wanted people to
    eventually accept that he’s gay and have it no longer matter to them.
    7. “…it’s a tragedy every time someone comes out of the closet…” For
    you? For who? For the person coming out I think it would probably be like
    seeing the Sun for the first time.

    These two guys are so brainwashed by religion and tradition that they can’t
    even think straight.

  8. The funny thing is that God probably hates most people on Earth, including
    these people.

  9. We’re not celebrating someone for coming out of the closet we’re
    celebrating the guts that they had to do it. Especially being a black male
    in a sport like football? Thats courage.

  10. Is it me, or is klingenschmitt getting fatter with each new video? I am
    personally hoping that he doesn’t get elected. 

  11. It’s a tragedy every time you open your mouth Klinger “piece of shit”.
    Along with Dr. Assless Chaps.

  12. No. An actual tragedy is someone driven to suicide by fear of homophobic
    reactions from those around them if they come out of the closet. Such as
    for example, the bullying homophobic cowards in this video, who would have
    all gay people stay in the closet because it’s more convenient for them to
    have a sexual minority they dislike vanish from view rather than make
    waves. The thing that all bullies fear the most of course, is their
    victims standing up for themselves as a group – which is why these
    predatory goons here fear whenever another person comes out of the closet
    in defiance of their piddling bullshit.

  13. We’re celebrating that a man is brave enough to be open about who and what
    he is, instead of hiding it for fear of persecution and ridicule by
    assholes like you and Klingon-shit!!
    The real tragedy is that bigoted dickheads like you and your ilk are still
    clinging on to bronze age fairy tales!!

  14. The other guy seems to be implying that it is bad to ever do anything in
    your own self interest.

  15. What is truly tragic is that bigoted, hateful, ignorant, self-righteous,
    dangerously delusioned, dishonest, thoroughly dishonourable (you are a
    disgrace to the military uniform you once wore, Gordie), self-serving
    failures like these 2 men still draw breath.

  16. People like this are a cancer on the human race. Shame on them for trying
    to spread their bigoted ignorant views! If anyone is going to hell it’s
    people like this who disguise their hatred and discrimination with holy

  17. If the sort of things people like Klingenschmitt, Lively & co say and do
    are examples of God’s love then I’d hate to see what they do when God’s

  18. These assholes are a bunch of collective narcissists. They cannot
    understand anything outside of their narrow definition of the world. 

  19. actually it’s a tragedy that this guys last name looks very close to
    “cling-on shit”

  20. “… and was going to determine how it would get out.” Dr. Chaps should
    take note.

  21. It’s a tragedy that petty hate filled men won’t stop using religion to
    justify all manner of bigotry. It’s an even bigger tragedy that so many
    people agree with them.

  22. Boo………………………………………………………………………….hoo!

  23. Every time a gay “comes out” these people hate it because it is a
    demonstration of honesty about the person that you really are, and once it
    becomes good to be that honest, people may even be able to come out of that
    other, darker, and more dangerous closet.
    How long will it be before people in key positions will be able to come out
    as *Atheists*. And once that starts to happen how long will the power base
    of these self appointed “guardians of morality” last?

  24. Since when was being ‘honest’ about yourself is considered selfish? These
    guys are dumb as a box of rocks. 

  25. Is it me or is Klingenschmitt really putting on some weight? If he keeps
    it up he will look like John Hagee by the end of the year.

  26. They were all over Tebow’s cock when he was talking about how religion had
    a big influence in his life. He was a hero to them for not being afraid to
    talk about Jesus in a country where the majority of people are Christian.
    Michael Sam comes out and it’s a tragedy? GTFO.

  27. It’s a Tragedy every time someone comes out of the Closet? Authenticity is
    tragic? Living life authentically, an affront to these ‘Christians’ of some
    sort I presume, but who knows. Every time someone comes out of the Closet,
    Life on our Shared Planet, Improves – for Everyone. 

  28. It’s going to be comedy when you come out of the closet, Gordon. Pure
    comedy gold.

  29. They seem oblivious to the reason why people have to come out in the first
    place and why it’s so difficult. It’s difficult because of the judgmental,
    insulting, and discriminatory way people who come out are treated.

  30. When will we as the people of a loving and compassionate G-D understand his
    letter of love to us?
    At issue here is the absolutism, arrogance and the lack of understanding
    that Scripture was written in various historically differing cultural
    context’s and has been thoughout the centuries interpreted into many
    translations through the eyes and the culture, bias, prejudices of the
    translators. The original languages provided choices in the interpretive
    process and those choices determined the message told. Even if G-d wanted
    us to judge others sincerity and walk with Him, which i am certain he
    doesn’t want, we should at least before condemning an entire Christian and
    non-Christian minority be absolutely skeptical of our absolutism and with
    much humility be certain of what scripture was really addressing within the
    culture at the time it was written and the effects this culture had on the
    Church that required it being addressed. But thousands of years of
    tradition, discrimination, demonizing and assuming has hardened the heart,
    Jesus clearly addressed this occurrence in his statement to the
    self-righteous religious leaders that interpreted scripture much
    differently than Jesus, you cannot put new wine in old wine skins because
    the rigidity and lack of flexibility of the latter would bring certain
    rupture, clearly we must remove the veils of tradition and shallow
    prejudiced teachings from our eyes, minds, hearts and soften our spirits
    and revisit G-ds word with him leading the way, maybe if we pray hard
    enough for truth rather than justification we will find what G-d wants us
    too and at least discover we aren’t so sure any more of our conclusions and
    must trust the Lord and embrace Grace, Mercy and Love. Using twisted out of
    context Scripture to attribute perverted behavior, elicit fear and hate
    towards the Gay community is shameful and anything but Christian. any
    support of twisted scripture that discriminates is contrary to the
    teachings of Jesus and millions of Christians and other religious
    communities disagree with the radical right and its agenda. We have seen
    the church through the centuries take this stand against others based on
    politics and the same faulty exegesis and bigotry, and its shameful
    consequences still haunt us. The American rightwing evangelicals that
    spread this cancer here and to other countries are the very Anti-Christ
    they fear.

  31. Sounds like sister needs her coochie cleansed, cause girl has some serious
    sand in her vagina. That’s the true tragedy. Won’t someone please think of
    the coochies?

  32. Of course we celebrate that because saying those words, “I am gay” has
    ruined gay folks’ lives and led to beatings and exile and suicide and hate
    crimes and murder and a whole host of horrible things here in the great and
    mighty US of A…so Yes! Let’s celebrate it because of the bravery it
    unfortunately still takes to come out in the climate that this athlete did,
    let’s shine the light to everyone else as loud as we can that it is
    okay!!!! For men who think of themselves as scholarly, these
    fundamentalists are rather small minded.

  33. Matt H and Peter Piggot. If you’re reading this we just want to say

  34. Yes it is a tragedy for them. They can’t use their fear mongering to guilt
    people into self-hatred anymore. Shame. Look at what America has become.

  35. “Dr Chaps” does look like a muppet from side on right? Am I right?

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