30 Comments on “RWW News: Robertson: Gays Acting Like Terrorists”

  1. Of course, he’s lying. Plenty of right wing Christians would love to
    implement a Christian theocracy in this country.

  2. What about when “Christians” who assault and kill gay people and blow up
    health clinics?

  3. By the way, Pat, we have chuck norris saying we should have “in god we
    trust” tatooed on atheist’s foreheads, we have klingonshit saying atheists
    should get out of America because we’re “un-American”, and you are imposing
    your beliefs on us via politics… so yes, you christians are using the law
    against us.

  4. So many things Pat said are applicable to right wing christianity, it’s
    mind boggling! Forcing your beliefs is wrong! Stop forcing people to
    discriminate against homosexuals, dipshit! Forcing people to do something
    against their will is wrong! Stop trying to force gays to deny their
    natural sexual orientation, dipshit. Stop saying that you’ll “love” gays
    the moment they lie to appease your fucken god! Lying is a sin, according
    to your book of fairy tails, shithead. No matter what homosexuals do you
    will judge and condemn them in direct opposition to your uber god, Jesus.
    Fuck you Pat.
    I believe in the right of a person to enjoy life, and liberty without
    religious despotism and persecution. 

  5. Looks like the conservatives got their latest edition of the Bat-Shit-Crazy
    Gazette that told them the new line of attack on gays is to call them
    terrorists. Bryan Fischer did it a couple days ago now Pat falling right in

  6. There is no end to the fail of this video uncle pat you have no clue …..
    xtian bigoted hate is been shown up and the butt hurt is all that is the
    basis of your whining.

  7. Robertson is 100% right. No Christians should bow down to the puke gays
    demands or our satanic government. I never will.

  8. Amen brother…when they stand in front of an all HOLY GOD one day,,then
    they can answer for their beliefs…and if they dont have the blood of
    Jesus over the door post of their hearts to cover their sins,,off to hell
    with the rest of them..

  9. By the law of the HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH (which is now extinct, after 1958,
    vatican II freemasonic judeo council)- homosexuals should be isolated from
    the society for penance- or they should be burned ALIVE;
    JEWS taking over Rome and governments – now tuned the world and Rome into
    Sodom . All Political homsexual perverts should be EXECUTED! 

  10. OK HOMOSEXUALS LISTEN UP its time to double up on the gay sex, if your
    partner is at work and you are by yourself, well see if you can do squeeze
    in during lunch and do a full nighter, also if you and your same sex
    partner are already married well, time for a vowel renewal, and no not some
    run down to city hall quickie shit i mean get invitations out CAKE and
    catering, get dressed up, the whole ball of wax, come on gay people, you
    still fucking reading this? GET UP, GO, MOVE HOMOSEXUAL MOVE MOVE MOVE!
    maintain a fucking schedule

  11. He is right all the way…homo’s are already sticking there private parts
    in shit that is bad enough now they want to force there cannibalism
    lifestyle on others kinda like the walking dead movie….

  12. “There’s no Christian group I know of anywhere in the world that would
    force somebody to do something contrary to their deep-held religious
    beliefs or else face criminal penalties”

    Legally mandated school prayer anyone?
    Bible monuments inside and outside courthouses anyone?
    Armed forces demanding recruits affirm a belief in the christian god
    anyone? (And it would have worked too if it weren’t for those meddling
    Jewish Radicals)
    Federal Marriage amendment to the US constitution anyone?
    Requiring elected officials to swear their oath of office on a bible anyone?
    Posting political petitions through city churches anyone?
    Dominionist/seven mountains theology?

    No, christians in America would never use the force of law to require
    non-believers to follow their christian rules.

  13. gay folks are not terrorist but you do have those that throw there
    sexuality if your face, like when ESPN kept playing n showing Sam kiss on
    TV over and over and over and over and over and over, on internet front
    page, yahoo, everywhere, i was like man, really? its like me shoving a
    stick with shitt on the tip, and forcing everyone to smell it. i dont care
    smell it!

  14. Christians have been forcing their religious beliefs on people for years.
    Protesting funerals, rallies at pride festivals, and not to mention trying
    to keep gay Americans from be able to get married. We’re not forcing
    anything on anyone, we are just tired of being second class citizens to
    straight people. People use to use the bible to condemn mixed race
    marriages and relationships in the past and that’s exactly what this man is
    doing now. We are not using the government to force people to do anything,
    we are using the government to be treated as any other American citizen. If
    an American couple was denied a wedding venue or wedding cake because of
    their race then of course everyone would be up in arms. Its time people
    thought that way about gay people being discriminated. This man is just a
    right wing homophobe who is spewing lies because things aren’t going his
    way. If the bible only causes people to hate others because they are
    different then how can it be good news? According to the bible the road to
    hell is paved with pork and seafood, so if Mr. Robertson likes bacon with
    his breakfast he’s as much a sinner as gay people supposedly are.

  15. Why do homosexual people have the obsession with wanting to be married
    through the Christian church? Why can’t you respect that in the Christian
    faith, this is not ok? Call the Christian church ridiculous, extremist,
    fake, stupid, whatever you want! But as Christians we should not be forced
    or fined or put to jail bc we don’t want to agree with that lifestyle!!
    Geez if the govt. Allows that union then go sign papers in court! And
    separate church and state! But the church should not be forced to do this! 

  16. You will go to jail if you don’t marry me and my gay master. I am a sex
    slave terrorist. I’m gonna tie you up and make out with you. You Hot Stud

  17. Normal person 1: I’m for gay marriage for personal reasons
    Normal person 2: I’m not for gay marriage for personal reasons
    Normal person 1: well, good for you
    Normal person 2: and good for you
    Normal person 1: Boy, I’m glad our political views don’t make us hate each
    other. We can be respectful to anyone’s views no matter what they are.
    Normal person 2: I’m glad too.
    Normal person 1: hey you wanna go watch a movie?
    Normal person 2: sure, why not?

    *And off they went*

    Why can’t people just be like this?!

  18. “If the gays wanna go out and do their gay sex” that’s when I lost it. No,
    I do not agree with forcing anything upon anyone that is against their
    beliefs, but I do believe we are all equal and have a right to love who we
    love. This man is just incredibly ignorant as there is no such thing as
    “gay” sex.

  19. Can someone just give him some cock asap. Its always this hating homophobes
    who are craving cock themselves. Always.ted haggard,eddie long. The list
    goes on and on….. So glad i am atheist.religion Makes people evil.when
    have gay people ever hurt anyone?but religion.

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