37 Comments on “RWW News: Perkins Ties Gay Rights Backers To Charlie Hebdo Assailants”

  1. Wow. So he’s saying a French satirical magazine should be able to have the
    right to speak their minds about Islam without being attacked, just like we
    should have the right to speak out against the gay community without being
    attacked. False equivalence, genius.

    They were speaking out against Islam’s harsh discrimination and
    intolerance…that’s exactly what you are Tony.

  2. Too late Taliban Tony, The vast majority of Christian Americans don’t mix
    their religion with their politics.

  3. what’s the difference between the Christian Right and ISIS????
    well, the Christian Right hasn’t killed people…..YET!

  4. The problem is the Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran is a employee of the state!!!!
    Kelvin Cochran, wrote and distributed a self-published book that espoused
    anti-gay views.
    Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says he fired Cochran last week for exhibiting
    poor judgment and insubordination during an initial 30-day suspension over
    the former chief’s book, “Who Told You You Were Naked.” In the book,
    Cochran condemns homosexual acts as “vile, vulgar and inappropriate.”
    An internal investigation found that Cochran did not get the proper
    approval to write the book in the first place – something he disputes – and
    then talked publicly about his suspension against the mayor’s wishes. The
    probe also found that while Cochran did not treat LGBT employees unfairly
    during his tenure, “there was a consistent sentiment among the witnesses
    that firefighters throughout the organization [were] appalled by the
    sentiments expressed in the book.” (01/14/15 By Emma Margolin)

    I assume the the same would happen to the Chief if he had written and
    anti-Christian book, as a state employee.

  5. Now the Fire Chiefs sharing a stage with Tony Perkins that’s his career as
    a Fire Chief over – no state is going to employ a Fire Chief with that
    kinda baggage in tow – well done Tony that’s another pawn in your anti gay
    Jihad you have bolloxed 

  6. Yes Tony, the French marched against every damn thing you stand for. They
    would have mocked you mercilessly – like you deserve to be – and you would
    have whined about being mocked and silenced by foreign bullies. You are the
    exact kind of religiously blinded, intolerant fuck that Charlie Hebdo stood

  7. Except, the people at the Hebdo Assault were killed by religious zealots;
    The fire chief was fired for hate speech because he put the city at risk of
    being sued. The fire chief can get another job, get on with his life, be a
    preacher [of hate] since he seems to want to preach so badly. Those people
    at hebdo, are dead; they cannot live to fight another day, fight for their
    freedom, or even see their families.

  8. Here’s exactly where he is wrong, a Charlie hebdo was writing about
    religion for a lark to make people laugh and go ” haha, that’s hilarious”
    with the fire cheif is a different story. He got removed because a person
    was gay, and this person had the credentials and the experience to execute
    the tasks at hand.What we saw with the fire chief is that he didn’t hire
    the gay person because of religion, so the basically saying he doesn’t care
    necessarily that the gay person is qualified and has experience thats mpre
    than highly adequate, he only cares that the person is gay. Thats what is
    wrong with this speakers argument. With Charlie, what he did was free
    speach, his work was purely satirical and not for anyone to take offense
    to, with the fire cheif, he blatently discriminated against the person who
    was qualified for a job but was denied because he was gay.

  9. Thoughtful people would both boooo, & slap that man’s face for such
    disgusting verbal incivility

  10. Christopher Hitchens chewed this guy up and spat him out on national
    television. It was delightful. 

  11. But Hebdo are the kind of guys to give Perkins shit for being a bigot. No
    doubt he he would claim they are oppressing him.
    Of course… They’d probably draw some outrageous image of Perkins
    harassing gays, and then non french speaking liberals would interpret it as
    support for Perkins and denounce Hebdo as homophobic.

  12. These are the same people and supporters who will instantly call for the
    dismissal of anyone whom disagrees with them.
    Gay Mayor? can’t have that, it’s hurting the children!
    Muslim Judge? They gonna start Shariah Law!
    Fire Chief handing out propaganda to employees getting fired? That’s
    Intolerant and anti-American!

  13. So….the constitution of the United States, which prohibits a government
    agent from using his position in government to promote religious beliefs is
    the same as terrorists committing mass murder to silence cartoonists
    lampooning religion?

    Perkins and his fellows never met a fact they couldn’t ignore, alter,
    butcher or invent.

  14. Oh how I wish somebody in the crowd would have yelled out how Perkins
    supports killing gays.

  15. Wonder how different this speech would be if Charlie Hebdo was putting out
    cartoons that were making fun of Jesus and the massacre was committed by
    Christian extremists.

  16. So, fundamentalist Muslims are backing Gay rights activists? I thought Beck
    was the craziest person this group followed

  17. This would be amusing if it wasn’t so tragic. The people with the closest
    “ties” to the *Charlie Hebdo* attackers are the one’s that share a deity in
    common (ie Abrahamic religions).

  18. These Assholes love their straw me, with out them, they would have nothing
    to argue against.
    The fire chief was not fired over free speech issues, he broke the towns
    rules, violated his suspension, and put the town in danger of being sued.

  19. Go back to your white supremacist rallies, tw@. Civilized society doesn’t
    need a religious extremist at the helm, and neither does Louisiana’s law
    enforcement commission. Yes, Mr Perkins, we know you’ve used privileged
    position of power over the state police force as a means by which to
    illegally and unconstitutionally detain gay men.
    Tony Perkins would have gays thrown off the roof if he thought he could get
    away with it.

  20. How about rape victims who don’t marry their rapist (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)?
    Should we blame them as well? And how about people who wear clothes of
    mixed fabrics (Leviticus 19:19)? Matthew 5:17-19 says that all OT laws
    should be followed so the list is very long. I noticed that Tony Perkins
    doesn’t have a beard (Leviticus 19:27). 

  21. He’s referring to the homosexual terrorist who shot up the FRC last year in
    an attempt to silence them for criticizing their perversion. What’s the
    difference? The difference is that Americans are armed, and were able to
    take out the terrorist before he was able to murder 12 people.

  22. They tend to forget that the same people that killed Charlie Hebdo, also
    have the same views on homosexuality.

  23. The fire chief had freedom of speech; he did not have freedom from the
    consequences of exercising it whilst a public employee. The Charlie Hebdo
    staff were not public employees. 

  24. Tony seems to either forget, or doesn’t care, we have a first amendment.
    What that fire chief did was try to proselytize on public employees on
    public time. He violated both the first amendment and the city rules. He
    got fired for that, as he should have been.

    As for comparing terrorists to gays, well, consider the source: he’s a
    ultra right-wing fundamentalists, and about as useless as tits on a

  25. Yes, yes, freedom to ridicule someone for their delusional, bullshit is all
    well and good until it’s YOU whom we scorn.
    Lick me, you hateful piece of shit.

  26. Yes, those 2 things are exactly the same…well the fire chief is far more
    important since it happened to ‘Mericun Christians 

  27. Charlie Hebdo = pro-LGBT

    Kelvin Cochran = anti-LGBT & affiliated with the FRC which wants LGBT
    people dead. Their radio show host is uncertain on whether gays should be
    executed but their followers are very sure gays should be executed.

    More do as I say, not as I do from the blood thirsty Religious-Reich,
    fascist savage, hypochristian Tony Perkins.

    Tony Perkins and his hate cult supports Nuremberg style laws in other
    countries that directly ban free speech from LGBT people punishable with
    imprisonment, lashing, and in some cases death.

    Several of Tony Perkins’ anti-LGBT friends and colleagues in the last few
    days have stated that Charlie Hebdo deserved the attack.

    Two pastors who are FRC members/speakers advocated mass murder of LGBT
    people in December.

    Catholics in Florida are threatening to fire anybody who makes public
    statements in support of LGBT rights.

    Republicans are pushing laws in Texas threatening to arrest any government
    employee who adheres to federal law by issuing marriage licenses to gay
    couples if the anti-gay law is struct down for good.

    Tony Perkin’s and the rest of anti-gay inc. have participated in targeted
    bully campaigns against companies that support LGBT rights and create
    advertising targeting LGBT consumers demanding those companies stop
    supporting LGBT rights and stop creating LGBT inclusive ads. They also
    harass, bully, and threaten (as I was informed by an employee of Marshalls
    during a nice talk) companies that air commercials during LGBT themes TV
    shows. Sending the same message Adolf Hitler sent in Mein Kamph Chapter 10,
    that entertainment and media that he finds “immoral” will not be tolerated
    and will be banned.

    Your religious liberty is: pray to whatever human made “God” you want,
    worship in whatever house of worship you want, read whatever
    religious/spiritual text you want, wear whatever religious/spiritual symbol
    you want – THAT IS IT, PERIOD! You do NOT have the religious liberty to
    force, demand, or require others adhere to your religion and its
    definitions nor do you have the right to harass others with it either.

    The INGRATE ex-fire chief violated the code of conduct he pledged when
    accepting the tax payer funded job by violating that last part. He also
    demeaned, dehumanized, demonized LGBT people while accepting a salary
    funded via their tax dollars. Yes ALL government employees and civil
    servants are required to check their personal biases at the door of public
    service. They are the employees of LGBT people and WILL not demean the hand
    that feeds them.

    Furthermore; the legal report/ivestigation stated Cochran gave the book,
    unsolicited, to a battalion chief during a professional one-on-one meeting.
    The purpose of the meeting was to discuss what the battalion chief needed
    to do to prepare himself for appointment to the position of assistant
    chief. The assistant chief’s position in the Atlanta Fire Department is the
    only sworn position that a fire chief may appoint at his sole discretion.

    So. Cochran demanded someone in line for the position he is required to
    hire adhere to his religious beliefs in order to get the job. THAT IS

    Then, Tony Perkins and his TERRORIST hate cult continue to advocate that
    being LGBT disqualifies an American from serving his or her country in the

    P.S. This is not about Christianity. Mayor Reed is Christian. This about
    Anti-LGBT savagery. Big difference, huge. Oh right Tony Perkins has decided
    that he is “God” and gets to decide who is and isn’t Christian based on the
    fact that they do not practice it the way he demands.

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