31 Comments on “RWW News: Pat Robertson: Gay Rights In The Courts Are Destroying America”

  1. “You have courts that are taking away the very essence of our democracy”
    What rights have you lost, Pat? Please list them and describe how you’re
    less free as a result.

  2. Apparently the only freedom Pat would like for this country is the freedom
    to unquestioningly follow God’s laws.

  3. Little Old Bigot, what are you going to lose? The right to hate? I don’t
    understand what you are saying or what you are afraid of losing?

  4. When your argument starts with the fallacy that the US was founded as a
    Christian nation everything that follows is just bullshit.

  5. Nobody gives a squirrels furry nuts what you think you Ancient old prune
    crone face dinosaur, hurry up an go extinct already!

  6. Meanwhile Pat Robertson says this in the middle of his honeymoon with his
    newly married male “life partner”.

  7. I visited Washington D.C. a few years ago. I visited congress where a
    variety of quotes hung over several doors. One quote read: Anyone fighting
    for liberty is fighting for America. (Paraphrase) Gays are fighting for
    liberty, and so, they are fighting for the principles that made this
    country great…..freedom to live their/our own lives. Does Pat not
    understand the phrase Liberty (freedom) and justice for all? Without equal
    liberty and justice for all there is no America. 

  8. Such a foul little toad. People like this should be out in the street,
    shouting and hollering with a cardboard sign, and selling pencils from a
    cup. (Some of you will surely recognize the person from whom I borrowed
    that quote. :-D)

  9. Why haven’t all the countries that have legalized gay marriage faced
    armageddon yet then? Oh, right, god only cares about america even though
    those that wrote the bible didn’t know it existed and wasn’t told it
    existed by god either.

  10. Pats still grifting the sheep for cash. Only the good die young, he’ll be
    around for years.

  11. Let’s get rid of all of these religitards. I can’t believe this delusional
    fuck is still getting airtime.

  12. Meanwhile, in Sweden where gays have all the rights straights do without
    any exceptions, everything is going straight to hell.

    Oh wait…

  13. On Thanksgiving, I will make a toast with my husband in celebration of the
    fact that the Pat Robertsons of this country have finally switched places
    with us gay folk as being in the minority. 

  14. I think it’s awesome Pat Robertson has to witness equal rights being
    extended to all Americans, just before he croaks.

  15. I predict this evil cunt will die soon and no one will shed a tear. The
    world will be rid of one more bigot and slightly better off for it. 

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