33 Comments on “RWW News: Klingenschmitt Says World Vision Board Member Who Resigned Is ‘Full Of The Devil’”

  1. I never get used to hearing a grown man say, with a straight face, “I
    discern a demonic spirit.” Does Dr. Chapped-Ass actually have a following
    of driveling idiots who take him seriously? A man who blithely dehumanizes
    others by claiming those who dissent from his grotesque opinions are
    possessed by “demons” is quite capable of any atrocity.

  2. He totally misrepresented what this woman said and what her motivations
    were but that’s common for a theocratic asshole like him. As for his
    “discerning spirits”, he has no ability to do such a thing. He “discerns”
    according to whether or not people’s opinions agree with his own.

  3. Klingonshit you bald theocratic fascist cunt. Smoke some dope man chill the
    fuck out and stop making videos on YouTube about gay sex. 

  4. Q: What’s best about watching Klingenschmitt speak the sentence:
    “And I discern a demonic spirit in this other woman, Jacqueline Fuller, who
    is now so full of the Devil that she doesn’t want to care for poor people
    anymore unless she can homosexualize them at the same time.”
    a) “discern a demonic spirit”
    b) “full of the Devil”
    c) The combination of a & b. If you know she’s “full of the Devil”, saying
    that you’ve “discerned a demonic spirit” is ridiculous. It’s like saying “I
    know Bill Gates is worth tens of billions of dollars, and also, my spidey
    senses tell me that Bill Gates might have a lot of money.”
    d) “… and then she resigned. Thank God that she has been removed…”.
    *resigned* = _has been removed_ ? (OK, it was sentence just prior to the
    one I quoted – I’m cheating a bit, but damn, can you believe how dishonest
    this guy is?)
    e) “homosexualize”
    g) His misrepresentation that her desire is to
    (hahahahahaha) “homosexualize” the poor.
    h) His misrepresentation that, unless she can (hahahahahaha)
    “homosexualize” the poor, she doesn’t want to care for the poor anymore.
    (She’s even quoted that she remains a huge fun of their work for the poor.)
    i) The unending hateful hypocrisy of this brand of evangelical

  5. “she wants to force homosexual marriage upon world vision” is she trying to
    force all the employees to marry someone of their own sex? what about the
    ones who are already married?

  6. The real Demons live in our heads. After all, we all need a sense of humor.
    People like klingenshmitt are worthless fanboys for a psychotic genocidal

  7. Yes, thank god that she has seen sense and has left a group of hateful
    bigots, such as those endorsed by Dr. Chaps.

  8. How do you call “someone out” about having a demonic spirit? That suggests
    demon possession is a character flaw. It’s also two steps from calling
    them “witches”.

  9. I know it shouldn’t surprise me but when people start ranting about demonic
    spirits it always does. I don’t understand how anybody can even pretend to
    believe in such a thing and keep a straight face.

  10. she resigned, not removed by god. Then again, theocratic fascists are
    removed from reality. The irony is he thinks intolerance won. No, they lost
    a key voice in a losing battle

  11. Resigning from the board makes her “full of the devil?”
    What about all the evangelical groups that threatened to pull support from
    World Vision and told people to drop support as well in response to the
    decision to allow legally married gay couples to work for the organization?
    Unlike Fuller, who is simply leaving the board, those groups actually tried
    to hurt World Vision and the people it helps.
    Who is really “full of the devil” here?

  12. Boycotting Mozilla = “Homofascism”
    Boycotting WorldVision = “Encouraging them to return to their Christian

  13. No, you dipshit. They revoked the policy because of christian assholes such
    as yourself stopped funding the poor children following the decision. Her
    resignation was completely understandable from a company that has a policy
    against her. Yet still she values the work they do, unlike christian
    asshats like yourself who pull the funding off immediately after the
    company starts to embrace basic human dignity. Fuck off Klingenshit more
    than ever before.

  14. Any time someone disagrees with Dr. Chaps, he discerns demons. That’s
    pretty convenient. Don’t agree, you’re evil. 

  15. but when all the christian’s wanted to stop caring for poor people over the
    inverse opinion, it ok. Cognitive Dissonance at it’s finest here folks.

  16. I don’t understand this while “devil” concept. If god is all powerful, why
    doesn’t he just make him not exist? And why did he create him in the first

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