30 Comments on “RWW News: LaBarbera Says HIV Shows Why The Government Cannot Be Trusted To Stop Ebola”

  1. Well Lesbians have the lowest rates of disease therefore all women should
    be Lesbians. Men, you’re out of luck.

  2. Apparently, LaBarbieDoll thinks all men should be straight, and all women
    should be gay (because lesbian sex is *FAR* less of a risk of STDs then
    heterosexual sex, for women).

  3. Does he forget that straight sex spreads aids? As well as mother to child?
    So in reality even if we only had one sex partner aids could still spread
    because the more kids one has the more people would then get infected if
    all those kids got married. So really it is straight people who shouldn’t
    have sex because they infect more people with the virus then gay guys can.

  4. News flash, staright people can catch HIV too! Actually a vagina is more
    suseptible than an anas. But hey, facts don’t matter right?

  5. Again, with that type of thinking, the government should stop “promoting”
    straight marriage and all women should be lesbians. If you think times are
    tough now, good luck getting a date then.

  6. All the while he says this in the lobby room of the Marriott while
    attending a BDSM transsexual meet in Thailand.

  7. And who let HIV/AIDS fester for years with no response from the
    government?Ronald Wilson Reagan or as you all know him God.

  8. When exactly, Peter Peter Penis Eater, have the government promoted
    homosexuality? I’ve never heard a single government official say anything
    to the extent of, “You should go out and try homosexuality!”

  9. LaBarbera is president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality and
    designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. His credibility
    is damaged–as is his brain apparently.

  10. HIV/AIDS became as bad as it did because Porno Pete’s predecessors demanded
    it be so just as he is demanding it remain so.
    Any legitimate preventive measure was vetoed by religious interests.
    Relevant sex education initiatives were shouted down and never pursued.
    Research into the disease was not adequately funded for fear it would
    “promote deviant sexual practices”. Any charity that dare care for LGBT
    people was protested. Any supportive legislation was and continues to be
    petitioned and put to plebiscite.

    Wait for the first case of sexually transmitted Ebola to be reported and he
    will sing a whole new tune. It will suddenly become god’s curse on America,
    and just like last time the church will do what it can to derail any effort
    to cure it.

  11. Are bathhouses even a thing any more in the gay community? Or is Porno
    Pete just into retro stuff?

  12. Anyone remember that CDC memo where it says” everybody fly to Liberia an
    start to lap up EBOLA vomit”?
    No? Neither do i.

  13. This man’s life is consumed with thoughts of gay sex, men’s bath houses,
    HIV, and gay marriage. If I didn’t know any better I would say he was
    hiding something…Hmmm?

  14. And why should we trust the government when they aren’t shutting down
    churches either, when we know that they are rife with pedophiles!

  15. If Homophobes think higher rates of HIV transmission in homosexuals implies
    homosexuality is immoral then why don’t they think being black or
    latino/hispanic is immoral?

  16. the government interferes too much, we want our rights – the government
    should close down gay gathering places, gay people shouldn’t have any

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