48 Comments on “RWW News: Randall Terry Says “The Russians Have It Right” On Banning Gay “Recruitment””

  1. The same thing could be said about heterosexuality… It may sound absurd but
    a successful marriage can be considered an addiction. 0:43 “Some of them
    are going to become curious. Some of them are gonna be… experimenting.
    Some of them are going to have sexual confusion. And some of them are
    going to become addicted. And then they’re going to say, “God made me this
    way, and you have to accept me.” I accept this evangelization because it
    is an opinion that I share against sexuality in general; A freudian shelf
    that should not be used for negative discrimination and antisocial
    behavior. If a gay person wants to join the army and possibly get shot for
    his country I try and be a little more grateful. Please tell me more, oh
    wise one.

  2. O wow..Not so long ago people thought the Jews were recruiting children.
    And now it is the gays. In fifty years it may be left handed people. Or
    people with hearing aids, you’ll never know what is in fashion with these

    And dear Randal; the reason why you probably don’t date gays and never
    experimented with gay sex is simple: it is not attractive to you. No amount
    of education about gay people can change that. So straight children will
    not become gay. Or could it be that deep inside you lurks a little
    temptation? Are you insecure?

    And you can’t compare the expression of sexuality with an addiction. It
    does not work like that. As long as the need for sex and love does not
    become an addiction, dating someone, a healthy expression is sexuality, is
    a lot healthier than the suppression you seem to advertise.

    And btw lifestyle.. a dangerous lifestyle? Look at your own, your lifestyle
    goes on the expense of gay. 

  3. So, how often does someone show up at your doorstep asking you consider
    homosexuality? As opposed to someone at your doorstep inviting you to
    their church?

  4. In other words, HE finds homosexuality “sexually stimulating”. I knew the
    majority of these nuts swung both ways.

  5. lol the only group here trying to indoctrinate kids into their fold is the
    church, not the “gays”

  6. Call me crazy, but Mr. Terry at 0:53 appears to be sliding down the rainbow
    with both heels in the air.

  7. Well then go live there. Go live in the reich-wing Christian fundie
    paradise you traitors. If you don’t like ‘Merica then you can geet out.
    You’ll like it there they hate all the same people you hate. We need to
    have barges full of these fundies being deported to Russia running every
    hour on the hour.

    There, I think I’ve turned every Cold War cliché you guys aimed at liberals
    and labor organizers and turned back on you because you deserve nothing

  8. I am so tired of the roving bands of gays sweeping the neighborhoods trying
    to recruit members…..oh wait….those were Mormons and Evangelical

  9. They don’t want access to the kids to recruit them. The point is to let
    kids who are gay know that there is nothing wrong with them. They can be
    healthy and practice safe sex too and find a loved one and not be ashamed.
    It’s just that assholes like this douchebag are more interested in miring
    children in shame so that they make those bad decisions and ruin their

  10. Sorry thats not how it works fucktard. No matter how many times I talk to a
    gay person I never once afterwards think…. “Man I really need to suck
    some cock”.

    Once again confusing normal everyday gay people with pedophiles. Fuck
    Randall and his bigoted feeble minded god.

  11. Randall Terry is one of the slimiest creeps among all of the right-wing.

    As for the “recruiting” claims — how does public display of affection,
    which is prohibited among homosexuals under the Russian law, serve to
    “recruit” anyone? Wouldn’t someone already have to be interested in making
    out with a person of his/her own sex for the sight of such activity to seem

  12. It has already been established that you cannot change somebodys sexual
    preferences by prayer. Pray away the gay doesn’t work, and guess what, the
    same thing applies in the opposite direction.
    Nobody recruited me to become hetero, and I have no reason to think that it
    is any different for those who end up as gay..

  13. Sooooo…… Back in the 50’s they got the US government to put “In god we
    trust” on the money so we wouldn’t be like the “godless communists”. Now
    they are pretty much now saying they want to be like the Russians? Ok… I
    guess we can take that stupid saying off the money now thank you.

  14. I never spoke to or even saw any gay people growing up. The only thing I
    had every heard about gay people is how they molested children to recruit
    them. Hmmm… So how did I become a lesbian?

  15. Pretty soon we’re gonna have a news video about this guy sucking a cock in
    an airport mens bathroom.

  16. Believing that sexuality is so fragile that it can be “evangelized” one way
    or another says more about the sexuality of homophobic bigots than it does
    of everyday people.

    The vast majority of heterosexuals and homosexuals will argue that they
    never chose to be attracted to the opposite or same gender, it’s just the
    way they are. It’s the tiny minority of bigoted homophobes so insecure in
    their own sexuality, so close that but for the love of their God they would
    be gay, so desperately clinging to their Bibles that they have to imagine
    that to be gay means to lust after children, that homosexuality means the
    depraved act of sodomy and nothing more, who need help. 

  17. Look at the right winger here revealing his true anti-American and
    anti-free-speech colors by coveting the cowardly free speech banning laws
    of an increasingly barbaric and corrupt Russia! Just goes to show that we
    have the same kind of vile people here as the ones who passed those
    terrible laws banning free speech about homosexuality in russia.

  18. kids experimenting? OOOH NO! that is only a bad thing if you view it
    through religious lenses..

  19. If ones position is that being gay is equal to being straight, why not
    encourage kids to be gay? Why deny it?

  20. The fundies have such a seething hatred for America that they’re even
    willing to support the Russians.

  21. Wouldn’t it be nice if this ass clown and all the other self righteous
    homophobic Christian fanatics moved to Russia.

  22. You know who has to recruit or indoctrinate in order to proliferate their
    numbers? Religion. I can’t imagine how quickly this “man’s” opinion on such
    laws would change if they were simply pointed at his way of life, rather
    than a group of people that he unjustly judges. 

  23. So if you continue to tell kids that God exists, even though you have no
    way of proving it, from the age of 6 or 7, how is this not recruiting?

  24. Oh the irony… change the words gay & homosexual to religion & there you
    have it… religious indoctrination pretty much in a nutshell.
    These guys probably aren’t getting any. So they do there level best to take
    it out on the rest of society. Pathetic little sanctimonious shitehawks.

  25. Gay people don’t ‘recruit’ anyone – there go homophobes willfully confusing
    pedophiles with homosexuals because they want oh soooo badly to ban gays
    from countering and challenging them on their bullshit by outlawing free
    speech as part of some kind of ‘recruitment’ of children.

  26. There is a argument to be had, imo, that perhaps school ground should be a
    non-free speech zone for adults. But that would go towards EVERYONE,
    christians, army recruitments, gay rights activists etc etc

  27. The only confusion is from young gay people who are told they’re are sick
    or going through a phase or addicted or experimenting. They’re losing so
    they’re resorting to these insidious tactics. It’s not that hard to figure
    out. Even for a young person. You like one gender or the other or both or

  28. Fuck Randall Terry and all the hateful bigots like him. You racists and
    bigots are losing, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. The
    world will be a better place once you haters are dead and gone.

  29. Only Christians are allowed to discriminate.Not allowing them to do so is
    an infringement of their rights.Makes sense to them. 

  30. Exchange the word *gay* for *religion*, in this case, *Christianity* and
    you’d be onto something. 

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