38 Comments on “RWW News: Perkins: ‘Liberal Jewish Folk’ Wrong To Favor Gay Rights, It Will Hurt Israel”

  1. Fuck Israel. Let them take care of themselves. These Christian nuts support
    them because they think their sky wizard will come back and destroy the
    planet if Israel is built up enough and is its own country. Support the
    needs of the American people first and the rest of the world can deal with
    its own problems. It’s about oil and an invisible friend nothing more. 

  2. I wonder, at time, could this be true? Is same-sex activity acceptance a
    doomed, though often well meaning, belief? Only time may tell. It may, it
    may not. 

  3. +pajamasflannelchannel If you’re asking a question don’t censor replies.
    You can’t get a response if you don’t allow responses. Just because you’re
    afraid of people calling your response stupid (which it is) doesn’t mean
    you shouldn’t allow people to answer your question.

    Either hide behind censorship or ask questions. You can’t have it both

  4. So it’s not racism, occupation of Palestine, abuse of human rights, endless
    warfare & civilian death, poverty, economic turmoil, and political/business
    corruption that’s hurting Israel – it’s actually Dave and John wanting to
    get hitched, apparently. Fascist twit.

  5. Perkins has a face that says “I have never smoked crystal meth and had sex
    with a gay prostitute in a motel.”

  6. Read up on the laws of the country, Tony – anti-gay discrimination is
    illegal, LGBT folk can serve openly in the military, gay adoption is legal,
    support for same sex marriage is above 60%. Or visit Tel Aviv. I’m sure
    you’d love the gay beach.
    I don’t think you understand Israel or the people that live there the way
    you think you do.

  7. I didn’t know that I could be succinctly opposed to so many views in such a
    short period of time. 

  8. Funny how he basically admits to caring about Israel only because God told
    him to. Of course, there’s the obligatory footnote that he “loves the
    Jewish people” but we know the truth. Scumbag.

  9. uh……gay rights are RAMPANT in Israel except marriage. they openly serve
    in the Israeli military.

  10. They get so hung up on the sex thing, huh? The injustice, inequality,
    violence things not so much!

  11. The ONLY reason American Evangel-fascists like Perkins here support a
    viable Israeli state is because its required in prophesy to bring about the
    End Times. And BTW, homosexuals have been serving openly in the IDF since
    1993 which really makes this bigoted fucktard’s position laughable.

  12. Why don’t these preachers let God sort it out. If people want to ignore the
    rantings of Bronze Age scribes, let them face the consequences. There must
    be money to be made with these sermons.

  13. He supports Israel because in his insane theology it means the end of the
    world is nigh and then Jesus is here!

  14. Its almost like when you stop using the Bible as a moral source you begin
    to think about other policies too. Clearly this must never happen, do as
    your interpretation of God commands!

  15. Maybe I’m being naive but I take comfort in the fact I’ve never heard of
    most of these hate mongering shite bags before they get on RRW.

    I hope they are as fringe as I think they are. 

  16. In other words, he’s supporting Israel because having the Middle East blow
    up will hasten the return of Christ who will then cast those Jews into the
    pit of hell, because they’re heathens, according to the Buybull. What a
    lying, phony, two-faced piece of shit this Perkins is. I’m sorry, but these
    fuckers should be thrown in prison. Any Jews that would align themselves
    with these slimy mother fuckers are idiots. 

  17. Psst. Israel only wants your money, they know you Endtimers think the
    Temple must be rebuild in order for the return of you brand of Jesus. Then
    all the Jews die.

  18. Yeah, because equal rights is actually giving some people more rights.
    Because NOT giving people equal rights doesn’t actually benefit over
    And about meeting a Jew? “I once met a Jew! A real Jew! Also, I once went
    to Israel! Like, they’re totes magic. Because Jesus. Even if they don’t
    believe in Jesus, they’re magic.” Sighs. Homophobia and racism at the same
    time! And by the way, Jews aren’t magic, they have no special powers, trust
    me I was born Jewish. 

  19. +pajamasflannel If your words are worth something, then let us respond so
    that you may clarify and defend yourself. Otherwise, “G-d” get your butt
    out of here!

  20. Finaly!
    This was so much overdue.
    They got the long sought after reason, why evangelicals must be antisemitic.
    What a great victory for Republicans!

  21. presbiterians are nazis, just like pink swastika was faggot movement which
    killed mothers with kids in camps… perbiterians are satanic government
    institution which goes against israel

  22. What a transparent asshole. You only “love” the Jews so one day Armageddon
    will occur and Jesus comes back. Then your good buddies, the Jews, get
    tossed into everlasting torment. You’re such a sleazy slime ball, when you
    visited Jerusalem I hope they told you to go fuck off. 

  23. Maybe I’m being naive but I take comfort in the fact I’ve never heard of
    most of these hate mongering shite bags before they get on RRW.

    I hope they are as fringe as I think they are. 

  24. A profound respect for Israel’s military capabilities? What the fuck?
    They’re essentially a branch of the American military. We taxpayers have
    supplied Israel with it’s massive arsenal of weapons. This unholy alliance
    of Christian Dominionists and Jewish Zionists is a match made in hell and
    will come back to bite both group of zealots in the ass. 

  25. Tony Perkins can be summed up as a broken record.
    “Christians will be rounded up and placed in death camps!”
    “Gays destroying the world!”
    “Wymminz hate contraception, even though almost all of them have used them
    at one point in their lives!”
    “Democrats are EEEEVVVVIILLLLZ!!!111″

  26. Yeah Tony, I can’t imagine why hostility towards evangelical Christianity
    is on the rise? Could it be that you guys are hate mongering fools who want
    to jail gay people, ban the teaching of evolution, allow your corporate
    overlords to steal the rest of this country, ban all forms of contraception
    and abortion, drive women back to the 1950’s, and who knows what else? You
    are the American Taliban fueled by the Old Testament laws. Fuck you.

  27. 1:54 What a bastard, what an absolute fucking bastard. Vile, vile man.
    Disgusting. I can’t even get my head around what he just said there.
    Fucking outrageous. Sorry for the rant here guys. >:C

    In it’s pursuit of the people who killed those three Israeli teenagers,
    Israel has not only shelled civilian housing with little if any regard as
    to who was there at the time, has not only arrested and killed Palestinians
    in such great numbers they make the Nazi reprisals look amateur, but they
    gone the offensive against a Palestinian political group before even
    proving their guilt. It’s just accusation, attack! And be sure to get the
    kids too so they don’t grow up to get revenge.
    But Tony Perkins is all too happy to ignore the suffering and slaughter of
    helpless human beings because “Because god instructed me to”.

    It would be like somebody getting so outraged by the Chick-Fil-A scandal
    that they go to the FRC’s offices with guns and ammo in an attempt to kill
    people, despite having no proof whatsoever that the FRC is in any way
    involved in the scandal.
    And we all know what Tony Perkins thinks of that little stunt, he wont shut
    up about how it’s all the Southern Poverty Law Center’s fault.

    “Because god instructed me to”. Is one of the biggest bullshiting exercises
    in human history. The only way that good people can do evil deeds.

    Countless millions of innocent people throughout history, men women and
    children have been mercilessly slaughtered “because god instructed me to”.
    Great civilizations on every inhabited continent have been subjugated
    and/or violently eliminated “because god instructed me to”.
    The gas chambers, used to kill the very Jews that Tony Perkins pretends to
    be friends with, were worked by people who justified their actions by
    saying “because god instructed me to”.

    A man called Tony Perkins paid $82,500 to the Ku Klux Klan to have direct
    and unfettered access to David Duke’s personal mailing list, presumably
    because god told him to.
    During his short lived career in policing, a man called Tony Perkins put
    lives at risk when he refused to report known details of a violent
    anti-abortionist conspiracy to his superiors, presumably because god told
    him not to.
    A man called Tony Perkins, in his role on Louisiana’s Law Enforcement
    Commission, has seen to it that gay men in the state are arrested for being
    gay and held in cells by the state’s police forces to await trial,
    presumably because god told him to.

  28. Fuck you Perkins! No I’m not hostile to religion I’m hostile to disgusting
    BIGOTS like you.

  29. 1:54
    So your not helping the Jewish people because its moral, or even strategic.
    You admit your only reason is because your invisible friend commands you
    to do it, and you are his willing slave?

    No, fuck off.

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